Chapter 30  A notorious reputation

On the back hill, Wu Chi knelt on the ground. He did not sleep all day and night until he finally dug out a grave with his hands and buried the old man.

Tears and blood blended together, and it had been unclear already.

His both hands had been numb already, but the physical pain was far less than the pain in his heart.

The master died, and those brothers and sisters of school were still in Luo Kun’s hands, and they were bound to endure all kinds of torture. As long as he thought of this, his heart was bleeding, but he couldn’t do anything.

Despite his master’s help in blocking the sword charm, Wu Chi was still injured by the sword spirit, with a maximum strength of three to four over ten left.

If he returned to Luo Kun with this state, he could not save his brothers and sisters, but lost his life in vain.

Wu Chi still remembered the words of his master before his master’s death, even though his heart of revenge tormented him painfully, he still needed to restrained himself.

After kneeling for a long time in front of the tomb, Wu Chi slowly kowtowed three times, “My master, I’m sorry! Although I know it’s dangerous, I really can’t convince myself to leave. I can’t watch my brothers and sisters suffer.”

“I said before, to hold the sword for insisting the conscience! So, in any case, I must go to revenge! Even if the end is death, I won’t let Luo Kun leave the EastApproaching City!”

Wu Chi stood up, and his eyes were full of killing. He knew that Luo Kun must be waiting for his return, and this is the battle which doomed to only one person could leave alive.

At the moment of getting up, the brand of Kendo in the body became more and more solid, and the wisp of sword spirit became more and more strong.

Wu Chi had a vague understanding at that moment that the process of concreting sword spirit was actually the process of consolidating kendo.

When he acquired the inheritance of the god sword, he vaguely touched the border of Kendo, which gave birth to a wisp of sword spirit, but this understanding was still very vague. As he returned to Iron Sword Group again and watched his master die in order to save himself. He really understood the meaning of that sentence about what they hold sword for.

When he answered this question, it actually meant that Wu Chi had really found his own Kendo.

It was precisely following his own Kendo that he was determined to go back to save others and kill Luo Kun for revenge, so that his sword spirit would become stronger.

Of course, Wu Chi did not go back to fight with Luo Kun straightway, because revenge did not mean court death.

Instead of returning to Iron Sword Group for the first time, he stepped into the EastApproaching City and found a teahouse to sit down.

“Did you hear that? Wu Chi, a disciple of Iron Sword Group, betrayed his school, and killed the master who brought him up from his childhood, and even sold all his brothers and sisters to the dark auction house. What a man with a black heart.”

“No way, where did you hear that?”

“Hah, everybody knows that! A friend of mine was working as a miscellaneous servant in Iron Sword Group. When Wu Chi killed his master, he was outside the door and saw it with his own eyes. How can that be fake?”

“Why? There was no reason for him to betray his school.”

“You actually don’t know about one thing. Did you hear about the stuff about Sword Shadow Villa before?”

“Yes, I know that. On the day of Zhou Yuanting’s burial, someone made a bloodbath to Sword Shadow Villa. I heard that only Miss Zhou escaped. Sword Shadow Villa was destroyed overnight, even The Shadow has been lost.”

“Yes, the man who designed all this is Wu Chi, and The Shadow also fell into his hands! I also heard that Miss Zhou was also tricked into trusting him very much and went to Kun Lun together, and they are about to become the disciples of Kun Lun.”

“Wow, does he so powerful?”

“Yes, he does! Unfortunately, the master of Iron Sword Group, Li Pei, he is the very severe. Knowing that his disciple had done such a scandal, he was going to Kun Lun to kill this disciple for his school immediately. Unexpectedly, Wu Chi came back early and killed him.”

“Such a scumbag!”

“Yes, for the sake of The Shadow and worship to Kun Lun, he is absolutely unscrupulous! How can he worship Kun Lun?”

“I know that! That’s the truth! Luckily, Luo Kun, a disciple of Tian Shan, passed by the EastApproaching City and rushed to Iron Sword Group to expose his true face after he knew this matter. Otherwise, he would have killed his master, maybe he even had hided this affair.”

Wu Chi’s fingers pierced into the palm, and the blood flowed out along the fingertips, he lowered his head, but his heart was already filled with anger.

A man could be so shameless.

Luo Kun not only pursued Wu Chi for killing, but he also used this means to reverse black and white to slander Wu Chi, which simply pushed Wu Chi on the road to extinction.

Wu Chi did not say anything to justify it. There must be someone behind this kind of thing. He couldn’t explain it clearly even though he came out. And what If he revealed something unusual, he would expose himself instead.

“Hey man, what’s going on with you?”

There were many people in the teahouse, and soon someone noticed Wu Chi’s anomaly.

“Damn it, Wu Chi is so shameless, son of a bitch! Don’t let me meet him.” Wu Chi abused.

“Ha-ha, man, take it easy! Wu Chi is very powerful, and The Shadow is in his hands. Even Li Peiyuan died in his hand. If you really met him, I think you will be killed with one move.” The people next to him roared.

“Bah, it is true that I couldn’t kill him alone, but there are so many people in our city, he could be drowned by spitting a mouthful of phlegm from each of us.” After spitting a mouthful of phlegm, Wu Chi cursed indignantly.

“Yes, he is right!” Someone applauded Immediately and said, “Wu Chi, the scumbag comes from our city, it’s a shame to our city. We’d better spread the news to Kun Lun and expose the real face of this shameless villain thoroughly.”

“Yeah, yes!” After clapping his chest, Wu Chi said with disdain on his face, and then he said. “Yes, this brother, I just heard you mention the dark auction house.”

“Hush, keep your voice down!” A man grabbed Wu Chi, and the man lowered his voice and said, “How could you say that with such a high voice? Dark auction house is created by evil and powerful people. They buy everything, and they do not to ask who the buyer is, not to mention who the seller is, it’s very very dark! ”

“Sell people, too?”

“This is why we call Wu Chi a beast? This dark auction house, not only sells things, but also sells stylites! Men will be caught digging, and women will be bought by some people to become playthings!”


The cup in his hand was crushed stiffly by Wu Chi, and the green tendons on the forehead burst out, “Animals!” He abused.

On the other side.

“Mr. Luo, we have already contacted with the dark auction house! The dark auction house is just preparing to hold a small auction in the near future. Just three days later, everything goes well.”

Nodding his head, Luo Kun asked, “Is there anyone say something?”

“No!” Mentioning this, the man could not help admiring them. “The bones of these disciples of Iron Sword Group are very hard. They refuse to say anything no matter how we torture. What if we are going on to torture them, maybe they will die.”

Frowning, Luo Kun waved his hand and said, “Don’t let them die. Otherwise, Wu Chi would have no scruples. Once he escaped, we would not find in a short time.”

“Yes sir!”

“Has the news been disseminated?” Luo Kun continued.

“Mr. Luo, you don’t need to worry about that. As your command, we have spread all over the EastApproaching City. Nowadays, there are many people who scold Wu Chi in the streets. As long as he is in the city, he will surely be able to hear that.”

“Okay, that’s it! Give these people to the dark auction house, and we will go too. Then, as long as he dares to come, he can’t leave that place alive.” Luo Kun sneered and nodded with satisfaction.

It was to kill two birds with one stone of disseminating information. It could not only frame up Wu Chi, but also force him to show up. At that time, as long as Luo Kun took the opportunity to kill him, this matter would be over, and there was no proof ever!

The only pity was The Shadow.

Once Wu Chi was dead, The Shadow would fall into the hands of the dark auction house. This was the condition they discussed before, and also the condition that he could borrow the power of the dark auction house! After all, dark auction houses had always been reluctant to accept such troublesome things. Moreover, a few stylites, who were at most the strength of celestial being, were not worth much money at all, and the dark auction house didn’t want to get in trouble because of this affair.

The only problem was that Wu Chi dared come or not at that time.

“Brother Wu, I’m sorry!”

Kneeling in front of Wu Chi, several disciples of Iron Sword Group said in tears, “We can’t do anything. Luo Kun not only caught us, but also our family. If we didn’t promise his terms, the whole family will be killed.”

Wu Chi closed his eyes slightly and shook his head slowly, “I don’t blame you for the situation. I ventured to find you, just to know, where are the brothers and sisters now?”

With the help of The Shadow, Wu Chi quietly sneaked back to Iron Sword Group and seized several disciples.

“They have been sold to the dark auction house by Luo Kun.” These several disciples bowed their heads in shame and answered in a low voice.

They were not supposed to know the news, but Luo Kun had apparently known that Wu Chi might come back and deliberately leaked it to them.

The dark auction house.

At this point, Wu Chi was clear that he couldn’t get rid of the dark auction house.

“Did Luo Kun intentionally tell you the news?” Wu Chi responded quickly and immediately understood the mystery.

“Yes!” These disciples felt guilty and had nothing to hide from Wu Chi. They had told all the things they knew to Wu Chi one after another. Of course, what they knew was only what Luo Kun wanted them to know.

“Three days.” Repeated this time, Wu Chi quietly left the room, as if he never appeared.

As for the dark auction house, he only knew the name, not clear about the specific situation.

But three days was enough!

No matter how concealed it was, the dark auction house would eventually sell these things. So there must be a way to find out! As long as he had the intention, he could always find a way.

Of course, Wu Chi also understood that the intervention of the dark auction house would made himself more dangerous without thinking.

Nevertheless, things had changed into such a situation that no matter how dangerous, he had no way out.

It was just a war! 

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