Chapter 20:Dream Back to Archaic Times, Inheritance of the Sword

Wu Chi sat in front of The Shadow for a day and a night, like a clay sculpture, without opening his eyes.


A crisp voice of fragmentation rang from Wu Chi’s body, and even the adjacent Zhou Boyan could be heard clearly. Suddenly got up and looked at Wu Chi with concern, but could not completely judge the state of Wu Chi.

Wu Chi still closed his eyes and did not seem to have noticed any changes in his body, or even his breath was not disturbed, so that Zhou Boyan doubted whether he was too worried to lead to hallucination.

Of course, this kind of unconscious nature is only an appearance. In fact, Wu Chi knows very well what the sound of fragmentation is.

That’s the sound of the fragmentation of sword gas that invades the body!

It is also the proof that he succeeded in deducing the meaning of The Shadow.

At the moment of enlightenment, Wu Chi’s body naturally gave birth to a wisp of sword, while at the same time pushing out Luo Kun’s sword spirit.

Sword is domineering. Once the meaning of sword is born in the body, it is impossible to allow the existence of other people’s sword spirit. Even if all the jade and stone are burned, there will be a battle.

Luo Kun’s strength is far from Wu Chi’s. If it is somewhere else, I am afraid that this newly born sword will be broken by the sword spirit. Even if it can destroy the sword spirit, Wu Chi will inevitably be unable to withstand the counter-attack and die immediately.

But on the contrary, he was beside the image of The Shadow. Although the sword in his body was weak, once it was really formed, it would be naturally recognized by The Shadow. The sword spirit escaped from The Shadow merged into it and overwhelmed Luo Kun’s sword spirit in a twinkling of an eye.

With the last breath of sword destroyed by the sword, Wu Chi suddenly opened his eyes.

In the moment of opening his eyes, the sword flashed faintly, and even before he could explain to Zhou Boyan, Wuchi grabbed The Shadow uncontrollably.

The spirit of The Shadow, born in the body, felt the breath of the divine sword, and was naturally pulled, forcing Wu Chi to refine the divine sword.

Whether Wu Chi or Zhou Boyan is not clear, even if they understand the meaning of The Shadow, there is a great risk to refine the divine sword.

Once you can’t get the approval of the divine sword, the sword will be destroyed in your body, even if you can keep a life, your whole life will certainly be abolished.

The Shadow can only have one master. If the master of The Shadow is not the master of the sword, he will be hostile to it. If Zhou Yuanting is still alive, Wu Chi dares to approach the divine sword. The only result is that he is killed instantly!


At the moment when Wu Chi grasped the image of The Shadow, the pressures of the sword in the  Sword Storing Pavilion suddenly increased several times. This threat, even Zhou Boyan, was forced to withdraw more than ten steps, which made him reluctantly stand firm.

In an instant, a terrible sword suddenly rushed into Wu Chi’s consciousness and hit his soul!

This sword is not an attack, but an inheritance!

Wu Chi naturally did not know that such a result was not even expected by Zhou Yuanting. After all, after Zhou Yuanting got the image of The Shadow, he realized the meaning of The Shadow only by practicing it as a compulsory practice. In fact, it has not been inherited. But he was under the mistake and collision, which really triggered the inheritance of The Shadow.

In a trance, Wu Chi seems to have stepped into a vast land, with real dragons flying in the sky, and water absorbed by sparrows in the sea. Everywhere there is the breath of vicissitudes and the danger of terror!

This is not a fantastic dream, but a real archaic!

Dreams are too old!

Wu Chi saw a blurred figure, tearing the sky with a sword, chopping the dragon and nine days above, killing the sparrow and ea

Wu Chi saw a blurred figure, tearing the sky with a sword, chopping the dragon and nine days above, killing the sparrow and eating meat, overriding life!

Swords break in heaven and break in the ground.

With a sword, we have killed a vast land for our people. This is the strong man of ancient times, just like a god!

Although only as a bystander, Wu Chi is as hot as blood.

However, at the next moment, Wu Chi suddenly felt the blurred figure look back, which seems to have passed through the ages and slowly fell on himself.

In a flash, all the pictures burst into pieces.

The horrible sword frantically poured into Wu Chi’s body.

This is the inheritance of the ancient divine sword. It does not consider whether you can bear it or not. For the inheritor of the divine sword, the unbearable result is death.

There was a tinge of pain in his eyes, and Wu Chi’s body seemed to be distorted, blood seeping uncontrollably from the skin.

Sword-like quenching body!

The crazy fencing spirit once again tempered Wu Chi’s body thoroughly!

This is the result of Wu Chi’s taking that  washing pill before. If it hadn’t been for that  washing pill, he would have burst his body and died thoroughly.

Even so, the hardening pain is far from what it was when it was used.

Compared with the pain at the moment, the pain at the beginning was just like being cut by a knife.

Moreover, for Wu Chi at the moment, these are just the beginning.

“Wu Chi, how are you?”

Seeing the bleeding on Wu Chi’s body, Zhou Boyan cried out anxiously, but it was impossible to get any response.

Under the pressure of the divine sword, she had to retreat out, and she did not dare to approach Wu Chi at all!The ferocious sword is enough to crush everything that dares to approach the existence of the divine sword. Zhou Boyan even doubts that even if Luo Kun comes in at this moment, he will never want to approach it at all.

She did not know why The Shadow had such an abnormality, which her father had never mentioned to her before.

This quenching body lasted for a whole day before it was over. Wu Chi’s clothes had already been turned into milling powder. Although it bled a lot, with the end of the quenching body, Wu Chi’s skin was reborn, just like jade.

At this moment, for Wu Chi, the real danger is just coming.

Sword heritage!

When he really began to refine the divine sword, he realized that the meaning of The Shadow which he had deduced before was a drop in the ocean, but now what he is waiting for is the real sword way in The Shadow.

Countless swords are constantly evolving in my mind, and then they are turned into invisible swords that attack him. He must resist these invisible swords in the shortest time through the previous evolution.

Once unable to resist, every invisible sword will hurt the soul, the wound accumulated to a certain extent, that is, the soul will be destroyed!

Wu Chi never thought that it would be so dangerous to refine the divine sword.

Of course, nowadays he has no chance to think about the problem of no regrets.

Every potential on the body has been squeezed to the extreme, we must do everything we can to cope with, there is no way back!

Wu Chi has forgotten everything!

Forget why you want to refine the divine sword, forget the crisis you are in, and even forget that you are refining the divine sword!

The only thing he remembered was the endless sword tricks, the fierce and invisible sword.

At this time, Wu Chi’s horrible talent in Kendo was truly and thoroughly demonstrated. If someone else changes, I’m afraid it won’t take a moment, and I can’t stand being killed.

The next day, the horrible meaning of the sword finally slowly dissipated, and really entered the process of refining the divine sword.

Nevertheless, even the beginning of refinement does not mean that the danger is over.

Wu Chi remembers many things, but those still do not belong to him. After all, inheritance is only inheritance. It takes years to accumulate and digest if we want to become our own strength.

Now, if he wants to refine the divine sword, he must enter his own brand of Kendo in the divine sword.

This is not a simple category of swordsmanship, but real swordsmanship!

If you don’t understand Kendo, you’ll never be able to take this step!

It is no exaggeration to say that none of the people Wu Chi knows, even his master, really knows Kendo!

Of course, Luo Kun may be one, but at most he barely touched the threshold.

Otherwise, a really successful master of Kendo will be able to kill Wu Chi by invading the breath of the sword in his body.

For others, even if the refinement fails, the most is to lose the chance to get the sword.

However, Wu Chi triggered the ancient inheritance of The Shadow. There is no retreat at all. The failure of refinement will be attacked by The Shadow, destroying the swordsmanship in the body and erasing the memory of inheritance in the soul. It is also death!

“Brother Luo, three days have passed. What should I do?”

Looking at the darkening sky, Deng Mao asked hesitantly.

He paid so much, but got nothing,

He paid so much, but got nothing, which made him a little unacceptable. But on the contrary, all means have been exhausted and Zhou Boyan remains unmoved.

There was a glimmer of struggle in his eyes, and Luo Kun kept silent for a long time, opening his mouth word by word.

“Start, destroy the Sword Pavilion! Trigger the ban, even if you destroy the Sword, you will not hesitate to do so!

“But brother, would you like to wait and see?” Deng Mao is still a little unwilling, so the end is too constrained.

“Can’t wait. It’s been too long. We can’t hide the news! Start, destroy the sword pavilion, we borrow the night to leave, as if we have never been here before!

After a pause, Luo Kun made a great killing on his face and said calmly, “Kill me, I want to keep the chickens and dogs in Sword Shadow Villa!” Remember, don’t leave anything alive!”


With a nod of emphasis, Deng Mao turned around and ordered him to go on.

At the same time, Luo Kun took a sudden step at his feet, and his sword came out of its sheath. He severely chopped it over the prohibition of Sword Storing Pavilion!


The prohibition has been touched, the glorious light has been released, and dozens of meters around the sword pavilion have been shrouded in it.

Feeling the tremor of Sword String, Zhou Boyan could not believe that he was looking at the prohibition of Guanghua’s grand display in full swing!

No one knows more about the consequences of the ban than she does.

When the forbidden power is exhausted, it will destroy the sword pavilion or even the shadow .

This in itself was the last step she was going to take.

If before, she didn’t care about the result, but now hope is in front of her, would it be so destroyed?

After all, the prohibition was laid out by Zhou Yuanting before his death, and now it has lost control. Facing this crazy attack, it can not last long at all.

Zhou Boyan’s eyes involuntarily fell to Wu Chi again.

Will there be any miracles this time?!

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