Chapter 33 There are many ways to borrow money.

“The next auction is Ice Spirit Needle! This treasure can attack the soul directly. If it is stabbed, it will surely die. Even those who are really strong, the soul will be greatly affected. However, the treasure is very fragile and can only be used for sneak attacks. Once found, it is easy to be destroyed. The starting price is five hundred and two gold.”

The women with blue masks still bid slowly, while Wu Chi has come to another table.

There were two people sitting on this table. They were obviously very alert to Wu Chi’s arrival. The two people who were talking stopped at the same time and stared at Wu Chi.

“It’s no fun sitting here. I like to have fun. Is it okay to sit here?”

Although Wu Chi was questioning, he apparently didn’t mean to ask the other party’s consent, so he sat down on the chair.

“You are not welcome here!”

The tone was somewhat cold, and one of them spoke out.

“No, I’ll sit down for a while.”

“No, I’ll sit down for a while.” With a careless reply, Wu Chi shouted, “I’ll make three thousand two!”

With such a price cry, they immediately turned their attention away. Although they still looked at Wuchi with a bad face, they did not speak any more.

In a moment, a waiter came to the table.

Although the Bingsoul Needle is fierce, it has limited influence on those who are really strong, and its shortcomings are too obvious. The price of 32,000 yuan is obviously somewhat higher. No one has ever argued with Wu Chi for this opening and taken a picture smoothly.

“Congratulations to this friend for taking the ice soul needle.” Soon someone came over and looked at Wu Chi and said.

Carelessly, he took out 32,000 gold tickets from his body and threw them to the waiter. At the same time, he also connected the ice soul needle.

“It’s quite interesting. Let me see.”

After receiving the money, the waiters stopped staying. As long as the starting price was offered, they didn’t care who Wu Chi was.

After holding the ice soul needle in his hand and playing for a while, Wu Chi put his mouth out and said, “Look at it, it’s not interesting. Anyone who falls into the world can easily block it.”

“This friend, if you want to take pictures, please go elsewhere. There are still many empty tables.” Frowning slightly, the man who had just spoken said again. Although the depth of Wu Chi was not clear, the rules of the auction were in place, and they were not afraid of Wu Chi.

“Bad luck, bad luck!” With a grunt, Wu Chi got up and said, “You have bad luck at this table. Don’t stay!”

At the same time, Wu Chi seemed to think of something and asked, “This thing is sold to you for 152, you or?”

When they heard this, they were stunned, but they had just spent 32,000 yuan to buy it. It was not warm yet, so they gave a discount directly. What do you want to do?

“Well, I said, you two are talking. Do you want or don’t you want this crap?” Wu Chi opened the tunnel impatiently.

“Yes!” Looking at each other, they immediately opened their mouths. Although they did not understand what Wu Chi wanted to do, it was easy for them to sell a couple of thousand or twelve at random.

Throw the ice soul needle on the table, and Wu Chi takes the gold ticket from the opponent’s hand and turns away.

After checking it out, it was really Frozen Soul Needle that was right. They were relieved. Then they looked at Wu Chi’s back with the eyes of idiots. “Is this guy having a problem with his brain?” Is there nowhere to spend more money?

“Who knows, I guess it’s the loser, who has no vision, and who wants to pick up the leaks at the dark auction? It’s an idiot.”

“It’s rare for such a fool to know that he won’t be expelled.”

“Who knows!”

In their murmur, Wu Chi went to another table indifferently, still looking like a careless loser, and took another picture with a big grim opening.

Sure enough, when the goods arrived, they were dissatisfied with the discount. When they were purchased with 7,000 gold, they turned around and threw 5,000 to the person at that table. Then they went to the other table with a cry of gloom.

The anomaly of Wu Chi has naturally been noticed by many people, including Luo Kun.

“What a strange fellow, what does he want to do?”

The young man next to him carelessly pouted his lips. “Whatever you do, if you don’t make trouble, you’ll let him toss about and you’ll lose him.”

Seemingly thinking of something, the young man looked at Wu Chi again and turned to Luo Kun and said, “Mr Luo, do you think this fellow will be Wu Chi?”

“Impossible!” Shaking his head, Luo Kun categorically denied: “He will not have such money, besides, even if he manages to get the money, he will certainly keep to buy his brothers and sisters, will not buy things like this.”

Nodding his head, the young man said indifferently, “In that case, you don’t have to talk to him!” Let’s keep looking at other people. I’ll see when that kid can stand it.”

Also paying attention to Wu Chi, there are naturally some guys who just lent Wu Chi money.

Drinking constantly, the man’s mouth involuntarily rose and whispered, “Sure, he’s an interesting fellow, but I’m a little curious about what he really wants to do.”

No one knows what Wu Chi wants to do. Although many people have noticed Wu Chi as a scoundrel, Wu Chi has not broken the rules by constantly changing tables to shoot things and selling them to people on that table quickly and cheaply every time. In this way, no one prevented him from sitting down.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the auction is coming to an end. In addition to the final auction, there are some special items for sale this time.” Between words, someone took a woman to Tai Shang

Women wear only obscene clothes and a thin veil, and their graceful bodies are invisible and attractive.

“Gentlemen, this woman is not only beautiful, but also a transformer. But now we have blocked the meridians with drugs, and have no strength at all!  It’s absolutely interesting to be able to buy such a thing to play with. Even if they are not interested in it, it is very good to take it to send people. The female monk of the Euphrates realm was originally high, but now she can let you play . There is no room for struggle. Is it not worth your efforts?

Successfully stirred up the enthusiasm of the people, and the woman with the blue mask said, “Okay, no more nonsense, the starting price is two thousand two!”

“Five thousand two!” As soon as the voice fell, some people stared at the woman’s body on the stage, laughing and bidding.

With a sudden tremor in his heart, Wu Chi could naturally recognize that the woman who was auctioned off the stage was his sister of the three divisions. At this moment, Wu Chi’s heart was boiling with murder, hoping to kill all the people around him.

However, such thoughts are only fleeting.

Wu Chi walked to the next table indifferently, but now there are only 32,000 pieces of gold left on Wu Chi’s body.

This time Wu Chi did not go down next to the table, but went to the one he had noticed sitting alone at the table and shouting aggressively, not caring about the price.

After a glance at Wu Chi, the fellow snorted disdainfully and said to himself, “Get away, Grandpa doesn’t need your money. Don’t come to me and feel uncomfortable.”

“See it!” Wu Chi shrugged his shoulders and said, “You are richer than me.”

“Know not to roll!” Glancing at Wu Chi, the man spoke arrogantly.

“You have more money than I do, so why don’t you lend me some?” Wu Chi said unchanged.

“Are you mentally ill? Borrow money? ” With a sneer, the man looked at Wu Chi with the eyes of an idiot.

“Actually, there are many ways to borrow money. Since you don’t like this one, I’ll change it.” Ignoring the hostility of the other party, Wu Chi sat down next to the man on the contrary, and put his smiling hand on the man’s shoulder.

“Get out!”

The angry moment when he tried to push Wu Chi away, the man suddenly felt that his body was resisted by the cold sword blade.

Wu Chi shouted, “Eight thousand two!”

At the same time, Wu Chi whispered, “If you don’t want to die, just shut up for me.”

Apparently frightened by Wu Chi’s boldness, the man lowered his voice and asked, “Boy, are you crazy and dare to start at a dark auction? Are you really kidding about the rules here?”

“Naturally, I know the rules. As soon as you shout, I will be killed immediately by the strongman of the stage! However, you can try, is it the strong stage or the sword in my hand?

Now Wu Chi has completely saved his life.

In any case, he could not let her fall into the hands of others, otherwise, once he left the dark auction, he would never want to find her in his life.

Now such a direct threat is undoubtedly extremely dangerous, and a careless person will take his own life! But now he can’t take care of it. Even if he takes risks, he must let go.

The Shadow is transparent and can easily merge into the shadows. With the help of night, no one can perceive Wu Chi’s sword blade sticking to his opponent’s body as long as Wu Chi does not move.

With a slight tremor in his heart, the man immediately felt Wu Chi’s determination and did not dare to shout out.

There was only one life, and he didn’t want to die with Wu Chi.

“What on earth do you want to do?”

The corner of the mouth raised slightly, Wu Chi raised the price again, “Twelve thousand gold! I like beautiful women, who dares to rob me?

Wu Chi ran around, and the reputation of the loser was known by many people. He put on such an inevitable posture that other people put off the idea of competing with him.

Besides, who knows if these two hundred and fifteen will be sold at a discount as soon as they are bought?

When Wu Chi shouted, the man also understood Wu Chi’s intention and said softly, “You want to buy this woman?”

Looking at the man lazily, Wu Chi leisurely said, “Yes, it’s almost money on hand, or you can lend me some?”


Is this a loan?

Although he was trembling with anger, the man still had no choice but to take Wuchi’s gold ticket and put it on the table.

Smiling, he picked up the gold ticket and threw it to the waiter who brought him. He nodded his head and asked the waiter to put the three sisters on the chair next to him. Wu Chi then went on and said, “I like smart people.” You see, I said there are many ways to borrow money. You don’t like it. I can change it.”

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