Chapter 5:The Shadow’s Mind

Sitting on the stone table and drinking the wine, Wu Chi’s mood was finally completely calmed down.

Looking at those guys coldly, Wu Chi moved slightly in his heart and said softly, “Okay, come here. Tell me, what are your plans?”

After being beaten up cruelly by Wu Chi, these guys became honest. Only in a short period of time, the courtyard had been cleaned up, but when they heard Wu Chi’s words, some of them were still trembling.

“Mr. Wu, we dare not to have any idea, we just want to have fun. We are blind that offends you today. As long as you be magnanimous and let us go, we dare not fight you anymore.” The leader came to him carefully, and he said in a cold sweat on his forehead.

“Nothing planned?” With a slight stare, Wu Chi’s hand fell on the hilt of his sword and said calmly, “So you’re useless? What am I going to do with you?”

As soon as he said this, they were scared to death.

“We are useful, really! Mr. Wu, we didn’t really want to have thoughts on the sword. We just wanted to get some information and see if we could get some benefit.”

“Who asked you to do that?” Wu Chi asked suddenly when his heart moved.

“Luo Kun, the disciple of Tian Shan.” Directly guessed by Wu Chi, they had nothing to hide, honestly answered: “Not only us, many people have been bought over by Luo Kun. We are just inquiring for information, after the burial of Zhou Yuanting, they will do something.”

” Luo Kun.” Wu Chi repeated the name and became silent.

In fact, Wu Chi knew the result from the first day he saw Luo Kun, but he didn’t realize that their actions were faster and more ruthless than he had imagined.

Looking at Wu Chi’s face carefully, the man said quickly, “Of course, we must help you when we meet Mr. Wu today. As long as you say a word, we will never frown no matter what you ask us to do.”

“Never mind. I was almost slaughtered by the girl of Zhou’s family just now. Why don’t you go and kill her for me?”

They shook their heads busily as he sweated. To kill Miss Zhou at Sword Shadow Villa? That must be a joke. If you wanted to die, you should find a good way.

Wu Chi looked at them disappointedly, and he pouted his lips and said, “Or, go and kill Luo Kun?”

“Please don’t play jokes on us, Mr. Wu!” The fingerprints on his face had not disappeared yet, and the man said with a bitter smile, “We are just some small potatoes. It’s okay to follow the beaters, but we are really useless on fighting for the sword.”

Turning his eyes into white, Wu Chi yawned and said with laughing, “Okay, don’t pretend to be pathetic with me! Relax, I know my ability clearly, The Shadow is not what I can touch either.”

Standing up, Wu Chi went on to say, “I told you earlier that I came here to eat and drink for free. I don’t care what you are going to do! But don’t count on me.”

Speaking of this, Wu Chi’s voice suddenly turned cold and threatened to say, “Of course, Luo Kun is a high-ranking disciple of Tian Shan, I can’t afford to provoke him. But it’s not difficult to take the lives of yours. What do you think?”

Wu Chi did not wait for them to answer, he went on to say, “What should you do? You should take a deep thinking of it! Now, get out of here.”

Watching these guys rolling out of the yard, Wu Chi rubbed his head with a bitter smile.

“Miss Zhou, it’s not that I don’t help you, cause there’s nothing I can do about it!”

Wu Chi hadn’t gotten up so early for a long time, accompanied Zhou Boyan to practice The Shadow’s swordsmanship several times later, the sun had just risen.

“Well, let’s take a break. You can take a deep breath and use the morning light to temper your body.” She said slightly.

Looking at the sky, Zhou Boyan calmly accepted the sword and hinted Wu Chi to stop.

“Ah?” In a daze, Wu Chi stopped and said, “Is it over? Can I go back now?”

“What?” Frowning slightly, Zhou Boyan shook her head and said, “My father said that every morning when the sun rises, it is the time that the spiritual energy of heaven and earth is the clearest in one day, which also is the best time for practice, so don’t waste it.”

“Is that real?” Half-believed and half-doubtful, he looked at Zhou Boyan and asked, “Then why don’t you practice?”

“I’ve already stepped into the world of celestial being, so it means nothing to me.”

Wu Chi was speechless immediately. Wasn’t that a sincere blow?

Wu Chi naturally entered the practice of sitting cross-legged reluctantly, stuck in the world of washing the marrow for a long time, no matter whether this statement was true or not, there was no harm in practicing for a while.

When Wu Chi opened his eyes again, Zhou Boyan had already prepared breakfast and put it on the stone table in the pavilion, waiting for Wu Chi to eat.

“I like this treatment.”

Standing up from the ground, Wu Chi looked at these dessert with great interest. They were perfect combination of appearance, aroma and taste, which made people move their index fingers with desire.

“Let’s eat together and continue to practice sword in a while.” When Wu Chi came, Zhou Boyan picked up the dessert and ate.

“You haven’t eaten yet?” With a slight movement in his heart, Wu Chi asked in some surprise.

He had been practicing for almost two hours, actually it had already passed the time of eating. It was very kind of her to prepare this breakfast, but how come she haven’t eaten yet?

“You’re here to help me with my sword practice. I should wait for you.” Zhou Boyan actually didn’t care about that, she just said casually.

Although it was only a simple sentence, it still warmed Wu Chi’s heart slightly.

“By the way, I just watched your practice. Have you been stuck in the world of washing the marrow for a long time?” Something came into Zhou Boyan’s mind, she put down her dessert and asked.

“Almost three years, it seems possible to break through at any time, but something seems to be missing.” When it came to this, Wu Chi was somewhat depressed.

“You have a good talent, but the foundation is unstable. You didn’t lay a good foundation at the beginning, so now it’s too hard to break through.”

Nodding her head, Zhou Boyan went on to say, “I have some elixirs for tempering, which will be brought to you by someone. If you take it and practice every day, it should work on you.”

“The petty woman, why do you suddenly treat me so well?” After some hesitation, Wu Chi asked.

Zhou Boyan said in a cold voice with humming, “You said that I am a petty woman. It’s natural to give you benefits for a purpose. If you don’t try your best when you practice sword with me later, I’ll have another reason to tell your brother.”

Wu Chi knew that he had said the wrong thing again. He smiled and dared not talk any more. He tamely ate the dessert in his hand.

“Let’s begin when you’re ready. Don’t try to fool me.”

“But I am still hungry, this is not enough.”

“When it was the time to eat, you said so much nonsense. Now you want to eat. Sorry, it’s too late.”

“Miss Zhou, we can’t practice like this.”

In the past half a day, Wu Chi had been thoroughly familiar with this set of The Shadow’s swordsmanship, but the more familiar he was, the more doubtful he was.

“What’s wrong?” Zhou Boyan stopped and asked wonderingly.

“I always have a plausible feeling about this swordsmanship. It’s really not a very excellent swordsmanship in itself. We are familiar with the swordsmanship now. If we can’t find a breakthrough, we can hardly get effect from it no matter how hard we try.” Although Wu Chi was lazy, his talent in Kendo was still absolutely amazing, so he soon realized the key to it.

“How do you want to practice?” Thinking about it, Zhou Boyan actually agreed with Wu Chi, but for a while she could not find any other way to go.

“I remember you said that this set of swordsmanship is not depend on the form, but the mind of sword?” Wu Chi recalled something and asked again.

“Yes.” Nodding her head, Zhou Boyan explained, “At the beginning, Dad told me that the essence of The Shadow’s swordsmanship lies in the mind of sword. Only when we understand the mind of sword, we can really grasp The Shadow’s swordsmanship.”

“That’s right.” Wu Chi nodded his head slightly after hearing that and said, ” The Shadow’s swordsmanship we are practicing now is only a form, totally not the mind of sword in it! If we want to break through, we must go in the direction of understanding the mind of sword, otherwise, ten years of practice will not have any effect.”

After hearing this, Zhou Boyan hesitated for a moment, and then explained, “In fact, The Shadow’s swordsmanship needs the help of The Shadow to be truly cultivated. If we want to comprehend the mind of sword, I’m afraid we have to resort to this god sword.

“That should be right. Instead of wasting time like this, you might use The Shadow to feel it.”

“No.” Shaking her head, Zhou Boyan explained helplessly: “My cultivation is insufficient. I can’t let the sword recognize me as the master, so I can’t feel the mind of sword from it. What’s more, there are many people who are coveting The Shadow. I even can’t easily enter the Sword Storing Pavilion, so as not to give others a chance to take it away.”

Speaking of this, Wu Chi remembered that Zhou Boyan had said before that practice The Shadow’s swordsmanship was one of the conditions for this sword to recognize the master.

“If the mind of sword can only be felt in The Shadow, then it is impossible to cultivate it at all? What we have said above is nonsense?”

“It’s a shortcut way to use The Shadow’s swordsmanship to let the sword recognize the master! In fact, if you want to refine this sword, you have to bear the impact of the mind of sword. If your cultivation is not enough, you cannot refine it. However, if you know The Shadow’s swordsmanship, it may directly make the god sword recognize the master.” Zhou Boyan also did not hide, simply explained.

“Is it also the idea of suzerain Zhou to practice The Shadow’s swordsmanship to make the god sword recognize the master?” Wu Chi’s heart had gradually guessed the causes and consequences.

“Yes! Six months ago, my dad actually had a premonition of danger. Before he dies, he taught me The Shadow’s swordsmanship, so that I can get the recognition of this sword. Unfortunately, my father is no longer here before I grasp The Shadow’s swordsmanship.” Speaking of this, Zhou Boyan couldn’t help feeling sad. Tears were rolling in her eyes.

Zhou Yuanting died after he killed his enemy and returned to Sword Shadow Villa. After killing the strong enemy, he was badly hurt, and finally failed to sustain it., he died before he had time to make arrangements after returning to Sword Shadow Villa.

If not, Sword Shadow Villa would not be in such an awkward and dangerous situation now.

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