Chapter 2: I am a Fortune Cat.

 T/L: wō niú   E/D: Kiari  P/R: KinGiGe

[Fuck!  Someone actually caught a fish!  And so casually!]

“I take back what I said,” Wang Yiming instantly reacted, shamelessly denying his previous claim while a thousand ‘fuck you’s rampaged inside his chest.

This is simply digging holes for others! Who is this brat?! Too wicked!!

The live show room was energetic. The whole audience was joking that the person who regretted it was a dog while they waited to see the host of the live show do a handstand and then shit. If he refused, they would force him to eat eight pounds of laxatives!

Yan Ran rested the branch with the fish against his shoulder and looked at the mud covered person before him. “This is the end of stealing fish!” He snorted proudly.

Wang Yiming was shocked. This was clearly a thief shouting thief!1Chinese saying where someone who did something wrong accuses someone innocent in the matter of being the one who did wrong. Which one of them was actually stealing fish here?!

Yan Ran turned away from Wang Yimming and walked away. He was not in the mood to talk nonsense with this fish thief. Wang Yiming quickly ran to catch up, calling angrily. “Hey, man! You can’t take that fish away! ”

Yan Ran spun around and stared unhappily at the person who caught up to him, “This is my fish!”

When Wang Yiming saw him like this, he inexplicably thought of a cat that was protecting their food. The thought almost made him smile. This was the first time he met someone who stole a fish so righteously. “This fish pond has an owner, and until they get here, I am the person in charge here. They are coming over now, so I can’t let you take this fish.”

Yan Ran stared at Wang Yiming’s eyes for three seconds and saw that this human wasn’t lying. He retrieved his gaze before he said: “I am the owner of this fish pond.”

Disgust flashed in Yan Ran’s eyes. This is the cat keeper his family told him about? Isn’t his ability supposed to be very strong? He can’t even catch a small fish, how is this cat keeper any good?

Wang Yiming knew that an heir will come today so he came to the fish pond early and waited. But, he did not expect that the heir would be so young and so good at catching fish. He thought about himself over the last two months and what a joke he was in comparison. The little bronze soldier of the fish catching world world finally saw the strongest king. If the timing wasn’t so bad, he would have liked to worship him.

The pick-up person received it, and also the time  was to eat. They also caught the fish. Wang Yiming engaged with people , and his face was thick enough. He immediately followed Yan Ran. “OK!Pack up!” Come back home! ”

The owner came and caught a fish, so now it was time to eat. Wang Yiming was a self-made man who knew how to thicken his face, so he immediately followed Yan Ran. “OK! Pack up! Let’s go back home! ”

On the way back, Wang Yiming passionately introduced himself, “My name is Wang Yiming, I’ve lived in this village since I was a kid. My family has been guarding this fish pond for generations. The new house closest to your manor is my home.”

“Oh.” Yan Ran answered absent-mindedly and quickly walked home with his fish. On his way back, thought of how to cook this grass carp. Steamed? Braised? Or should I make a spicy grilled fish? The fish was big and fat, and it looked especially tender, so grilling it would give it a crispy crust while keeping the inside tender.

Yan Ran pulled the fish off of the fishing rod and saw that there was no injury to it. He could see it still gasping for breath, but, oddly enough, the fish wasn’t struggling at all.  It just hung from the branch motionlessly the entire time. Upon returning home, Yan Ran took the fish to the chopping board on the kitchen counter and realized that the fish’s tail was much longer than the cutting board.

Aunt Wang opened her mouth in surprise, and she said, “You actually caught it! My god, I haven’t seen anyone catch a fish from that pond for many years. ”

The fish was big enough for more than one meal. Aunt Wang wanted to clean it up, cut it into pieces, and put the parts they couldn’t eat into the refrigerator. Unexpectedly, when Yan Ran walked away, the fish suddenly began to flail on the chopping board. The tail smacked the counter, flinging some nearby plates off.

Aunt Wang was drenched with water while holding a fish in one hand and a knife in the other. Even though she was not weak, she was having trouble holding the fish with one hand. Stepping up behind her, Wang Yiming came to help. Since the village was small with just a hundred families or so, they were all familiar with each other. As country folk, they didn’t stand on ceremony with each other. “Aunt, give it some wine. After it faints, it won’t move!”

I wish I caught that on film Wang yimming thought. He brought out his camera and turned it on, making sure to point it towards Yan Ran.

“You shut up. How much wine would have to be poured in such a big fish?” Aunt Wang couldn’t find a good place to cut it. After Yan Ran threw his branch outside, he came back and gave the fish a good slap! Seeing that it had fainted, Yan Ran took the knife from Aunt Wang and cleaned up the fish with a few simple slices.

Could he even call himself a cat if he couldn’t even subdue a fish?

Ignoring Wang Yiming and Aunt Wang’s shock, Yan Ran began to wash his hands so he could make grilled fish. First, he gave it a full body massage, dressing the fish in seasoning from top to bottom, outside to inside. Even the inside of the stomach was seasoned with spices. After marinating, he brushed a layer of oil over it and put the fish into the oven. The only thing he was dissatisfied with was that the size of the oven. It was too small to put the whole fish in. Once he got some money, the first thing he would do was get a bigger oven.

As the fish was roasting, Yan Ran poured cooking oil into a pot, threw the prepared ingredients in and quickly fried it all. Wang Yiming couldn’t help drooling after the scent stimulated his taste buds.

At this time, Yan Ran saw the licorice and the cape jasmine in the small basket on the side. He happily took them and tossed them into the pot.

Wang Yiming leaned over the table and turned the camera towards the stove as he curiously asked: “Can this be eaten?”

Yan Ran looked at the lens pointed towards his hand. He didn’t really care and slowly replied, “Of course. The licorice is a natural sweetener and can improve the stomach. After the cape jasmine is added to the dish, it can present a golden red color, which makes the simmered sauce bright and natural. This makes it more appetizing to look at.”

Wang Yiming’s gluttony came out when he smelled it. “It’s so fragrant! No fish, just give me a spoonful of spicy oil, I can eat three bowls of rice! ”

Yan Ran glared at him, and asked: “So, you want to eat at my house?” This cat keeper’s courage was getting bigger and bigger as he dared to covet his master’s food.

Wang Yiming’s reason is quite well thought out. “Of course! My family has been watching your fish pond for more than 100 years. I will be your assistant in the future, so, let’s raise a lot of fish in the future, Boss! How wonderful our days will be as we can eat more and more fish. When you’re free, you can go to the mountains to catch pheasants and pick mushrooms. It’s much better than a regular job.” He had already decided for himself that in the future he would have great days with the boss.

Yan Ran took the grilled fish out of the oven and figured that the cat keeper should probably stay since he still didn’t know much about humans.

Yan Ran poured the sauce over the golden fish had been roasted until it was tender with a crispy crust. The hot skin of the fish sizzled when the chili oil was poured over it. With the sauce sliding off the meat, the fish and red peppers were enough to evoke anyone’s appetite.

When Aunt Wang confirmed Yan Ran could cook, she went home. Now, there were only two people left, Yan Ran and Wang Yiming.

The fragrant rice was served on the table while the other dishes were still hot. This whole time, Wang Yiming had never turned the live broadcast off. Now, as he faced the food, despite the camera rolling he took a bowl and prepared to eat!

Yan Ran pulled the fish to his side, took a plate and put the fish tail on it. He then handed the scrap to Wang Yiming, “You don’t work, so you only get to eat this.”

Wang Yiming: “…….”

The opinions in the live broadcast room has been madly going by:

[It’s good to have a fish tail, I don’t even have a fish tail!]

[I cried! I saw this meal and suddenly I found out that my takeaway was made of shit!]

[When little brother caught the fish, I was fortunate enough to see his face. Such a fresh and beautiful little boy! He looked so good, and he can cook. I want to marry him!]

[I found a heavy taste, eating shit!]

[Ah, ah, look at it, I can feel how delicious it is! Little brother, marry me! I’ll use my month’s snacks payment!]

[I don’t want to eat fish! I just want to see Xiao Mingzi stand upside down!]

The comment barrage was more active than usual. The amount of rewards also rose, with a total of more than 50,000 rewards handed out. Wang Yiming felt smothered. In the past, a live broadcast only got up to two or three thousand, which he felt was very good. He did not expect that as soon as Yan Ran entered into the lens, he suddenly got so many viewers! He just cooked, though. Moreover, this was a farming channel, not a food channel!

Is he a fortune cat?!

Not long after the live broadcast ended, the reward money had already been credited to Wang Yiming’s account. Wang Yiming took out 30,000 to give to Yan Ran. He knew that most of the viewer’s money was for Yan Ran. Even if money was sitting in his account, he was embarrassed to accept it.

Yan Ran put the dishes in the basin and subconsciously wanted to lick his fingers clean. He frowned when he remembered that he was in human form and had to use the faucet to clean his hands. He disliked having water on his hands, so he rubbed his human claws on his stomach. “I’ll give you a salary, so you wash the bowl.”

Yan Ran was not very fancy and didn’t care about the money. He had plenty of fish, so there was no shortage of food. Why did he need money?

However, it could be seen from this that the nature of this cat keeper was pretty good. Anyways, their family had been shoveling the Yan’s litter for generations, and he was reluctant to let him go. At the very least, he can wash the dishes.

Looking at Yan Ran’s eyes as he washed the dishes, Wang Yiming had to hold back the urge to kneel down at his feet. This must be his illusion!


In the afternoon, Wang Yiming sent a photo of him eating fish to his Weibo: Look! I ate fish!

Those who did not have time to watch the live broadcast: [What the hell! You’re lying!]

Fans who knew the truth were mad and wanted to tear his face off: [Bragging? It was obviously caught by your boss. I don’t want to see you, do you dare to call your boss out?!”

[Look at the handsome brother, don’t look at this ugly!]

Wang Yiming was pissed. Was he ugly? He was also handsome. Even if he was a loser, he wouldn’t allow this kind of insult!

At this time, there was a fan who released the contrast picture of Yan Ran and Wang Yiming catching the fish. On the one hand, Wang Yiming was awkward, and did not catch a fish in the past few months. On the other hand, Yan Ran easily caught the fish and made a table of delicious looking food. The winner was obvious.

Wang Yiming: “…….”

He didn’t expect Yan Ran’s photo to be put up on Weibo, leading to countless passers-by to instantly be attracted. Wang Yiming’s Weibo fans went from 120,000 to 150,000 in one night. The number of views of the broadcast also went from 100,000 to 130,000. The newcomers were mostly there for Yan Ran, and the reason was very simple. Because he looked good and could cook.

The netizens on Weibo were commenting crazily: [Waiting for Wang Yiming to go live and shit while doing a handstand. (Serious dog face)]

Wang Yiming chuckled at the comments. He did not want to face this topic, so he sent a wechat to Yan Ran: [Boss, I found that you have special powder-attracting skills, and they are all local tyrants.]2Powder is a fan of someone. So if Yan Ran has powder-attracting skills, he’s good at gaining fans.

Yan Ran: [To tell the truth, I am a cat demon. A fortune cat to be specific.]

Wang Yiming: [Ok, Mr. Lucky Cat!]

In the form of a cute golden kitten moonbathing on the window sill,, Yan Ran used his paws to push the phone aside. Hey, I know. Here’s an unbelievable truth, there was a time the cat keeper was really terrible.


The next morning, the sun was very warm. The rocking chair Yan Ran had put in the yard was surrounded by dozens of cats, big and small; it looked like all the cats in the village were coming for a visit. Yan Ran, who was in the middle of all of those cats, was feeling particularly lazy as he gently rocked.

Yan Ran waved his hand, and the big cats and kittens all lined up spontaneously. One by one, they took the small fish in his hand and squatted near him to eat. Since it was more peaceful when people line up, they never fought.

Yan Ran touched the head of a tabby close to him with satisfaction and praised, “Very good, you are all good boys.”

The tabby had a fierce face and was at least a dozen kilograms. It was very strong and was like a military general. However, in front of Yan Ran, he was like a baby, licking Yan Ran’s palm and making a cute wheezing noise.

After waking up, when Wang Yiming ran out to find Yan Ran he was shocked by the sight in the yard. “What the hell! Why are there so many cats?”

Seeing that he finally got up, Yan Ran stood up. He was helpless about this cat keeper who was stupid and lazy!

Wang Yiming asked doubtfully, “You want to go out?”

Yan Ran lazily stretched and answered his question with one of his own, “Can you row?”

Wang Yiming nodded unwittingly, and Yan Ran felt his spirit raise. “Well, I am going to catch some fish and prepare lunch. Yesterday was too rushed, I had no choice but to eat whatever I could throw together. Today, I have to pick a pleasant meal. ”

Wang Yiming: Pick???

Just pick a fish from the pond. Boss, are you serious? 

1: Chinese saying where someone who did something wrong accuses someone innocent in the matter of being the one who did wrong.

2: Powder is a fan of someone. So if Yan Ran has powder-attracting skills, he’s good at gaining fans.

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