C0 Synopsis

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An Archaic Divine sword. An impressive and sacrificial love


Wu Chi had never known what kendo was, but his whole life was about the legend of kendo. He was never graceful, but was destined to be the most unusual and quite individual man! He was called a shameless swordsman, but he was very strong. He was born for the sword and was mad for the sword!


The world of washing the marrow(洗髓境): Washing the bone,In order to break through the limits of the human body. 


The world of celestial being(蜕凡境): Has broken through the limits of the human body and began to enter the  world of XiuZhen.


The world of condense qi(凝真境) : In the Xiuzhen world, you have already reach a higher level in one’s studies, you can use some spells to fight.. 


The world of condensate spirit(凝液境): Condensing the Qi  into a liquid state, which makes the mana more powerful and more durable.


The world of lotus platform(道台境): It is a new realm to condense the body’s genuine qi in the shape of the lotus  in the Dantian area. 

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