Chapter 4:Petty Women

“Ha ha ha ha”

Watching Wu Chi make a charming sword post like a woman, Zhou Boyan finally burst into laughter. Since she had heard the news of her father’s death, it was the first time she gave a grin on her face.

Hearing Zhou Boyan’s laughter, without looking back, Wu Chi could also imagine how awkward he is now.

Despite he hated her so much, Wu Chi still managed to pull the last few tricks toughly, then retracted his sword and stood in front of Zhou Boyan. Then he said with a black face, “Miss Zhou, are you satisfied now?”

The corners of her lips rose slightly, Zhou Boyan smiled and nodded, “Well, I believe you now.”

In fact, when Wu Chi explained earlier, she had already believed in her heart, forcing Wu Chi to perform this set of sword dance, for one reason, she wanted to confirm what Wu Chi had said; but for another reason, she still wanted to take the opportunity to play tricks on this odious guy.

Zhou Boyan’s smile was very touching, but in Wu Chi’s eyes, it was just laughing at him no matter how he thinks.

Turning into white eyes with a black face, Wu Chi slightly made a bow, turned around and left. This time, he even didn’t want to say see you later.

Shame on him! A big man was forced to learn women’s sword dance, which was to be nailed to the pillar of disgrace.

“Mr. Wu, hold on.”

As Wu Chi turned around, Zhou Boyan’s voice sounded again and her body blocked Wu Chi again.

“The petty woman, we had a deal, what else do you want to do?”

After being stopped again, Wu Chi was almost in a state of rage.

“I just let you do the sword dancing once, and you were so angry and frustrated, are you ashamed to say I am petty?” She curled her lips casually, and the counter-attack was very fierce.

“Just a sword dance? Is it a big deal? How mean you are!”

But as the day when she was faced with the coercion of disciples of Tian Shan, Zhou Boyan was able to cope with them with her words, in contrast, this was just a small case.

On words, it was too hard to get a bargain from this girl.

In this case, Wu Chi also calmed down, “Miss Zhou, things have been explained clearly, and according to our agreement, can I leave?”

“No!” Zhou Boyan answered sharply, “If you want to go, you must promise me a condition.”

“What? Why?” Wu Chi almost was going to crazy, “A word spoken by the gentleman is past recalling! We had a deal, why should I still need to promise you a condition? You are so unreasonable!”

“You are right! I am unreasonable.” Blinking her eyes, Zhou Boyan answered straight forwardly, “I am not a gentleman, but a petty woman.”

“My sister, I’m wrong. I shouldn’t call you a petty woman. Please be magnanimous and let your younger brother go, okay?” Wanting to cry but no tears, Wu Chi bowed ignobly and said, “I promise you, never and ever call you a petty woman, is that ok?”

“Bah, who is your sister!” Her face went into red slightly, while she stepped back two steps. Then Zhou Boyan continued, “Besides, I don’t want to embarrass you. It’s just a small condition. You refused it even you didn’t listen to it. Who’s petty?”

“Small condition?” Wu Chi looked up and confirmed carefully.

“Of course.”

“Then tell me what condition it is.” Wu Chi looked at Zhou Boyan suspiciously like a fox, he said tentatively.

“It’s very simple. You havd to accompany me to practice sword every day from tomorrow to help me understand The Shadow’s swordsmanship.” Pointing to this place, Zhou Boyan said casually.

“No!!!” Wu Chi immediately jumped up.

Was it also called a small condition?

“Anyway, you also learned The Shadow’s swordsmanship from me, right? Don’t you think you should do something in return?”

“That’s just a coincidence, not what I want to learn, and I will forget it all when I wake up tomorrow morning, so it doesn’t count.” Wu Chi shook his head like a rattle drum, and he began to act shamelessly.

Seriously?  Practicing sword with this girl every day? His brother had already forced him to practice, but now he was also forced to practice sword by this young girl, absolutely no way.

In addition, from the current situation, the trouble of Sword Shadow Villa would only be more and more. No one knew how many eyes were staring at it. At this time, it was self-seeking trouble to approach Zhou Boyan too close.

Apparently, the little girl had put on an unreasonable appearance, so Wu Chi played rascally too.

But he obviously forgot that he could not match this woman in terms of playing tricks.

“What about the sword dance? You’ve just learned how to do the sword dancing. All over the world, I’m the only one who can do it. I have tried my best to teach you, and I just want you to help me practice sword, such a small request you do not agree?”

“What a shit the sword dance is!” Speaking of sword dance, Wu Chi was angry again. “No one wants to learn, even the ghost!”

“Well, since you won’t, I have to tell your brother that you have learned The Shadow’s swordsmanship from me, which is the unique swordsmanship of Sword Shadow Villa. I am wondering if you are staring at The Shadow? If something like this happens, Iron Sword Group need to give me an explaination.” She got mad at him at once, and immediately rose to the level between Sword Shadow Villa and Iron Sword Group. There was no way out, because she was hosting the whole Sword Shadow Villa now. It was a threat obviously.


Wu Chi pointed at Zhou Boyan, but he could not say a word for a long time.

“Well, are you going to say yes or not?” With an impatient hum, Zhou Boyan asked again.

“Impatient? Are you impatient? How dare you!” Wu Chi said in his heart.

Wu Chi’s heart was dripping blood. No wonder people said that women are troublesome. Moreover, the more beautiful women were, the more troublesome they were!

Although this little girl was not necessarily the most beautiful woman Wu Chi had ever seen, she was definitely the most troublesome one.

After struggling for a long time, Wu Chi finally succumbed with tears.

“The petty woman, you win!”

Wu Chi opened the door of the courtyard with a black face. All the way back, Wu Chi had not recovered from the blow just now.

The little girl was so insatiable. Because Wu Chi didn’t dare to let his brother know about it, she just forced him to promise to accompany her to practice sword every morning. She also had to make sure that he didn’t perfunctory until she really understood the swordsmanship.

As for the trouble that might arise from it, the little girl did not mention a word.

“Little boy, you are back. How about finding the Sword Storing Pavilion?”

When Wu Chi came back, the men immediately surrounded him and urgently questioned him.

Hearing their voice, Wu Chi finally regained consciousness and returned his mind to the courtyard.

The clean and tidy courtyard had been messed up by these guys, littered with wine pots and gnawed bones, and the stone tables and benches Wu Chi sat on before had been in a mess.

The worst part was that they dare to ask him if he had found the Sword Storing Pavilion!

“Fuck off! I was almost killed by that woman. How dare you are!” Suddenly, a belly of fire burst out at these guys, and Wu Chi’s eyes showed a blob of annoyance and shouted abusively.

After being scolded by Wu Chi, these guys were stunned, and then they became angry.

“Damn, you want to get killed? We respect you, so we talk to you friendly and give you the money! And you promised, but now you are daring to get mad at us?” The leader rolled up his sleeves, and grasped Wu Chi’s collar with a fierce look out of his eyes.


Wu Chi got crazy in an instant, kicking out the man, and at the same time, he grabbed the man’s arm, so that he would not be kicked out.

The man felt a sharp pain in his lower abdomen and curled up like a shrimp, then he almost spit out what he had just eaten.

But before he could respond, one kick followed another in quick kick. He was kicked him to the ground and Wu Chi stepped on his chest with a sullen face.

“I can’t provoke that little girl, can’t I provoke you, the rubbish?”

Without waiting for the other’s reaction, that man was picked up by the touch of Wu Chi’s foot. At the same time, Wu Chi turned his palm and attacked the others simultaneously.

These people were mere merchandise. They usually bullied the weak people with some strength. They looked fierce, but in fact, they were just the small potato at all.

Before, Wu Chi didn’t want to make trouble, which gave them a little respect, but now he was angry, and he vented all his anger on these people, how could they be well?

In less than the time of half a cup of tea, all of them were knocked down, and they only had the right to hum.

Wu Chi came to the leader and squatted down, he said coldly, “Do you remember your money? Very well, I’ll give it to you.”

During the conversation, Wu Chi stuffed the broken silver money into his mouth. While he scolded him, he also slapped his mouth, and forced him to eat the broken silver money. “I give the money back to you now, you motherfucker, can you let me not see that little girl again? Say something! ”

It was just for the money that he bumped into the girl’s hand and caused so much trouble that he would like to chop off his hand when he thought back.

Of course, chopping his own hands was mostly heartless. But since there was an idiot for him to vent his anger, there was no reason not to vent.

“Please look at you own face. How dare you have the idea of stealing the sword like others! Especially dare to take the plan on my head, which made me get into such a big trouble! ”

Wu Chi didn’t know how long it took to get over this breath. Kicking out the guy in front of him, he grabbed a jar of unopened wine from the stone table and poured it into his stomach. Then he said with a sneer, “I give you thirty minutes to clean up this place for me. Otherwise, you will be ready to crawl for the rest of your life.”

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