Chapter 34 Identity Exposure (Part I)

“This one, not only has extraordinary strength, but also is a son’s body, the starting price of gold is thousand and two!”

Auctions are continuing, and women with blue masks don’t care who bought the auction, as long as they can afford it, everything is OK.

Reaching for the waist of the three sisters, Wu Chi said lazily, “This is a good figure. Let me try the feel first.”

Sister three didn’t know Wu Chi’s identity. She kept trembling and wanted to avoid it, but her meridians were sealed. Nowadays, even ordinary women are not as good as where to hide.

As a matter of fact, Wu Chi is trying to find out if he can unlock the blocked meridians of the three divisions.

“Can you go now?”

The body was still pointed at by the blade, and the man was somewhat angry, he said in a cold voice.

“Although this girl is good, unfortunately she is not a virgin. I prefer virginity.” With his mouth shut, Wu Chi talked nonsense and then shouted, “Seven thousand two!”

The pupil shrank slightly, and the man was mad with anger. “Do you still want to buy it?”

“Naturally, it’s not bothering two masters! We’re so lucky that if you lend me more, it’s okay.” Zhenqi completed a cycle in the body of Sister three, but still could not untie the blocked meridians.

The woman on the stage is her sister of four divisions. How can Wu Chi let go?

Compared with the three sisters, the four sisters’ appearance is very mediocre, although they are the children, but in fact the price has not been called very high, if it is not for the extraordinary strength placed there, fear that no one will care at all.

“Nine thousand two!” Wu Chi once again opened his mouth to bid, still a lazy look, as if he had not put the small money in his eyes at all.

“Lao Tzu can’t stand you like this. I want this woman, twelve thousand!”

Not far away, a fellow stood up patting the table, staring at Wu Chi and shouting.

“Why, how much better than money? You’re too mean to shout.” With a sneer, Wu Chi did not hesitate to increase his price and said, “Twenty-two thousand!”

One mouthful directly added 12,000 gold, which is far from ordinary people can compare the courage, a woman only, where is worth so much?

“Thirty-two thousand!” As if irritated by Wu Chi, the other side continued to bid.

“Fifty-two thousand!” Eyebrows do not blink, Wu Chi light mouth, as if it is not at all 52,000, but as arbitrary as 52.

Such crazy bidding finally forced the other party, which was not an auction but a gamble. Looking at Wu Chi’s situation, I hardly take money seriously. On the contrary, he began to feel distressed and stared at Wu Chi angrily for a while, but he did not open his mouth again after all.

Full of indifference to yawn, Wu Chi completely does not care about the other side’s provocation, distressed? Anyway, it’s not him who paid for it. What’s his heart ache for?

“Aren’t you afraid I don’t have enough money to settle the bill?” Looking at Wu Chi with gnashing teeth, the man asked in a low voice.

“Borrowing money naturally needs to find a big household, I think people are very accurate, let alone 50,000, even if it is 500,000, you should also get it?” Wu Chi said with a smile.

The man was so angry that his words were too offensive.

Soon, the waiter came with someone and put it on another chair beside Wu Chi. At the same time, he took the gold ticket from the table.

There were black robes and masks, but Wu Chi didn’t move. It was not that he didn’t want to help his sister and teacher put on black robes to hide the spring, but he didn’t dare to make any big moves at all. He borrowed the money with his sword. Once he relaxed his vigilance and was escaped by his opponent, he shouted out loud, and immediately he was doomed to extinction.

“There seems to be something wrong with that man!” Looking closely at the table on Wu Chi’s side, the young man murmured.

If he had met a woman before, when Wu Chi bought a second woman for 50,000 dollars, he realized that it could not be a coincidence.

“Damn it, can you really see it?” But Wu Chi can’t have so much money.” Luo Kun still has some unbelievable, 52,000 gold, although he can also get it out, but also has some pain, but look at the other side’s situation, it is not at all take this money seriously.

“I don’t know why he has money, but I believe in my eyes.” After a glance at Luo Kun, the young man said slowly, “Will there be anyone else besides him who is so crazy to buy two women?”

“I’ll sell that Liu Yu soon. I’ll see if he can buy it.” Luo Kun did not answer, and said with a sullen face…

“Next to be sold is a strong coagulator, which has been controlled by our drugs. It is the most suitable candidate for slaves. The starting price is 32,000 gold!”

The woman with the blue mask is very simple and does not explain what a miner is. This kind of thing is too taboo. People who know it are naturally clear. People who don’t know it will not spend money to buy it.

“Big Brother!” With a slight tremor in his sword-grasping hand, Wu Chi could hardly control his emotions when he saw his tormented, immature brother.

In the door, the elder brother was the closest to him.

Feeling a slight change in Wu Chi, the man looked at Wu Chi unexpectedly. “Do you still want to buy it?”

This time, even Wu Chi knows that it’s too conspicuous to buy people like this continuously, for fear of being suspected. But now, does he have other choices?

“Buy, such a good miner, how can you miss it now that you meet it? What’s more, there’s a buddy. You can help me pay for it. How can you not buy it?

At the same time, Wu Chi finally came to his heart and began to bid again.

“Twelve thousand!”

This time, instead of looking angry on his face, he looked at Wu Chi for a moment and suddenly laughed, “I see, you are Wu Chi!”

The voice is very quiet, but with great confidence, it’s absolutely definite and definite!

If the former three and four sisters did not know what had happened, then with this sentence export, they also reflected, incredibly looking at Wu Chi.

“What’s shameless? I can’t understand what you’re talking about.” Sitting in a chair with a colourless face, Wu Chi refused to admit it. At the same time, he turned to the two teachers and sisters and said, “Look what, do you want to be picked up?”

By Wu Chi’s point, the two talents finally remembered that they were not out of danger nowadays. If it was Wu Chi, the unusual expression would only expose him and increase the danger. Quickly the submissive eyes returned.

However, Wu Chi’s identity has been recognized in his heart, so there will be no one else but this little bastard.

“It seems that the rumor is wrong. You should have been counted by Luo Kun?” Guessing Wu Chi’s identity, the man laid down his heart, looked down and landed on the transparent sword that touched him. “Is The Shadow?” In fact, I should have thought of it.”

Keeping a close eye on the man, Wu Chi still did not reply.

“Rest assured, I will not expose you, but will help you, this money is nothing.” Smiling and shaking his head, the man said lightly, “Don’t believe it, coincidentally, I don’t think Tianshan disciples are very pleasant either.”

Wu Chi still did not reply.

“Thirteen thousand two!” Not waiting for Wu Chi to reply, watching Liu Yu’s prices continue to rise, the man said, “In order to show sincerity, this person I help you take pictures!” By the way, I haven’t introduced myself, my name, Luan Zhan.”

Wu Chi looked at all this coldly, but still did not speak.

In this case, it seems that no one can be trusted.

However, while Wu Chi was thinking about this, one of the tables that Wu Chi had always noticed in the distance stood up and walked slowly towards Wu Chi. Although there are many tables in the middle, Wu Chi has an intuition that the other party must come for himself.

Soon, Luan Zhan noticed the two men, smiled and said, “Why can’t you trust me? Are you going to talk to them with your sword against me? I care a lot about my little life, but people don’t necessarily care about it.”

Luo Kun’s eyes were cold as he walked slowly to this table. Until now, he couldn’t understand why such a small man as Wu Chi had so much money. Did Zhou Boyan not tell the prophet that he could not give all the money to him?

Of course, Luo Kun is not very sure that the other party must be Wuchi, so he will come to personally explore.

“Well, let me tell you, this kind of girl has the most flavor. It feels like crap!” Holding the three sisters in her arms, Wu Chi boasted happily with the people beside her, completely ignoring the arrival of Luo Kun and his wife.

“Pour the wine, without a wink.” Pointing to the four elder sisters sitting beside Wu Chi, Luan Zhan was not angry and scolded.

Up to now, Sister four has not been able to reflect what happened. That may be Wu Chi’s fellow, suddenly took the three divisions sister into his arms, laughing and teasing. It doesn’t look like Wu Chi at all. But unfortunately, although the three sisters twisted a little, but there was no fierce resistance, has the three sisters recognized their fate?

If the person in front of her is not Wu Chi, she has some inexplicable fear in her heart.

“This friend, how delighted!”

Walking to the table, the young man squinted and opened his mouth.

“Where’s the short-sighted fellow?” Like the other side, Luan Zhan bluntly scolded, “Can’t you see that our brother is having a good time drinking?”

Ignoring Luan Zhan, the young man’s eyes remained on Wu Chi.

Lazy hands reached into the arms of the three sisters, Wu Chi turned his head and asked arrogantly, “Who are you?”

“I’m interested in the woman you just bought. Why don’t you give it to me? I can double the price. Young people don’t have to worry, he said slowly.

“Money?” Put aside his mouth, Wu Chi turned to Luan Zhan and laughed, “Brother, we are looked down upon by others, money? Is it short of money?

In order to cooperate with Wu Chi’s words, Luan Zhan grabbed a handful of gold tickets at will from his pocket of the heavens and the earth, at least in the form of hundreds of thousands, carelessly threw them on the table, disdaining to ask, “Is it short of money?”

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