Chapter 8:Qualifications for Talk

While Wu Chi returning to Sword Shadow Villa, he was surrounded by some people.

Since the rumor came out from Luo Kun, someone had been staring at Wu Chi. The reason why they didn’t do it before was because Liu Yu was there, and Liu Yu said that he would take Wu Chi away. But now that Liu Yu had gone, it would be another issue that Wu Chi came back.

“Boy, there’s a way to survive, but you didn’t choose. In such a hurry to come back, are you waiting to be killed?”

Seemingly startled, Wu Chi stepped back a few steps and said, “Hold on, a gentleman uses his tongue but not his fists. We can talk if there is something wrong between us.”

“Talk?” With a sneer, these people scorned and said, “Who do you want to talk to? Mr. Luo? Are you sure?”

“Everything is easy to discuss. Don’t fight. I’m very reasonable.” Wu Chi’s head shook like a rattle drum, and he said as he stepped back.

“Go to hell, we gave you a chance to let you go! How dare you even come back and find your own death. Do you think that we dare not kill you?

“Can’t we really talk about it?”

“About how you die? Idiot!” Turning his white eyes, then they started to attack Wu Chi at the same time.

Almost at the same time, a sword arc burst into blossom in the sky.

The sword stirred the storm!

Wu Chi’s counterattack was scarier than anyone had imagined.

Wu Chi’ cultivation was less than the world of celestial being, but in anyways, swordsmanship or fighting methods, Wu Chi was no doubt far beyond the reach of these miscellaneous fishes. Though Iron Sword Group was a small school, it still stood for hundreds of years. As a gifted disciple with high expectations, Wu Chi’s strength was far from being as simple as it seems on the surface.

With only one move, Liu Yu could be stopped, which could be achieved not only by drawing his sword at will.

Wu Chi would not returned to Sword Shadow Villa if he had no power to do so.

Within the time of a few breaths, almost everyone who besieged Wu Chi had been injured.

The only thing to be thankful for was that Wu Chi only hurt them, not kill them.

In a moment, all of them had all fallen to the ground. He pointed to the crowd with his sword, and a sarcastic smile came from the corner of his lips. Wu Chi slowly asked, “Now, am I qualified to talk to you?”

“Yes, yes! If you have anything to say, just give your orders.” Life and death hung in the line. These people were all well-behaved at once. To put it bluntly, they just took advantage of the benefits to provoke Wu Chi, and they had no courage to die .

“Just a little bit of courage, but also learn to be other’s dogs?” The body of the sword struck one of them in the face, and Wu Chi muttered with regret, “Oh, I know. You just pretend to be beaten down, then you could find a chance to kill me, right? It’s more convenient to kill two of you first.”

“No, please spares our life, Mr. Wu! We really dare not.” Although they knew that Wu Chi might be frightening them, but their life was in his hands, so nobody had the courage to gamble.

“That’s a pity. This kind of dog is not interesting.” With curling his lips, Wu Chi continued to bewitch, “Would you like to try? Maybe you’ll get it?”

The man who was pointed at by the sword blade was almost crying out.

“No! No! No! we really dare not, please be magnanimous, and let us go.”

“Well, well, I am a good person, right?” Shrugging his shoulders, Wu Chi continued to say, “Go back and tell Luo Kun that I’m just an ordinary man. This time, I just want to take advantage of the opportunity to get some benefits. There is no interest in The Shadow.”

Speaking of this, Wu Chi seemed to suddenly think of something. He turned his head and asked, “By the way, how much money did he give you?”

“Five kilos of gold!” he answered quickly. Wu Chi was staring at him all the time, which frightened him so much that his fine hair was about to blow up.

“Are you guys worth five kilos of gold? How could that be?” Looking at them with some envy, Wu Chi said with some insinuation.

“We are willing to give the gold to you for piety.” They immediately rushed to express their opinions. They knew the meaning by hearing the words, and at the critical moment of life and death, their brain was better than before.

“That’s so embarrassing.” Shaking his head with laughter. Wu Chi took back his sword while talking, and his eyes kept turning on these people.

“This is our piety for you, please accept it.” They busily took out the gold from their pocket, then they nodded like the chicken at dinner, respectfully handed it to Wu Chi.

“Oh! Thank you so much.” Taking the gold to himself, Wu Chi continued to look at them suspiciously, and whispered, “Why did you give me so freely? Is not deceiving me? Did Luo Kun give ten kilos?”

Although Wu Chi’s voice was low, it was so close that they still could hear it clearly. This sentence of taking the heart out, which frightened them into tears.

Wu Chi took back the sword in his hand satisfactorily after he had all the money on these several people.

“I’m so sorry, you’re so polite. Don’t do that next time.”

Next time? Hearing the hypocritical words, these several people would like to strangle Wu Chi.

After waving his hand, Wu Chi continued, “Go back and tell Luo Kun that I’m not really interested in The Shadow. If he has any ideas, he is welcomed to discuss with me. I’m a good talker and a reasonable person.”

Watching these several people running away, Wu Chi’s smile finally slowly converged, showing some self-mockery.

Although he stayed, Wu Chi was very aware of his power. If he really fought with Luo Kun face to face, which was undoubtedly suicidal. Sword Shadow Villa almost fell into a dead end, and there was no possible for him who even didn’t enter into the world of celestial being to save all of it. The only thing he could do was to help Miss Zhou as much as he could, which was for their friendship.

If it was irreversible, he wouldn’t be buried together with Sword Shadow Villa.

The only thing made him feel headache was that girl. How should he say to convince her to go?

Sitting on the stone bench in the pavilion with watching the cookies on the table. Zhou Boyan lowered her head silently, seemed to be lost in the heart. She felt inexplicably sad.

All of the people were sent away, the whole morning soon passed, but she had no intention of practicing sword.

The guy who helped her to reverse derive the mind of The Shadow had gone, practicing sword seemed to have become a very meaningless thing.

“Just like uncle Shui said, the only one I can believe and rely on is myself now. The worst thing is to die with my villa.”

Zhou Boyan was absent-minded, and she did not even notice that someone came to his side for a while.

She didn’t notice that until someone grabbed the dessert on the table and put it in his mouth and made a nasty chewing sound.

Discovering someone eating these dessert, Zhou Boyan inexplicably gave birth to a blob of annoyance in her heart and involuntarily angry, “Go away, who allow you to touch these things?”

Suddenly startled, then that guy suddenly choked.

“The petty woman! I just eat nothing but a piece of cake. Do you really want to choke me to death?”

“Bah, bah, bah! It’s completely cold, not delicious at all. I’ll give it back to you.” Wu Chi said in injured tones. After spitting out the cake he ate, he handed the leftover dessert to Zhou Boyan.

Until now, Zhou Boyan finally reacted.

Looking at this familiar face, listening to the annoying tone, her heart was sour, tears flow out uncontrollably.

“Come on! Don’t cry! The petty woman. I just ate a piece of your dessert, no, half! And I gave it back to you. Don’t cry. It’s all yours. Would it be okay if I don’t eat it?”

It was not good to talk, because Zhou Boyan’s tears couldn’t stop falling more.

“Hey, Miss, let me tell you! You can’t eat so much dessert, or you’ll get fat, and then you’ll be an ugly girl, then you won’t get married! I helped you eat a little. It’s also good for you.”

“Go away, you’re the ugly one!” She grabbed the dessert on the table and threw them hatefully at Wu Chi’s head. Zhou Boyan’s eyes were full of annoyance. There was no one more annoying than this guy.

“Don’t throw it away! I haven’t eaten yet. It’s too wasteful.”

“Bah, I won’t give you the food even though they were wasted.” The dessert on the table were thrown at Wu Chi one after another.

“A petty woman, I’m just late for a while! No food for me? How petty you are.” While hiding from flying dessert, Wu Chi chanted.

In the meantime, he grabbed a flying cookie, stuffed it into his mouth, and said vaguely, “Well, it tastes good. You can throw two more pieces of this kind of dessert over here.”


Zhou Boyan saw Wu Chi was acting as a rogue, she finally burst out laughing.

The haze in her heart seemed to disappear with the laughter.

“Didn’t you go? Why do you come back?”

After swallowing the last dessert, Wu Chi said, “I miss the delicious dessert. Who knows that you are so petty that won’t allow me to eat when I come back, I really should go back.”

“OK! OK! It’s all yours. It is better that you are choked to death.” With an angry hum, Zhou Boyan angrily scolded.

“Emmmmm…, my tummy is full of the anger because of you!” Sitting down next to her, Wu Chi continued, “I know I’m not here. You can’t reverse derive the mind of sword with your stupid head. You haven’t practiced sword all morning, have you?”

“Bah! I’m obviously tired of practicing, and I just sat down and rested for a while.”

“It sounds like you’re quite reasonable! Come on! Let me see what progress you have made.”

At the same time, Wu Chi gently jumped out of the pavilion, pulled out his sword and looked at Zhou Boyan proudly.

“OK, I make sure that you will kneel and beg for mercy.”

Zhou Boyan jumped out of the pavilion too. She took out the sword, lunging him, as she ground her teeth.

“Well, we should have a deal first. If you lose, do not cry. You are very ugly when you cry.”

“Go to hell!”

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