Chapter 19:Deduce the Mind of Sword

Before coming to The Shadow again, Wu Chi felt an inexplicable sadness in his heart.

How many people died because of this sword?

He had planned to live his life muddle-headed, but he was finally involved in this storm. Now life had almost come to an end, but he had returned to the sword, which was an unspeakable irony.


In retrospect, Wu Chi suddenly found that his pain was much lighter, and the sword spirit that had been constantly eroding his body seemed to be suppressed and slowed down a lot.

“What’s wrong?” Zhou Boyan soon discovered Wu Chi’s abnormal expression and asked.

Instantly, there was a glimmer of radiance in Wu Chi’s eyes, and hope rekindled in Wu Chi’s heart, which had been abandoned. “The mind of The Shadow seems to have suppressed the sword spirit in my body.”

Without much thought, Wu Chi soon understood the key point.

He reversed derive the mind of The Shadow, and the body itself had condensed a trace of the mind of The Shadow. It was true that because of this trace of the mind of The Shadow that he could support himself to the present. Originally, the slightest mind of The Shadow was not enough to resist Luo Kun’s sword spirit, but he accidentally bumped into The Shadow by mistake. In did so, the sword spirit in the body was naturally suppressed by the mind of The Shadow.

After taking the medicine again, Wu Chi immediately sat cross-kneed.

Without the sustained destruction of sword spirit, the wounds on his body with the help of elixir were not a big problem and it would recover soon. The real problem was the sword spirit in his body. After all, the mind of The Shadow was an external force. It could suppress the sword spirit temporarily, but it was impossible for Wu Chi to expel the sword spirit.

It was like burying a bomb in his body. As long as he left The Shadow, the sword spirit would explode again.


Zhou Boyan asked heartily with concern.

Shaking his head, Wu Chi was not disappointed, “I am a dead man. I am satisfied that I can recover temporarily.”

When it came to this, Zhou Boyan became a little sad.

Luo Kun was still outside, and even if Wu Chi recovered, it was impossible for him to escape.

“I’m sorry, if I had run away with you, maybe this would not happen now.”

“Do you regret it?” Shrugging his shoulders, Wu Chi asked casually.

After a silence, Zhou Boyan did not answer.

In fact, Wu Chi did not need her answer. He had understood a lot since he was badly hurt by Luo Kun and had to turn over to stab him.

There are some things in the world that are more important than life.

“Do you have anything to eat?”

Zhou Boyan had a Universe Bag which could hold a lot of things in it, but it was impossible for such a small potato as Wu Chi to have one.

“Yes, not much, but at least enough to support us for 10 to 15 days.” Zhou Boyan nodded her head and said that the food was prepared by uncle Shui at the beginning. Now it seemed that it had been of great use.

“That’s good. We’re safe now! There may be miracles during the course of waiting.” After receiving the food from Zhou Boyan, Wu Chi said heartlessly.

“No miracle” Half of what she said, Zhou Boyan suddenly remembered something and her eyes were full of excitement. “Wait a minute, we still have a chance!”

Wu Chi looked at Zhou Boyan curiously.

“That is The Shadow!”

Zhou Boyan said excitedly, “As long as we can control The Shadow, we will have a chance to defeat Luo Kun and escape!”

“Didn’t you say that in such a clever way, you can only try once?” Wu Chi was still puzzled and asked. He remembered that Zhou Boyan had said before that if she failed, it would be impossible to try again.

“I can’t, but this time, it’s you!” Zhou Boyan stared at Wu Chi and said.

“Me?” Wu Chi’s mind was confused at once. In fact, he never thought about refining The Shadow. That was what Zhou Boyan had to protect at the cost of her life.

“Yes! You also know The Shadow’s swordsmanship, and the mind of The Shadow was reversed derive by you. You have more chances to get the recognition of The Shadow than I do. As long as you can control The Shadow, we will have the possibility of counterattack.”

“And the sword spirit in your body, as long as you can refine The Shadow, you can naturally expel it.”

Wu Chi had to admit that he was heartbeat at this moment.

No one wanted to die if he could live.

What’s more, that was The Shadow! That was the sword which could make Luo Kun , the disciple of Tian Shan at all costs wanted to get it!

“But that’s what your father left to you!”

“Under the circumstances, is it still meaningful to take these into account?” Zhou Boyan clenched her lips tightly, bowed her head and continued quietly, “It’s better for the sword to fall into your hand than to be snatched by Luo Kun.”

Zhou Boyan did not say it all.

After so much things, her heart had been tied to Wu Chi silently for a long time, so she would not care about it.

Smiling bitterly, Wu Chi patted his head and knew her meaning.

It was really the last chance for both of them.

If they couldn’t refine The Shadow, they could only die here. In the end, The Shadow was either destroyed or taken away by Luo Kun. So there was really nothing to worry about.

Wu Chi did not immediately attempt to refine The Shadow before he sat down again.

Previously, Zhou Boyan had failed once, and he would only let himself fail if he did so rashly.

He closed his eyes slightly and threw all miscellaneous thoughts away. He put his mind completely on the feeling of the mind of The Shadow, and naturally fell into the deduction of the mind of The Shadow again.

The sky became white.

The sun rose slowly and the whole night passed. Luo Kun waited anxiously for one night, but Zhou Boyan still had no response.

“Crazy woman, is this woman crazy?”

Luo Kun couldn’t understand. Zhou Boyan, a girl of only sixteen or seventeen years old, would rather watch the collapse of Sword Shadow Villa and the death of relatives in front of her, or even almost insulted in public, she still refused to yield.

Now, in order to save her life, Wu Chi was dying too. How could she be so cruel that she would rather let her lover die in front of him than give in?

And even the Wu Chi, the ant-like existence, how dared he to intervene, and got the situation to such an irreversible circumstance.

“Brother Luo, what shall we do now?”

“Go on waiting, we will wait for another three days, if she still refuses to give in, destroy the Sword Storing Pavilion for me, trigger the prohibition, even destroy The Shadow at all!” Luo Kun said with a flicker of decision in his eyes.

If he really couldn’t get The Shadow, then this time was undoubtedly a big loss! Nevertheless, at such a terrible circumstance, he would not have the slightest tenderness of heart. Whether he could get The Shadow or not, Zhou Boyan, the owner of Sword Shadow Villa, she must die.

“Will that boy still be alive?”

“Sword spirit enters his body, and without timely treatment, he certainly die!” Shaking his head, Luo Kun murmured, “There are almost no ways we can use to threaten Zhou Boyan. Now we can only hope that she can’t bear the pressure.”

“There are still some people who are not dead in Sword Shadow Villa. I will command some people to torture them at the gate of Sword Storing Pavilion and let them scream for three days to die!” Deng Mao nodded forcefully and said slowly.

Soon, Zhou Boyan heard the scream. Despite her abnormal suffering, she settled down and finally held back and did not go to the window to look.

Under the circumstances, she could not succumb no matter what happened. She couldn’t save others. In this case, it would be better not to look at it at all.

Head up, uncle Shui was still clenching his teeth, refused to hum out. Although all over his body was blood, almost no place on the body was complete,

He saw everything in his eyes and had no initial disdain for Wu Chi. Who could have imagined that such an insignificant little boy had stirred up the situation so that the Miss Zhou escaped safely into the Sword Storing Pavilion?

However, he didn’t know whether they could survive this disaster or not.

Nevertheless, even if she could not escape death in the end, she could at least avoid being humiliated.

A move of the corners of the mouth, he had an ugly smile, but his heart was full of joy.

By contrast, his life was not important. Even if he was painful to death, he would not let himself hum out to affect Zhou Boyan’s mind.

“Miss Zhou, you must hold on!”

Wu Chi naturally did not know that. When he made up his mind to do something, he would not be affected.

She sat beside Wu Chi and looked at Wu Chi’s dedicated expression, Zhou Boyan naturally recalled what his father had said.

“In this world, there is a kind of person who was born for the sword!”

Father once said that this kind of people’s understanding and perception of the sword was far from what ordinary people can imagine, and it was the most terrible sword stylite indeed!

Originally, she was dissatisfied with Wu Chi. Until now, when she saw him, she did understand it. There really were people like his father had said.

About Wu Chi, there was no doubt that he was the real sword stylite!

Maybe the best destination was that The Shadow fell into his hands.

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