Watch me eat fish it’s exciting!

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A famous website had a live farm channel with a very special anchor. In the fish pond where he worked, the smallest fish was at least a meter long. Whenever people got close to them, the fish used their tails to smack them.

Visitors felt that it was impossible for someone to eat one of these fish in their lifetime.

Then one day, Yan Ran arrived at the fish pond. This new boss was not only beautiful and exquisite, but also an excellent chef. After that, the style of the show changed.

“This fish is too fat, it will affect its health. It can be made into sweet and sour fish!

“The weather’s been very cold recently, so the grass carp might struggle to survive. I’ll make them into boiled fish!”

“Urgh, how can catfish whiskers roll like noodles? The ugliness is blinding! Well, lets braise them!”

One day when Yan Ran was about to eat a live fish on his show, a big glowing fish appeared in his tank.

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Koi King( Koi : A fish that represents good luck): ▼_▼

Yan Ran: So big, needs two grills, one for salty and one for spicy! [JPG(Picture): Excited Cat Ears]