Chapter 23: Condense The Sword Spirit

Doctrine From Kun Lun, Sword From Tian Shan!

Wu Chi never thought that such a small person as him could provoke such a monster.

It was only a short period of less than half a month, he not only had a feud with the disciples of Tian Shan, but he was about to embark on a journey to Kun Lun.

“Kun Lun is known as the authentic doctrine in the world. It may not be the strongest, but it is definitely the most profound.”

Everything was settled, Zhou Boyan also opened the knot in her heart, and she looked a lot better, so she explained to Wu Chi these things happily.

“Compared with Tian Shan?” asked Wu Chi.

Whether it was Kun Lun or Tian Shan, it was too far away from him. He only knew that these two schools are orthodox schools, but he was not clear about the details.

“It is difficult to say which school is the stronger one.”

“Don’t be so serious, be go-as-you-please. Which one do you think is more powerful ?” Wu Chi asked again without concern.

“Doctrine From Kun Lun, Sword From Tian Shan!, don’t you understand this sentence?”

Zhou Boyan glanced at Wu Chi helplessly.

“Oh, I see! Kun Lun is in the front of this sentence, Tian Shan in the rear, so Kun Lun is a bit more powerful!”

“Wu Chi, you and I worship Kun Lun this time” After a moment of silence, Zhou Boyan stopped and looked at Wu Chi and said earnestly.

“Me?” Wu Chi said, “I am a small potato, I think Kun Lun don’t want me.”

“Don’t be arrogant. Your talent in Kendo can only be described as terror! What’s more, now that you refined The Shadow, no matter where you go, it is absolutely no worse than anyone else.” Zhou Boyan shook her head and said, “Although Kun Lun is not known for his Kendo, there are definitely a lot of masters of Kendo. With your talent, it is not a problem to enter Kun Lun.”

At this moment, he couldn’t help but heartbeat.

This idea was not raised before because he felt that Zhou Boyan could enter Kun Lun because of Zhou Yuanting and he did not want to take advantage of this.

After listening to Zhou Boyan’s words, he knew that he could make the sword recognize him as the master and obtain the inheritance of this sword, so he was not the disciple of the third-rate school.

Kun Lun! This was a lifelong dream to be able to enter such a school for so many people.

If his master knew he would have the chance to worship Kun Lun, he would be very glad.

“Wu Chi, you have embarked on a very different path, and Iron Sword Group is too small for you! Only when you enter Kun Lun can you truly show your gift.”

After a pause, Zhou Boyan whispered, “Besides, I will go to Kun Lun, don’t you want to be with me?”

The relationship between these two people in these days had progressed quickly. Although no one had broken it, it had already been clear in their hearts.

“Well, wherever you go, I’ll stay with you.” Holding Zhou Boyan’s hand, Wu Chi’s heart was hot and he immediately agreed.

Zhou Boyan held Wu Chi’s hand happily too.

She continued, “Yes, since you chose the path of sword practice, in addition to condensing the genuine qi, you must also condense sword spirit.”

“Sword spirit?” Wu Chi suddenly remembered that when he fought against Luo Kun, he was almost killed by Luo Kun’s sword spirit.

“Well, my father said that sword spirit is the basis of sword stylite, and only the people who really practice sword spirit could be a sword stylite.”

“What should I do?” Wu Chi was still a half-understanding of this.

“I don’t know.” Zhou Boyan was somewhat helpless and said with a bitter smile, “Dad said that when I refined The Shadow in the future, I will be able to understand it.”

Zhou Boyan’s own strength was not as good as Wu Chi, what she knew was his father’s explanation in her past memories.

There was not much experience when it came to this stuff.

“I think I understand a little, I’ll try.” Wu Chi said with nodding his head.

When he was accepting the sword’s inheritance, the most important step was to take his sword brand into the sword. Without this step, it was impossible to refine the sword.

This Kendo brand might be the key to everything.

“Tian Shan disciple?” After a glance at Deng Mao’s sword, Kun Lun disciples were somewhat puzzled and asked, “Brother Deng, I don’t know why you were here?”

“I am wondering what the name you honor is?” Deng Mao smiled and said with holding the fist in the other hand.

The other party was a disciple of Kun Lun, and he was equivalent to the other’s status, so he naturally would be haughty and his words were very polite.

“The disciple of Kun Lun, Lu Feng!”

“Brother Lu, I am here to find someone, and it is a woman! I had suffered some losses on her carelessly, this time I cannot let her escape in any way.” Deng Mao was very calm when he was lying.

“Oh?” Lu Feng looked at Deng Mao curiously, and Lu Feng immediately smiled and said, “You can go to Kun Lun now, I am afraid it is not as simple as a small loss?”

“Please don’t make fun of me, brother Lu.” Deng Mao immediately explained with a sharp smile, “This woman is really beautiful. Before that, she made me crazy for her, then I lost a school treasure. In any case, I must get it back, otherwise I would be published.”

Lu Feng understood it with nodding.

Although he was somewhat disdainful of Deng Mao’s action, he was not able to show it.

“So, if there’s anything I can do for you, please say it.”

“Thank you a lot, brother Lu.” Deng Mao immediately said happily, “I do not dare to bother you, my brother, I will order someone to stare at her! I’m afraid we’ll stay here these days, if we want your help, and please take care of it.”

“Ok!” Lu Feng said casually.

After all, the other party was a disciple of Tian Shan. The sword symbol couldn’t be fake.

It was not a big deal, so there was no need to offend Deng Mao. As for help, it was nothing but a matter of courtesy.

“Today’s meet is fate. I would buy you a drink, and I also wish I could be honored.”

From Sword Shadow Villa to Kun Lun, there were thousands of miles. Zhou Boyan and Wu Chi were secretive until they left the hundred miles before they dared to find a carriage.

This was not a plain sailing, so it had been a full half a month when they arrived Kun Lun.

In this half month, in addition to practicing every day, Wu Chi was thinking about the sword spirit and finally found a little clue.

Sword spirit originated from sword, or from the Kendo in the body more accurately.

In other words, only when he understood Kendo could he create sword spirit.

Wu Chi was only just a beginning in Kendo, if he wanted to condense sword spirit from Kendo brand, it was not very simple.

This also made Wu Chi somewhat upset, because he remembered very clearly, Luo Kun freely pointed his sword spirit into his body when they were fighting.

Of course, Wu Chi did not know that Luo Kun’s sword spirit was not born in itself, but his elders helped him to condense with special means. The purpose was to help him understand Kendo so that he could really condense Kendo brand in the future.

From this point of view, although Wu Chi had only just entered the world of celestial being, he had already walked in front of Luo Kun after he had inherited the sword in Kendo.

“Wu Chi, you need a rest, cultivation is not an overnight thing.” Zhou Boyan softly said with helping him rub his temple, “We will be able to go to the foot of Kun Lun tomorrow. After we worship Kun Lun, there will naturally be a teacher to show you how to practice the sword spirit.”

Wu Chi smiled and said when he opened his eyes, “I know! But how are we getting in touch with Kun Lun people tomorrow? You’re not going to the gate, are you?”

“My father wanted me to worship Kun Lun, but because I was too young to separate from my father. But Changchun Immortal once left a token for me, he said that as long as I bring the token to Kun Lun to find his disciples, someone will naturally lead me to him, regardless of whether he is in practice or not, it does not matter.” Zhou Boyan explained.

Zhou Yuanting had only one daughter, all aspects were actually ready for her, but his death came so hasty, which left a hidden danger.

“OK!” Wu Chi asked curiously after feeling better, “By the way, do you know who the disciple of Changchun Immortal is?”

“Not very clear, but I remember that there was a disciple named Lu Feng who seemed to be arranged to the gate.”

“It would be good to know that.” After a lazy yawn, Wu Chi leaned against the carriage and said, “We haven’t had a good meal for a long time, we should take a good meal first when we arrive here tomorrow.”

“Oh, shame on you. You only know the things about eating!” She knocked on Wu Chi’s head and she immediately leaned against Wu Chi and said, “Tomorrow, when you see Lu Feng, remember to be polite and don’t say anything wrong.”

“That Lu Feng, is he very powerful?”

“He should be very powerful. According to my father, Changchun Immortal liked this disciple very much and he got the inheritance of Changchun Immortal.”

“Isn’t that better than Luo Kun?”

“I don’t know, but he should not be worse than Luo Kun.” Zhou Boyan did not know much about specific things.

“By the way, will Kun Lun avenge for us?”

Speaking of this, Zhou Boyan was silent again, “I don’t know. I can only wait to see Changchun Immortal! However, since I am still alive, Luo Kun couldn’t let this matter go. Even if Changchun Immortal do not help, I will also let him pay for it one day.”

“This is the blood debt! If Changchun Immortal cannot kill him, I will also take his life in the future!” A sense of killing was revealed in his eyes, and Wu Chi said in a cold voice.

Thinking of what Luo Kun did, it was difficult to suppress the feeling in the heart.

This kind of person was not to be forgiven even though he died 100 times!

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