Chapter 6:Reverse Derive the Mind of The Shadow

After a moment of silence, Wu Chi helplessly spread out his hand and said with a bitter smile, “Miss Zhou, IMHO, if this is true, I am afraid that no matter how you practice, you will not be able to comprehend the mind of The Shadow in this way.”

Zhou Yuanting was right in choosing such a clever way, but only he could help others feel the mind of The Shadow without relying on The Shadow. Unfortunately, he died ahead of time before he had done all he could, so the idea seemed to be a kind of empty talk.

Her eyes were somewhat gloomy, Zhou Boyan was silent and could not help but shed tears silently.

She actually understood what did Wu Chi say. But even so, she was still holding out hope to try, because there would be no other way to think about it.

At this point, she had no time to gradually improve her strength. If she couldn’t make The Shadow recognize her as master, it meaned that she might not be able to protect The Shadow and Sword Shadow Villa.

“Oh, do not cry! I just say casually, it is actually still very hopeful. Shall we continue to practice sword?”

Wu Chi was panicked when he saw Zhou Boyan crying, especially because of his words. This feeling was worse than when he was threatened by Zhou Boyan.

Shaking her head slightly, Zhou Boyan bowed down and said, “Thank you, Mr. Wu. It’s my delusion. Today I bothered Mr. Wu, so I’ll stop practicing sword.”

“I don’t mean that.” Wu Chi explained at a loss.

“In a minute, I’ll have this elixir for tempering delivered! I beg your pardon for bothering Mr. Wu these two days.”

At that time, Wu Chi’s heart was full of mixed tastes, and he didn’t even know what was wrong with him.

It should be a pleasure to be able to get rid of Zhou Boyan in this way. After all, he was forced to accompany Zhou Boyan to practice swordsmanship. But when Zhou Boyan really said that, Wu Chi was somewhat miserable.

“Wait a minute. Don’t do that. It’s not without any hope.” Wu Chi suddenly opened his mouth and said weirdly.

After Wu Chi finished, he just regretted it, but his words had been spoken out and he couldn’t regret.


“I mean, it’s not totally impossible to comprehend the mind of The Shadow. Always give it a try.” Wu Chi explained, “Are you really willing to give up like this?”

“You know what to do?” Zhou Boyan’s eyes suddenly lit up, and asked him incredibly, “Didn’t you just say that I couldn’t comprehend the mind of The Shadow in this way?”

“I mean you, not me.” Turning over his white eyes, Wu Chi whispered.


In a flash, Zhou Boyan had a strong desire to strangle him. How could he say that?

Perceiving Zhou Boyan’s desire to kill, Wu Chi immediately knew what to do and quickly added, “I just have an idea, whether I can do it or not, I have to try before I know it.”

“What’s that?” As long as there was a glimmer of opportunity, Zhou Boyan was willing to seize tightly.

Speaking of this, Wu Chi’s look also became grave, slowly opened his mouth, “Whatever the mind of sword is, it is actually also transformed from the swordsmanship. It is simple to learn swordsmanship after feeling the mind, but in some cases, from the swordsmanship, it is possible to reverse derive the mind of sword.”

“Reverse derive the mind of sword from the swordsmanship?” Zhou Boyan was still puzzled.

“Yes! Reverse derive the mind of The Shadow.”

On the other side.

“You mean, the guy from Iron Sword Group is practicing sword with Miss Zhou?”

Luo Kun’s face was somewhat gloomy, and he asked word by word.

“Iron Sword Group has always had a good relationship with Sword Shadow Villa. We don’t know what did Wu Chi do to hook up with Miss Zhou. And according to the news that our people brought back, they probably practiced The Shadow’s swordsmanship.

These days, Luo Kun not only bought over people from outside, but also the people of Sword Shadow Villa.

Because of the death of Zhou Yuanting, the collapse of Sword Shadow Villa would come, and it was not very difficult to buy over some people on this occasion. What’s more, Luo Kun was a disciple of Tian Shan.

“The Shadow’s swordsmanship?” Luo Kun’s complexion was getting worse. “Isn’t it rumored that only with the help of The Shadow can understand the mind of The Shadow?”

“That is the rumor, but after all, she is the only daughter of Zhou Yuanting, Zhou Yuanting may have left something for her.”

“Even if true, what does that kid have to do with Sword Shadow Villa? Why even The Shadow’s swordsmanship was taught to him?” Speaking of this, Luo Kun’s eyes had penetrated a blob of homicidal intent.

The people below were afraid to say something more. Should they say that there might be ambiguity between them?

“To check it out! Give me a clear result at this matter. He even dares to meddle in my affairs, I think he wants to die.”

Back to this side.

Wu Chi had already bragged this out, but in fact, he realized how difficult it was to reverse derive the mind of sword after he actually did it.

The whole set of swordsmanship, every move and every method, Wu Chi had been trying to comprehend it from the beginning, and dared not let go of every detail.

To some extent, this was the first time that Wu Chi had studied a swordsmanship so seriously for so many years.

“No, it’s too slow. The name of the sword is The Shadow. There won’t be such a slow swordsmanship!”

“But this method has to be used when you draw your sword, it has to keep the accuracy. If you just want to be quick, then it’s very difficult to keep the accuracy.” Zhou Boyan explained helplessly, “The angle of drawing the sword should be accurate totally, otherwise the next move will not be a chain with it.”

“Why do we have to be consistent?” After thinking, Wu Chi asked back.

“What?” Zhou Boyan could not understand the meaning in an instant.

“Swordsmanship is a dead thing, but we are alive! It’s impossible that there will never be any accidents, so why do we have to maintain the consistency of swordsmanship?” Shaking his head, Wu Chi went on to explain, “If this move is enough to kill the enemy, why do we have to take the next move?”

After a short silence, the shock which was brought to Zhou Boyan by this sentence was undoubtedly subversive.

From childhood to adulthood, she had never really fought with others! Sword training was just for training. Whether she practiced with the fellows or her father, it was a step-by-step sword feeding. In the long run, it seemed that even thoughts had fallen into a misunderstanding.

Now, when Wu Chi helped her to analyze this set of swordsmanship from the very beginning, she suddenly found that many details seemed completely different from her previous understanding.

“Such pure fantasy is not possible! How about a duel. Maybe we could find out more things we didn’t notice before when we fight with each other.” After a meditation, Wu Chi opened his mouth and said.

When he was lazy, he might be lazier than anyone else, but when he was serious, he was stricter than any others.


Such a proposal would naturally not be rejected by Zhou Boyan. Besides, it was a good chance to give Wu Chi a lesson.

Wu Chi was still in the world of washing the marrow, and she had already stepped into the world two years ago, and it was only one step that she can enter the world of penetration. Under this gap, there was no pressure at all.

However, as a matter of fact, Zhou Boyan soon regretted it.

After all, the sword match was not a real killing, and the gap in strength did not seem to be so obvious.

With a fake sword method, Wu Chi took a sudden step forward and cut up to her, which was almost impossible change on method. He broke into Zhou Boyan’s sword force, and by the time Zhou Boyan responded, the sword blade had already pointed to her vital part.

“You play a trick. We had a deal that both of us need to use The Shadow’s swordsmanship, but this is not The Shadow’s swordsmanship.” Zhou Boyan lost a round, and she complained.

“Who said that? Is it not clear that this is The Sword Shadow Splitting?” Taking back the sword, Wu Chi answered casually.

“Nonsense, The Sword Shadow Splitting, sword blade splitting into three parts, eye splitting, throat splitting, heart splitting, you have only one sword shadow directly piercing my throat, is that count?”

Turning her eyes into white reluctantly, then Wu Chi said angrily, “Come on, Miss! Who told you that swordsmanship is unchanged? How much time would it take if I really split it into three? Didn’t you have a chance to change your method?”

And he also said, “Opportunities are fleeting, and it is more effective to abandon the other two changes in exchange for faster raids?”

“Well, you probably make sense.”

“What ‘probably’ is? I do make sense, no probably” With curling his lips, Wu Chi went on to say, “We are now reversing derive the mind of sword, not struggling on the method. If you can’t always let go of the inherent method of sword, then you don’t want to reverse derive the mind of sword at all.”

“Well, I see. Again.” With a hum, Zhou Boyan attacked again with her sword while speaking.

“How dare you do the sneak attack?” Unexpectedly, Zhou Boyan started while she was still speaking, and Wu Chi got in a mess in a flash, shouting and yelling to express his dissatisfaction.

“Opportunities are fleeting, and if you start faster, you will have a better chance to win. When you fight with others, can you still stipulate that no one should do the sneak attack?”

Wu Chi was speechless immediately, but why did that sound so familiar?

Bah, a petty woman!

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