Chapter 2:Sword Dance

Everyone was arranged to live in Sword Shadow Villa, which was the basic etiquette.

However, in Wu Chi’s opinion, 80% of the people who came to Sword Shadow Villa were coming for The Shadow.

Of course, all these things had nothing to do with Wu Chi. For him, the purpose of this trip was to eat and drink for free.

As for who would eventually get The Shadow, there was nothing to do with him.

“Hey, kid, come here.”

Wu Chi didn’t go anywhere, he just sat on a stone bench in the yard with a wine pot in his arms. He wanted to avoid trouble, but the trouble still fell on his head.

He looked up and saw several people wearing ordinary black gowns, which he could not know their identity. But the strong muscles and fierce breath between words undoubtedly proved that these people were ruthless.

Of course, in Wu Chi’s eyes, they were just some paper tigers.

“I am Wu Chi of Iron Sword Group, I do not know what can I help you?” Wu Chi went over after thinking a little, made a bow and said.

“Iron Sword Group? It is said that Iron Sword Group and Sword Shadow Villa have a good relationship!” The leader nodded with satisfaction, “Ok, boy! Draw us the map of the Sword Shadow Villa, and if you draw it well, we will give you money, lots of money.”

“I’m afraid you’ve made a mistake. It’s also the first time for me to come to Sword Shadow Villa today.” Smiling and shaking his head, Wu Chi said casually, “You are also for the sake of The Shadow, right? Nevertheless, I am not the one you are looking for, because I don’t care about the stuff about The Shadow.”

“What? Damn!” He took out a few pieces of broken silver money and threw them to Wu Chi, “We’re strangers for here. It’s not convenient to wander around in the villa! Since you are a disciple of Iron Sword Group, how about helping us go around?”

Wu Chi wanted to refuse originally, but when he wanted to say no, his eyes fell on the broken silver money, and he said to himself in his heart, “Are these fools playing with me as a fool? You guys want to get The Shadow? Nevertheless, on the other hand, the money is available now, and I have nothing to do right now, so it’s better to go around.”

“Brothers, I am very willing to help, but they are staring at everywhere now. If I rush so rashly and be known by my elder brother, there is must be a scold for me.” Although Wu Chi refused with words, his eyes never left the pieces of broken silver money.

They notice Wu Chi’s eyes, then they immediately felt good in the heart, the leader even came forward and patted Wu Chi’s shoulder with great force, “Little brother, although this is our first meeting, but we hit it off. A man should stand up to the sky, how can you so afraid of your elder brother? Besides, as long as you are careful, you may not be found out. Don’t worry, you are willing to help me, and I naturally will not hurt you. When you come back, how about I buy you a drink?”

During the conversation, a few pieces of broken silver money were taken out in his hand, he handed to Wu Chi.

Wu Chi’s eyes were bright, and he unreservedly received the silver money in his sleeve, then he clapped his chest and assured, “Don’t worry, brother, I always put righteousness in the first place, I must do this beautifully, you just wait for my good report.”

“Haha, I’m sure I can rest assured! Remember, the main thing is to see clearly where the Sword Storing Pavilion is.” He held Wu Chi’s shoulder and told him again.

“Don’t worry, brother. I know how to do it.”

As Wu Chi turned around, a sneer rose from his mouth and scolded, ” Sword Storing Pavilion? Am I a fool? Under the circumstances, the people who are going to Sword Storing Pavilion will get caught.”

“By the way, that little girl must be tired these days! I should take this opportunity to have a look on her.” Thinking of Zhou Boyan’s beautiful face, Wu Chi turned to the backyard of the villa with a warm heart.

Those guys were right at least one thing! Iron Sword Group had an excellent relationship with Sword Shadow Villa. As long as it was not such a sensitive place as Sword Storing Pavilion, there were no taboos in other locations and nobody would stop him.

“Miss, there have been more and more people in recent days, but most of them come for The Shadow. We have to be more careful.”

Of course, the people in Sword Shadow Villa were not all fools, they could know what the situation was.

“It’s all right for others, if we are careful and we always be able to deal with it, but Tian Shan disciples are not so easy to dismiss. The day before yesterday, I used words to take him down, they care about the Tian Shan’s reputation, so they couldn’t make a move. But when my father is buried, I’m afraid we can’t get rid of him.” With a gentle sigh, Zhou Boyan rubbed her temple and continued, “Father is no longer here, I am afraid it’s very difficult to protect The Shadow.”

“Miss, please rest assured. Your father and Changchun Immortal are good friends, I have sent letters to Kun Lun. As long as Changchun Immortal arrives here in time, all crises will be resolved.”

“That’s the only way!” Nodding her head, Zhou Boyan continued, “Unfortunately, my talent is limited and I can’t get The Shadow’s swordsmanship. Otherwise, if I can make The Shadow recognize me as the master and use the power of it, maybe we can make it.”

“Please don’t be self-deprecating, The Shadow’s swordsmanship needs to be understood with The Shadow! It took your father several years to really get it after he got this sword. As long as you can wait, it will be able to inherit the sword.”

With a sigh, Zhou Boyan shook her head and said, “I’ll try again. If I can get 30%, maybe I’ll be able to let the sword recognize me as the master.”

Taking the sword from the stone table in the pavilion and jumping lightly, Zhou Boyan fell into the courtyard, and the sword went with her, flying like a feather.

“Hey! Is this girl dancing with a sword?” Just as Zhou Boyan began to practice sword, Wu Chi came over, but did not disturb anyone. He held his chin and crouched behind several pine trees.

Although his school had a good relationship with Sword Shadow Villa, it was also a bit taboo to watch others practice sword. Wu Chi wanted to leave, but he felt that Zhou Boyan’s sword dance was so beautiful that he was reluctant to leave for a while.

“This little girl’s sword dance is beautiful, but this swordsmanship is specious, and it should not be a delicate swordsmanship, so it is not a big deal if I peep here.” Wu Chi squatted here to watch the sword dance rightly with some self-conciliative words.

Despite the swordsmanship, Zhou Boyan’s sword dance was undoubtedly very beautiful. Her graceful posture was even more graceful between the rise and fall, and her long hair moved with the wind, accompanied by sword dance, which made the whole person a little bit more heroic.

Beauty’s sword dance was the most pleasant thing to watch, not to mention it was for free.


Wu Chi enjoyed watching it so much that he even forgot his situation for a while and couldn’t help clapping his hands.

“Who is there?”

Wu Chi knew what did he do in an instant.

He even wanted to give himself a slap! Unfortunately, before he slipped away, Zhou Boyan was immediately shocked and then she fell in front of Wu Chi in an instant , and the sword blade in her hand pointed to the vital part of Wu Chi.

Extreme joy begot sorrow and there was nothing worse than this.

“Aha, that’s a nice day! I’m just passing by, yes!” Wu Chi immediately was ready to slip away.

“Stop! Are you a disciple of Iron Sword Group? Why sneak a peek at me?” Zhou Boyan had seen Wu Chi before, and she recognized Wu Chi after a little reflection. But she did not relax in her heart, instead, she was more annoyed.

It was absolutely a big deal that someone peeped at her to practice swordsmanship.

Or, even Iron Sword Group wanted to steal the god sword?

Wu Chi became more and more embarrassed when he couldn’t escape, he laughed and said, “Miss Zhou. I was just really passing by, then I happened to see you are practicing sword. I couldn’t help looking at you, but I had absolutely no intention of peeping at practicing sword.”

“Passing by? Do you think I’m a three-year-old child?” Zhou Boyan’s eyes showed a trace of annoyance with a slightly chilly face, “I trusted you so much, but you are so hateful! Now you need to go with me to visit your brother, he should give me an explanation.”

When Wu Chi heard that she was going to find his brother, he felt a little nervous. Before they came here, his brother said so many times that he was not allowed to cause trouble. If his brother knew that he had come to watch Miss Zhou’s sword practice, he would be punished to copy books to death.

“Oh, Miss Zhou, we can talk, I can explain! I really don’t mean to sneak a peek at your sword practice. What’s more, what you’ve just practiced is not a very sophisticated swordsmanship. There’s no need to make it known to everyone, right?”

“It’s not a sophisticated swordsmanship?” With a sneer in her heart, Zhou Boyan’s dislike of Wu Chi deepened a little. If The Shadow’s swordsmanship was not an sophisticated swordsmanship, what else is? How could he say that?

“Yes! That swordsmanship is very common. I can do it too. There’s no need to peek at it.” Wu Chi didn’t know what Zhou Boyan was thinking, so he talked nonsense.

“You?” Zhou Boyan sneered and said, “Are you sure you know this swordsmanship too?”


Although it was obvious that something was wrong, Wu Chi could not change his mind when it came to this situation, so he had to answer it, “Yes, this swordsmanship is not a rare one. Although I am not well-informed, I have also just practiced a little.”

“Hum! Mr. Wu, in that case, why don’t you show me this normal swordsmanship? If you can really make it out, I will let you go without telling your brother, and that’s the end of the matter.” There was a sneer in her heart, Zhou Boyan said disdainfully.

“Is that true?” Wu Chi’s eyes suddenly lit up after hearing that.

Still acting?

Zhou Boyan disdained him very much in her heart, she even wanted to spit on Wu Chi’s face!

The Shadow’s swordsmanship was a secret, and there was only she know it in the whole Sword Shadow Villa. What’s more, she actually learned a little, and she never done it to someone, how could anyone else know that?

“Of course! But what if you can’t do it?”

Wu Chi met Zhou Boyan’s eyes unflinchingly and answered firmly, “Miss Zhou, rest assured, if I can’t make it, it is your choice to deal with me! It’s not a good man If I frown!”

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