Chapter 36   The Gallbladder of Sword

While Luan Zhan explained to Wu Chi, the woman with the blue mask finally started the auction of the last item.

“A low-grade gallbladder of sword, which was taken from a genuine genius of Kendo, but because the gallbladder of sword has just coalesced into shape, so only is low-grade! The prices starting from ten spiritual crystals!”

This kind of thing was too taboo, and the woman with the blue mask didn’t have much explanation. On the contrary, Luan Zhan sneered.

“What a bold guy! They all say that our Devil Cave is vicious. But I think the dark auction house is more vicious than us, because they even put the gallbladder of sword for auction.”

“How does the gallbladder of sword take shape?” Wu Chi had a guess in his heart, but he was not sure.

“You are also a sword holder. Don’t you know that if you condense the sword spirit to a certain extent, it will form a gallbladder?” Shaking his head, Luan Zhan asked.

Wu Chi really did not know this, although he mistakenly condensed a wisp of sword spirit, but it was only just beginning, far from the gallbladder of sword.

“It is a great genius to condense sword spirit in the world of condense qi, and at the same time to condense the gallbladder of sword, which is undoubtedly an absolute sword genius! Such a hapless guy.” Shaking his head, Luan Zhan said with some pity.

“You mean, the genius who condensed the gallbladder of sword is dead?”

“Of course, otherwise how can someone take out the gallbladder?” Luan Zhan realized that Wu Chi did not know about these things, and then he continued to explain, “Take out the gallbladder of sword, which is to destroy the foundation of Kendo. Every sword stylite, they would rather die than loss the gallbladder of sword. And once it falls into the hands of others, it is the most precious treasure to condense the sword spirit. Unfortunately, it is only a low-grade gallbladder, which can only help people to condense the sword spirit, but cannot condense the gallbladder of sword! That’s why it’s put on such a small auction.”

It was cruel to extract the gallbladder by killing people, but once the gallbladder was taken out, the people who had not condensed the gallbladder of sword undoubtedly would want to get it.

During the conversation, the price had been shouted to the high price of a hundred spiritual crystals. Even so, no one wanted to give up, and the price was rising steadily.

The gallbladder of sword was not only very effective, but also very difficult to get. Only when those who had condensed their gallbladder are alive that others could take it out by special means. Once they died in advance, the gallbladder was gone too. Moreover, even if everything went well, the possibility of taking it out successfully was only less than 50%.

This kind of thing can only be seen in the dark auction.

Wu Chi naturally wanted it, now he had just begun to condense his sword spirit. If he could get the help of the gallbladder, it would make the process easier. And when he thought of the genius of Kendo who was taken out the gallbladder of sword when he was alive, his felt irresistible.

Of course, the most important thing was that Wu Chi didn’t have the spiritual crystal at all.

Luan Zhan symbolically bid several times, when the price was high to more than 150 spiritual crystals, he completely gave up. He was not a sword stylite anyway, this kind of thing was not so useful to him.

Unlike Wu Chi and Luan Zhan, Luo Kun was almost crazy. He not only took out all his spiritual crystals, but also asked the young man to borrow a lot, so that they would not let it go.

The sword spirit in his body was sealed by his master by special means, and no one knew how many years it would take for him to condense his sword spirit by himself! Now the gallbladder of sword was in front of him. As long as he could get it, he would be sure to condense the sword spirit in a short time. Such a temptation was enough to make him desperate.

He had lost the chance to get The Shadow. How could he give up the gallbladder of sword now?

“Mr. Luo, it’s not that I refuse to help. You’ve borrowed 70 spiritual crystals. I’m afraid the price of this thing hasn’t reached the top yet. If you want to get it, maybe you still need more than fifty spiritual crystals.” The young man said slowly that he had already known the news that there would be the gallbladder of sword in the auction, but he was always not a sword holder, and there were some powerful Taoists here, so that he could not get involved at all, then he didn’t think much about it.

Of course, it was impossible for him to tell Luo Kun about such confidential matters in advance. Otherwise, it was not a problem to borrow enough spiritual crystal if he prepared in advance.

“Brother Nie, nothing more to say. I’m bound to get this thing! As long as you are willing to help me with this, the conditions are not problem.” Luo Kun’s eyes showed a trace of ruthlessness.

The man was the people of the dark auction house, as long as he was willing to help, no matter how many spiritual crystals, he could certainly be able to have. Luo Kun was very clear about his intention, so he directly responded.

“Wonderful! Needless to say. With the help of finding Wu Chi for me to get The Shadow from you, I will certainly help with this.” Laughing and patting Luo Kun on his shoulder, the young man took out a Universal Bag and put it in front of Luo Kun. “There are three hundred spiritual crystals in it. It is totally enough.”

“Two hundred and forty spiritual crystals!” Luo Kun did not hesitate to bid again when he got spiritual crystal. As for what conditions the other party would make in the future, he had already didn’t want to know.

“Wow, three hundred and twenty spiritual crystals! It’s enough to cultivate to the peak of the world of condense qi.” Watching Luo Kun got this gallbladder at this terrible price, Luan Zhan couldn’t help but blush a little, muttered weirdly.

“If I am right, this person should be Luo Kun.” Wu Chi’s sight was always on the table of the young people who had just come over, and he naturally knew it very quickly.

“How about robbing him later?” Luan Zhan, he came from Devil Cave after all. He looked at Wu Chi and asked with a gloomy smile.

“If he really is Luo Kun, then he will catch up with me. At that time, either he died or I died. What else can I say?” Wu Chi naturally understood that no matter what means the other party uses, since the other party had already doubted him, it was impossible for him to escape easily.

This war was inevitable.

If they died, The Shadow would naturally fall into their hands, but if they won, the things on the other party would naturally be their own.

“You fifty, I fifty, Ok?” Put out a palm, Luan Zhan said proudly.

“Brother Luan, do you really want to get involved?” Wu Chi didn’t care about the money. If Luan Zhan could help him this time, he would naturally have more possibility to win. But this was about life.

“It’s worth just because they are so rich, or do you think where all my money comes from?” Luan Zhan said casually with a hum.

Wu Chi just recalled that he not only had thousands of gold tickets, but also had just bid for it. Apparently, he was very rich.

Even if he was a disciple of Devil Cave, he couldn’t have so much money. Thus, needless to say, the money must have been robbed. After understanding this, Wu Chi realized why Luan Zhan was shaking with anger when he was forced to borrow money by Wu Chi.

He was the guy who was always robbing others, but it was robbed by Wu Chi this time. If it was spread out, how could he have the face to see others?

Of course, Wu Chi must be sympathetic to his willingness to take the risk anyway.

“Good! If we rob him, we can regard that he bought the gallbladder for us.” Wu Chi was obviously not a good bird, because he could come up with thought, which coincided with Luan Zhan.

As for Liu Yu and the three of them, they had already become dumbfounded.

After they changed their clothes and masks, Wu Chi tried again, but still couldn’t untie the meridian they had been sealed.

“Don’t try it, it’s a special medicine of the dark auction house. Without the powerful Taoist, you have to wait for the efficacy to wear off.” Stopping Wu Chi’s desire to try again, Luan Zhan explained, “What’s more, as their strength, even if we recovered, it would not help. On the contrary, as long as we can kill them, everything else is trivial and can always be solved.”

With a nod, Wu Chi naturally knew that.

Luan Zhan was obviously not the first time to participate in the dark auction, while the auction had not officially ended, he carefully warned the others, “Remember, you have to follow closely behind us! Once the darkness comes, all of us immediately go to the booth and remember to follow behind others. Otherwise everyone will look the same, no one will recognize you.”

“How about going around separately? Although our meridian is sealed, we can barely walk and disperse, making it easier to conceal.” Liu Yu thought for a moment and asked.

“Idiot!” For this three of them, Luan Zhan could be totally no polite, directly scolded them, “Our body definitely couldn’t be marked, since the other party also dares to say that they will be able to catch us, they definitely left a mark on you! You are going to run separately, then be recaptured, and do you want us to save you again?”

After being scolded by Luan Zhan, the three people were more nervous. Luo Kun’s power they had seen before, now with Wu Chi and Luan Zhan, it was really a problem whether they could do it or not.

“Little brother, if we can’t make it, don’t care about us! As long as you run away, you will have a chance to avenge for us and Iron Sword Group!” Liu Yu looked at Wu Chi and said quietly.

“Bullshit! As long as the powerful Taoists don’t do anything, can these small potatoes threaten us with their strength?” Luan Zhan grumbled, “Take care of yourselves.”

This time Liu Yu did not care Luan Zhan, but looked at Wu Chi earnestly.

At the same time, the other two sisters also looked at Wu Chi earnestly and waited for his reply.

“Big brother and sisters! You can rest assured that I will take you out and avenge for Iron Sword Group.” Wu Chi did not promise, but answered with the same firmness.

Without the answer they wanted, the three of them wanted to persuade again, but the next moment, darkness had suddenly fallen silently!

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