Chapter 22: Life And Death Moment

Whether it was Luo Kun or Deng Mao, their strength was far from comparable to others. Even if it was a one-on-one fight, Wu Chi did not have a chance to win.

What’s more, they joined hands with other people to kill Wu Chi without caring about the reputation, they immediately cut off the last chance of Wu Chi.

The situation reversed in an instant.

It was only one shot and they forced Wu Chi’s offensive back cruelly.

Wu Chi’s pupil slightly shrank and he looked at Luo Kun and Deng Mao. What’s more Wu Chi had a slight chill in his heart.

“The Shadow is not the thing you can touch, and if you give up, I will give you an entire dead body.”

At this point, Luo Kun had disdained to lie and deceive.

The Shadow had already recognized Wu Chi as the master, so the most direct solution was to kill Wu Chi!

Wu Chi silently calculated the time, from the time he broke out to now almost past thirty minutes, it was enough for Zhou Boyan to escape from this place.

The corner of mouth rose slightly, Wu Chi said with breathing slightly, “It seems that Mr. Luo is really going to kill me.”

Without denying it, Luo Kun sneered, “Otherwise, do you think you still have the qualifications to negotiate with me?”

“No need to talk. You made a bloodbath to Sword Shadow Villa, which made a lot of noise in this world, even if you are a disciple of Tian Shan, I am afraid that the end for you would be not good.” Wu Chi said with shrugging his shoulders.

Luo Kun looked at Wu Chi with cold eyes, and he did not answer.

At this point, it was no longer necessary to say something more.

It seemed that what Wu Chi knew Luo Kun’s thoughts, Wu Chi continued lazily to open his mouth, “You really really really want to get the god sword. In fact, I am afraid that you don’t know the real power of this sword, right?”

Suddenly, Luo Kun finally realized that there was something wrong! Wu Chi’s reaction was too calm even though he was in a desperate situation.

“Kill him!”

After thinking about it, Luo Kun was not sure what Wu Chi had, so he should kill Wu Chi as soon as possible was undoubtedly the most effective solution.

“Thank you a lot for giving me a ride, I will pay you back for today’s grace in the future!” There was a blob of sarcasm in his eyes.

He did not play against Luo Kun, and his figure was immediately distorted and he was incorporated into the shadow through the flames of the sky.

“Damn, I’ve been duped!”

In a flash, Luo Kun knew what was going on.

Wu Chi had refined The Shadow, and if he wanted to leave, no one could stop him in such a night. The reason why he played at Luo Kun and even came into the crowd before was not that he could not escape, or he wanted to fight for death, but to create an escape opportunity for Zhou Boyan.

One step was wrong step, every step would be wrong!

Luo Kun’s hatred of Wu Chi had reached the extreme.

From the very beginning, Wu Chi was fooling himself. What’s more, he even gave him a elixir to allow him to take the opportunity to enter the world of celestial being, which was ridiculous.

He entered this world with one step, which was the gap between sky and earth. It was almost certain that if Wu Chi did not step into this world, even if he had The Shadow, he could never stop Luo Kun! Of course, if Wu Chi did not step into this world, there might be no opportunity to refine the sword.

Thinking of this, Luo Kun could not help but squirt a mouthful of blood and he was trembling with anger.

“Ah, Wu Chi, I promise I will kill you!”

With a roar, Luo Kun immediately chased after Wu Chi, “Block all intersections now!”

When everyone left, Wu Chi’s figure slowly appeared again in the shadow, and there was a layer of cold sweat on his forehead.

With the inheritance of The Shadow, Wu Chi could temporarily integrate into the shadow. But this integration was only a visual illusion, he did not really gone and it was impossible to escape under the eyes of everyone.

Wu Chi made a disdainful appearance, and said these harsh words, which was misleading him. Under desperate circumstances, he competed for a chance.

This was the real life and death moment!

Wu Chi’s eyes showed a blob of sarcasm, he immediately ran in the opposite direction with shaking the figure.

In the woods near her father’s cemetery, Zhou Boyan’s eyes were full of anxiety. This time, it was undoubtedly a great torment for her.

The entire escape plan was made by Wu Chi, and she was not given a chance to say no.

She could safely escape here was undoubtedly Wu Chi’s life in exchange for the opportunity! Looking at the fire of Sword Shadow Villa, Zhou Boyan continued to suppress her idea of turning back.

Her lips had already been bitten to bleed, but she still did not feel it.

At this moment, Zhou Boyan hated her incompetence!

Since childhood, she had lived a beautiful life, she had her father’s guidance, but she had never been willing to practice seriously. Until now, Sword Shadow Villa had been destroyed, people around her had all died one by one! Even Wu Chi had to fight Luo Kun in order to create a chance to escape for her.

Tears out of control drop, Zhou Boyan squatted down uncomfortably with dropping tears uncontrollably.

Zhou Boyan had never been a crying girl, but these days, it seemed that the tears of this life would be drained.

The breeze blew gently.

A familiar voice floated in the wind.

“Well, who were you, and why are you crying so badly?”

Suddenly she raised head, Zhou Boyan immediately saw the familiar figure, she even did want to accuse the annoying guy, but instantly came into Wu Chi’s arms.

Wu Chi’s nervous tension finally slowly relaxed with holding Zhou Boyan.

He walked in the edge of life and death and it was hard to come out! Now when he held on to this woman, it seemed like all the things were worth it.

“There, there, don’t cry, if you still cry and you will really become an ugly girl. I don’t like ugly girl!”

“Damn, you’re the ugly one!” Zhou Boyan became angry to him, and she bit on Wu Chi’s shoulder with bowing her head.

“Ah! Hey, hey, hey! Little girl, are you a dog?” Wu Chi was yelling, but he was still reluctant to push the person in his arms.

Blood was drawn from the bite on the shoulder.

Zhou Boyan raised her head and stared at Wu Chi with hatred.

Looking at the beautiful face, Wu Chi kissed her.

The two bodies hugged tightly together.

Under the moonlight, even their shadows were integrated into one.

“Brother Luo, there is no clue.” Deng Mao opened his mouth unsightly.

“No? Can they just disappear?” Luo Kun was furious and suddenly got up with saying angrily.

Deng Mao naturally understood Luo Kun’s current mood and said with a bitter smile, “Brother, you know, these people only temporarily gathered together. Their goal is only to plunder the wealth of Sword Shadow Villa! Now, Sword Shadow Villa was over, they should have almost gotten what they want, there is no intention to really help us catch people.”

After a pause, Deng Mao continued, “What’s more, now that The Sword is in Wu Chi’s hand, you also can see his strength. Apart from us, even if others meet him, they cannot be opponents at all, so they do not want to die.”

Luo Kun calmed himself down with taking a deep breath and he naturally understood this too.

He came for The Sword, but the others weren’t. He’s the only one who’s really mad now.

In good words, these guys were the helpers, in bad words, they were just rabble.

“We can’t stop him, now we have to force him out.”

After calming down, Luo Kun’s thoughts suddenly became clear.

“Zhou Yuanting and Changchun Immortal of Kun Lun were good friends, and now the Sword Shadow Villa is destroyed, and Zhou Boyan will surely go to Kun Lun! The news cannot be reached to Kun Lun. You personally go to Kun Lun, she cannot be allowed to enter Kun Lun in any case.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll arrive Kun Lun before she does! I will set my eyes around Kun Lun, unless she does not go to Kun Lun, otherwise I will catch her.” Deng Mao said with nodding heavily.

Luo Kun continued, “As for Wu Chi, a monk cannot run away from his temple! He is so affectionate to Zhou Boyan, so I do not believe that he can abandon his school! I’ll wait for him at his school.”

On the other side.

“We can’t leave now,” Sitting under the tree, Wu Chi said, “Although it is only a group of rabble, they still have patience to wait. We must avoid them and wait until they are gone before we can go. By the way, where you want to go?”

“Kun Lun!” Zhou Boyan softly said with nodding, “My father once said that Changchun Immortal and he have an deep friendship. If something happens, I can go to find Changchun Immortal.”

“Really?” Wu Chi was somewhat disdainful, “If there is such a good relationship, why hasn’t he appeared so far?”

“No, you are wrong” Zhou Boyan did not hate Changchun Immortal.

She seriously explained, “After entering the world of lotus platform, he often practiced for three to five years. Once he was closed himself, no one was allowed to disturb. The news has been passed to Kun Lun for a long time, I am afraid that Changchun Immortal is still in practice.”

“Three to five years?” Wu Chi was shocked.

No one became a powerful Taoist in Iron Sword Group, so he did not know anything about this.

“After the world of celestial being, it is the world of condense spirit. Luo Kun should be in this world.” She knew Wu Chi came from a small school, so he did not clear to these things. She patiently explained, “After the world of celestial being, the strength of the body is no longer important, but as the basis for practice. The root of all power is the genuine qi that condensed in the body, and the process of condensing genuine qi is the process of cultivation. Once you could condense the genuine qi into liquid in the body, you can enter the world of condense spirit!”

“The world of lotus platform, when you enter into this world, it means that you refine the base of Tao in the body and transform a lotus platform. Since then, you can get rid of the shackles of the earth, and you can do everything! At this point, the life span is five hundred years. Once you close yourself, it is not surprising for decades.”

The life of five hundred years!

That sounded outrageous, is that the real practitioner? 

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