Chapter 24  Call White Black (part 1)

“Brother, there is a man and a woman at the foot of Kun Lun, according to Deng Mao’s description, they should be the people he is looking for.”

At the foot of Kun Lun, everything couldn’t escape from the eyes of Kun Lun disciples.

He nodded slightly, but Lu Feng didn’t care too much about these things. He said casually, “Pass the news to Deng Mao. Tian Shan’s affairs should be handled by himself. We don’t have to intervene.”


“This is the last town at the foot of the Kunlun Mountain, and further ahead is the Kunlun Mountain.” Getting out of the carriage, Zhou Boyan explained to Wu Chi.

When she was young, she had visited Kun Lun with Zhou Yuanting, so she had some impressions.

The carriage could only stop here. To go to Kunlun, they had to walk by themselves.

He stretched out and looked around, Wu Chi opened his mouth and said, “Should there be Kun Lun disciples here?”

“Of course, let’s inquire about it. Find Mr. Lu first and then go up the mountain.” Nodding her head, Zhou Boyan also felt that it was improper to rush up the mountain. Moreover, if there were no Kun Lun disciples to lead the way, they would not necessarily find the gate of Kun Lun.

“Well, is that guy a disciple of Kun Lun?” Looking at the young man in a blue Taoist robe, Wu Chi grabbed Zhou Boyan and asked.

“Well, that’s the robe of the Kun Lun disciple. Let’s go and ask him.”

They walked quickly to that Kun Lun disciple and said, “Hello, we want to find Lu Feng. I wonder if you can help us lead the way?”

Obviously, the Kun Lun disciple did not expect Wu Chi and Zhou Boyan would to come and talk to him. He was a little stunned. “Are you looking for Brother Lu?”


Shaking his head, the Kun Lun disciple opened his mouth and said, “You should deal with your own affairs first. Although Brother Lu makes an inspection tour around the school, he is not in charge of any idle business.”

“My own business?” A slight shock, Wu Chi’s heart suddenly gave birth to a very ominous foreboding.

“I am the host of Sword……,” Zhou Boyan also realized something wrong, so she wanted to explain her identity, but before she could say it all, she was interrupted by a sneer.

“Bitch, dare you show up?” As he strode over, Deng Mao, with a gloomy face, shouted, “Kun Lun shares the same spirit with Tian Shan. Do you think you can get shelter by stealing the treasures of our school and fleeing to Kun Lun?”

Subconsciously, Wu Chi and Zhou Boyan suddenly changed their faces.

“Deng Mao!” The name was spit out from her mouth with hate, Zhou Boyan’s eyes suddenly became red. When they slaughtered Sword Shadow Villa, this man was the most vicious. Even if he turned to ash, Zhou Boyan could still recognize him.

“Thank you so much, brother. I’ll deal with it myself. After that, I’ll thank brother Lu again.” Deng Mao said to that guy.

Deng Mao waved hands to the Kun Lun disciple, and he immediately turned to Zhou Boyan and Wu Chi, with a blob of killing in his eyes.

Shaking his head, the Kun Lun disciple apparently did not want to participate in the Tian Shan incident. He threw his eyes on Zhou Boyan with some regret, and then turned away.

Zhou Boyan looked at Deng Mao tightly, she could hardly believe that Kun Lun’s disciples had colluded with him! She thought it would be safe to arrive at Kun Lun, however, they bumped into their ambush.

Wu Chi firmly grasped on the hilt of the sword, and his eyes were also a blob of killing.

“Unexpectedly, you come to Kun Lun too. It’s so sentimental and meaningful for you two, but brother Luo get nothing this time.” Deng Mao’s eyes fell on Wu Chi, he said slowly.

In an instant, Wu Chi responded, “Luo Kun went to Iron Sword Group?”

“Do you really think that you can just walk away after robbing our things?” With a sneer, Deng Mao answered disdainfully, “Of course, it’s no longer important for you. Whether you meet me or brother Luo, for you the result is the same.”

Wu Chi’s eyes cracked at the thought that Iron Sword Group might have been robbed, and he burst out with a huge meaning of killing. He drew the The Shadow out and rushed off to Deng Mao.

Stepping out step by step, there was no panic on Deng Mao’s face, and he said lightly: “This is just a little skill, but dare to show off in front of me! Today I’ll show you the difference between a small potato like you and us.”

The last time Wu Chi took advantage of the god sword, so he escaped. Now when they met again and really started to fight, Deng Mao did not put Wu Chi in his eyes at all.

Swords came out of Tian Shan, which was not only a loud slogan, but the reputation of countless Tian Shan masters.

The terrible power of the disciples of Tian Shan was far from what outsiders could imagine. When they packed up their contempt and really started to focus, they crushed down with a mighty sword mind and even with a divine sword in Wu Chi’s hands, he could hardly lift his head under pressure.

The disparity of strength couldn’t be erased simply by a god sword.

Of course, Wu Chi would not even be qualified to fight with him if he did not have The Shadow.

In fact, Wu Chi was stronger than him in terms of Kendo, but when they really started to fight, he even couldn’t breathe under pressure. That was the basic gap.

Wu Chi was like powerful man, who didn’t know how to give play to it, while the other side was a solid-based sword stylite.

What’s more, even in terms of strength, Deng Mao had stepped into the world of condensate, which was far from Wu Chi could compete.

In less than half the time of a cup of tea, Wu Chi had been pushed to despair several times. If he hadn’t relied on the power of The Shadow and used desperate tactics to force Deng Mao to take his sword back to defense, he would have died long ago.

Held the sword tightly, but Zhou Boyan couldn’t get in at all. On the one hand, she was not good at fighting with others; on the other hand, her strength was far behind. She was not even qualified to fight.

“Did Deng Mao find them?” Seeing the Kun Lun disciple came back, Lu Feng asked casually.

“Well, yes.” Nodding his head, the Kun Lun disciple thought about it and then said, “Strangely, they seemed to be looking for you and asked me to lead the way.”

“Me?” Lu Feng asked puzzled, “Why do they want to see me?”

“I don’t know. Maybe they want you to help them fight with Deng Mao?” The Kun Lun disciple shook his head and said.

In a vague way, Lu Feng seemed to notice something was wrong.

“What else did they say?”

Seeing Lu Feng’s face was somewhat dignified, the disciple seriously recalled it for a while, and then answered, “Nothing more. By the way, the woman seemed to say that she was the host of Sword……. Before she finished, Deng Mao interrupted her.”

“What?” Eyebrows slightly wrinkled, Lu Feng suddenly changed his face, “Sword Shadow Villa! She’s uncle Zhou’s daughter!”

Lu Feng was the disciple of Changchun Immortal, so he was naturally familiar with Sword Shadow Villa. Between the changes of his mind, he had already reacted. He had no time to explain more. Then he grabbed the disciple who had just spoken and said, “Lead the way, now!”

Before that, news came to Changchun Immortal from Sword Shadow Villa, which seemed very urgent and had been transmitted several times in succession. But Changchun Immortal closed himself deadly this time. No one dared to disturb him. The disciples were not allowed to go out without the order from their master, so they also didn’t go to see the news. But Lu Feng felt vaguely that there was something wrong with Sword Shadow Villa.

Now, in connection with Deng Mao’s performance and the repetition of the Kun Lun disciples, there was a general outline in his heart.

Although he was not clear what happened, but he could not stay out of the matter just because of the friendship between Zhou Yuanting and his master.

Wu Chi squirted a mouthful of blood, he had been stabbed more than ten times. Although he had avoided not to be stabbed the vital part as far as possible, he still suffered a lot of injuries. The clothes have been dyed red with blood, and even the ground beneath their feet had left many bloodstains.

If he wanted to run,with the power of The Shadow,Deng Mao might not be able to stop him.

But in this situation, he dared not run at all.

This was not the same as at Sword Shadow Villa, Deng Mao was trying to kill Zhou Boyan, and he would not be misled by himself at all.

Wu Chi knew that Deng Mao did not attack Zhou Boyan all the time because he held himself in such a way that he did not let himself escape. But even if he knows clearly what the other party’s intentions are, Wu Chi had no way out.

As long as Wu Chi dared to show a little intention of fleeing, Deng Mao would not hesitate to kill Zhou Boyan. With Zhou Boyan’s strength today, there was no room for resistance.

After spitting out a mouthful of blood, Wu Chi laughed instead, “The disciple of Tian Shan could only use this dirty means. I know that now.”

Ignoring Wu Chi’s sarcasm, Deng Mao said, ” I kind of admire you now that you still won’t run away. But at this point, even if you want to escape, I’m afraid there’s no chance.

“Go, Wu Chi, don’t care about me, go.” Zhou boyan was not the first time to cry out like that, but Wu Chi never had the intention of leaving, he even did not answer her.

“I thought the disciples of Tian Shan were very good, but now it seems that they are just like that! I’m afraid you’ll have to pay a price to kill me.” Reaching out to wipe blood from the corners of his mouth, Wu Chi raised his head and said disdainfully.

At this time, Wu Chi’s horrible talent in Kendo finally came into play.

At first, he simply couldn’t cope with Deng Mao’s stormy attack. But over time, he gradually saw his sword method, and when he defended, he could barely make one or two counter-attacks.

If he hadn’t been for the serious injury in the process, Wu Chi might have been able to defeat him with some certainty.

Unfortunately, the injuries had accumulated to a very serious extent. Wu Chi knew very clearly that he couldn’t drag on any longer. Otherwise, he would bleed to death without Deng Mao’s attack.

Wu Chi stared at Deng Mao and let go of all the miscellaneous thoughts in his mind! his eyes slowly showed a glimmer of enlightenment.

He only had the chance to make another method, which was the last one. Even if he couldn’t kill Deng Mao, he must hurt him badly. Only in this way could he give Zhou Boyan a glimmer of life.

This was the price Deng Mao had to pay to hold Wu Chi back.

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