Chapter 28 Holding Sword For What?

Selling to the dark auction house, the threat was no longer terrible, but vicious.

Even if they just thought about it, it made them scared.

This was Luo Kun’s last trump card, but the result was completely different from his own expectations.

“Threatening, insulting, what else can you do? You are also a disciple of Tian Shan and a sword holder. When you hold the sword, didn’t your master ask you why you hold the sword?” The eyes were full of disdain, and the third sister said with angry.

These swords stuck in the heart of Luo Kun like a cone, and it was embarrassing!

From the ancient times, all the people who held sword in the world, their master would ask why they hold sword when they worshiped a school.

This question pointed at the heart directly.

It reminded all sword holders do not forget the heart on the way to practice.

Of course, this had become a form most of the time and there was no practical meaning.

Although Iron Sword Group was a third-rate school, and there was even not a powerful Taoist in the past, it was indeed a school of sword.

The master was Li Peiyuan, who was even more rigorous in his life and followed his heart, this kind of question that had almost been forgotten by others, which had always been taken seriously by the old man and solemnly passed on to each disciple.

“Well, well, well asked!” Li Peiyuan laughed when he heard this.

His disciples were still not afraid in this situation and even asked this question, which made him very satisfied.

A sense of killing in Luo Kun’s eyes, the terrible pressure suddenly ran down.

The cold sword fell on the neck of the third sister. Luo Kun suddenly said, “Seriously? I like tough guys and I hope you keep this.”

He raised a hand to seal her meridians, and let himself calm down with taking a deep breath, then Luo Kun turned to the rest of the others.

“You are all righteous, and you don’t care about giving up life. But what about the younger brother you want to protect?” Luo Kun ridiculed with a sneer, “He had a good relationship with Zhou Boyan, and now he also wants to worship Kun Lun. I’m afraid he has forgotten you already.”

This statement could be described as a word to the heart, with the intention of shaking the confidence of several people from the deep heart.

“Bah! Don’t confuse us with this nonsense. Sword Shadow Villa was in danger, the younger brother left at risk of life to get The Shadow. As for Miss Zhou, that was their love! As for the Kun Lun, we can only be happy for him.”

He spit to Luo Kun, Liu Yu proudly said, “The younger brother is not afraid of danger and follow his heart, and he also debunked your true face of the so-called Tian Shan disciple. This is his Kendo! He knows why he holds a sword! As his big brother, I have nothing but admiration. On the contrary, you, such a despicable act, you don’t deserve to be a disciple of Tian Shan, even less worthy of becoming a sword holder!”

Liu Yu abused Luo Kun deadly, and he had already put his life outside, he would never forget the scene that the younger brother did not hesitate to draw his sword out in order to stay in Sword Shadow Villa!

From that moment on, the younger brother had gone on a completely different path.

He was ashamed of his original timidity and he was also proud to have such a younger brother.

No one noticed, a handyman burst into tears at the entrance of the hall at this moment.

Luo Kun was trembling with anger, and a big sense of killing in his eyes was releasing, “Good, good, good! You are all good. I will send you on your way to death and you could see if your little brother will shed a tear for you.”

“Boom! ”

Almost at the same time as Luo Kun spoke, the door collapsed and countless debris flew into the hall.

Sword spirit was all over this hall.

“Open your dog’s eyes and see who I am!”

He reached out to erase the tears on the face, the small handyman broke into the hall, and the sword blade pointed to Luo Kun.

“Little brother!”

All of a sudden, everyone recognized the identity of the person, although he dressed in a handyman’s clothes and tears on his face, but it was indeed their younger brother, Wu Chi.

With a sudden surprise, Luo Kun’s heart immediately burst out ecstasy.

He had done all these things to force Wu Chi back! The reason why he threatened these people was because he thought that Wu Chi would not come back!

But no one knew that Wu Chi, who had already entered Kun Lun, had actually come back.

“Well done! Wu Chi, I really admire you!” When he remembered that at the time of the Sword Shadow Villa, Wu Chi did not hesitate to risk his life to forcibly rescue Zhou Boyan, Luo Kun’s heart also really gave birth to a bit of admiration, of course, but more still laughed at him.

“That’s what Deng Mao also said, but he’s dead now.” There was a blob of hatred in the eyes, Wu Chi said faintly.

When he arrived outside school, Luo Kun was forcing several brothers and sisters, but Luo Kun killed sixth brother too soon, Wu Chi did not react at all and could not save him.

He was supposed to hide outside and tried to find the best chance to do it! But he did not get the opportunity, but saw his brothers and sisters were scared by Luo Kun in order to protect him.


Luo Kun also stopped talking nonsense with a cold hum, he drew his sword out to the vital part of Wu Chi.

He was enough with Iron Sword Group, whether it was Wu Chi or the stubborn old man and other disciples.

He did not want to say a word anymore.

In the eyes, there was a blob of golden light, Wu Chi did not retreat and he fought back.

When he came out of Kun Lun, Wu Chi knew that there must be a war in Iron Sword Group, he would not even have the opportunity to retreat. Only by facing Luo Kun’s offensive could he compete for a chance.

Fortunately, he had already played against Deng Mao once before, so he already had some understanding of the Tian Shan swordsmanship.

With a sword attack, he accurately stuck at the moment when Luo Kun’s offensive was about to begin, the subsequent attack was stuck hardly.

Just one method, Luo Kun was shocked.

This seemed to be a casual method, however, it was Wu Chi’s efforts for so many days! In terms of strength, he was obviously not as good as Luo Kun, so if he wanted to win, he could only take something different.

From the moment he began, he was going to kill Luo Kun.

With The Shadow’s swordsmanship, Wu Chi’s sword was faster than before, and he fought back with the power of The Shadow.

When they were fighting, Luo Kun was shocked to find that his sword moves seemed to be all expected by Wu Chi clearly. Before the subtlety of method was displayed, he was interrupted by Wu Chi and he had to change his tricks.

So the strength was suddenly greatly reduced and he was actually suppressed by Wu Chi.

Luo Kun and Deng Mao came from one master, so their sword methods were the same too, every time Luo Kun moved, Wu Chi knew it clearly and Wu Chi could always accurately hit at the weakest point of Luo Kun, then he completely occupied the initiative.

This kind of play was Wu Chi’s temporary plan.

In fact, before he started, he did not have much confidence in his heart, however, the effect was unexpectedly and surprisingly good.

Especially Luo Kun, he did not realize why this situation occurred and he also thought that it was the power of The Shadow’s swordsmanship.

The more he was shocked, the less he could react.

If it was a simple sword fight, in fact, Luo Kun had already lost to this point.

But this was the fight about life and death, once Luo Kun felt the crisis, he did not dare to have any more reservations.

With a point pointed out, the sword suddenly burst out a little cold feeling, and his sword spirit attacked to Wu Chi.

This was the last method that Luo Kun really could do.

Wu Chi’s brow slightly picked up, a warning suddenly was born in the heart, he couldn’t chase Luo Kun, so he reversed sword blade and faced the sword spirit.

Seeing this, Luo Kun laughed, he even did not take the opportunity to attack.

He knew so well that the sword spirit was terrible, and though the sword spirit in his body was not condensed by himself, it was sealed in his body by special means by his master, but it was also real sword spirit.

Sword spirit was invisible, it couldn’t be stopped with the sword blade, which only would let the sword spirit get into the body along the sword blade!

Once the sword spirit exploded in the body, it was Wu Chi’s death time.

Wu Chi did not understand the sword spirit, so he was not clear about that.

When The Shadow touched the sword spirit, Wu Chi realized something wrong, he wanted to avoid, but it was too late.

The sword spirit got into the body to the organs.

Once the sword spirit burst inside, Wu Chi would definitely not persist for a moment and would be directly killed.

However, at the moment when the sword spirit entered his body, the Kendo brand in Wu Chi’s body was suddenly provoked, and a sense of sword spirit burst out, and it directly faced Luo Kun’s sword spirit.

This wisp of sword spirit was actually far weaker than Luo Kun’s. However, this wisp of sword spirit was actually born from the Kendo brand of Wu Chi, which was true his own sword spirit .

In contrast, Luo Kun’s sword spirit, which was sealed in a special way, it was simply beyond his control.

It was only the time of one breath.

Luo Kun’s sword spirit suddenly collapsed and was even swallowed by Wu Chi’s sword spirit.

Wu Chi did not pay attention to Luo Kun’s pride, he attacked again.

Suddenly, Luo Kun was scared, and he even could not know what happened.

“No, how could that be?”

Wu Chi turned over his eyes, he did not understand what the precious sword spirit was.

However, because he had not really condensed the sword spirit, he couldn’t put out the sword spirit, he just knew that he need to kill Luo Kun.

As for the others, they were all shocked.

They knew how scary Luo Kun was. On the first day when he arrived at Iron Sword Group, Li Peiyuan had fought with Luo Kun, but Li Peiyuan was not an opponent for Luo Kun at all.

He was defeated by Luo Kun in less than the time of half a cup of tea, others were not even qualified to fight.

But now, Wu Chi firmly suppressed Luo Kun!

How long had it been since Liu Yu saw Wu Chi last time? The improvement in strength was too amazing.

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