Chapter 17:Blood Wash The Sword Storing Pavilion 

“I’m sorry, Miss Zhou, we have our orders.”

These several people smiled to Zhou Boyan, even though they said sorry on the mouth, their eyes were full of lust and excitement.

Zhou Boyan bit her lips deadly and did not open her eyes, even did not beg for mercy. At this point, she knew better than anyone that unless she was willing to give in, the humiliation would be inevitable.

If she was other woman, the spirit had already collapsed in this case, but Zhou Boyan still did not give in and refused to compromise.

The sea of blood was enormous, and such hatred couldn’t be resolved at all.

She was powerless to take revenge and change anything.

The only thing she could do was to persist deadly so that the other party couldn’t get The Shadow.

“Wait, wait!”

All of a sudden, a voice suddenly sounded and came out of the crowd.

At the moment she heard the sound, Zhou Boyan suddenly opened her eyes unbelievably.

“Oh, Mr. Luo, you are not honest!” Wu Chi came to Luo Kun’s side with smiling, he shook his head and said, “This kind of good thing, how can you give this chance to others, I can do it.”

Wu Chi jumped out and was immediately recognized by Luo Kun.

Luo Kun did not react. Wu Chi, who had already left suddenly appeared.

However, this brief shock did not affect his judgment.

His eyes became narrow slightly and said, “Oh, are you also interested? I heard you had a good relationship with Miss Zhou, she even took you into the prohibition.”

“Well, that’s for profit!” There was a trace of contempt on his face.

Wu Chi was not ashamed to say, “Of course, compared with Mr. Luo, the little benefit from her was hardly worth mentioning.”

Staring at Wu Chi unbelievably, Zhou Boyan could not accept this scene.

“What, you want to plead for her?” Luo Kun did not care what Wu Chi said and he asked lightly.

“Of course not!” His head shook the same as the rattle drum, and Wu Chi disdainfully says, “After the destruction of Sword Shadow Villa, The Shadow should be yours, she wanted to stop you, so she deserves die.”

“Oh?” Luo Kun unexpected glanced at Wu Chi, he continued, “What do you want to do?”

Wu Chi’s face showed a look of surprise, and he immediately smiled and said, “Mr. Luo, you told them to take her naked, and they could do whatever they want, right?”

“Such a pretty girl, it’s better for me than for others.”

Luo Kun’s eyes flickered, and his mind flashed countless thoughts.

In any case, Zhou Boyan should have trusted this boy before. If Wu Chi was allowed to humiliate her at this moment, he might be able to defeat her psychological defense.

How to humiliate Zhou Boyan was nothing, Luo Kun really cared about The Shadow.

“Ok, you can do it with them.”

Luo Kun nodded and said yes without caring about it.

He did not completely promise Wu Chi, after all, it was not the same as the psychological blow by many people and only Wu Chi.

He only wanted to destroy Zhou Boyan’s will as soon as possible.

“All right, don’t worry, I promise to let her open her mouth.”

He ran to Zhou Boyan happily, and his eyes were full of light, “Oh, you are really beautiful and I would like to cut my ten years life if I can play with this kind of girl.”

“Ha ha, you are right. This is the owner of Sword Shadow Villa. I don’t know if she will be different from other women when she cries.” These several people gathered again and reached out to pull Zhou Boyan’s clothes in a lustful laugh.

Zhou Boyan did not care about others, this moment she stared at Wu Chi deadly and there was a complete despair of grief in her eyes.

“Brothers, let me do this first.” Someone shouted loudly, almost at the moment when they were laughing, a sword light burst into bloom!

The terrible sense of killing!

All the sense of killing intentions was released at this moment.

These people who wanted to do something lustful to Zhou Boyan were immediately killed.

This sudden change almost shocked everyone.

No one could imagine that Wu Chi became a cold-blooded ruthless killer in an instant, and just one or two breaths time, he killed everyone.

“What the fuck?”

Suddenly, Luo Kun rose up with a sense of killing, and stared at Wu Chi with saying that.

“Stop! Mr. Luo, if you take one more step, I will kill this girl, we both would loss the thing we want!” The cold sword fell on Zhou Boyan’s neck at the next moment, and Wu Chi opened his mouth without concern.

Luo Kun, who had already been violent, firmly stopped his step.

Zhou Boyan was the key to opening the prohibition.

He couldn’t kill Zhou Boyan, but he also needed to protect the safety of Zhou Boyan.

It was a great shame that such a little potato used such a method to fool with him.

“You dare threaten me?” Luo Kun said word for word, “Wu Chi, you must understand what you are doing! You can’t save her and if you do this, you’ll lose your life, even the entire Iron Sword Group.”

Wu Chi disdainfully rolled his eyes, and said, “Don’t take this to threaten me, there is no sense of responsibility in my mind! If I can drag Miss Zhou to die together, and let you get nothing, how worth it is.”

“Are you not afraid of making trouble for your school?”

“Bah! Bullshit, I am no longer the person of Iron Sword Group, so I have no relationship with it!” Wu Chi said.

A sense of killing floated in his eyes and was immediately pressed again. Luo Kun slowly said, “Just say it, what are your conditions?”

If he was simply for disturbing situation, he would kill Zhou Boyan directly.

Since he said so many words, it meant that Wu Chi did not really want to do that, but to want conditions.

It was a good thing.

“Clever!” With a compliment, Wu Chi gave a thumbs-up to him, “It is easy to talk to smart people! Mr. Luo, don’t worry, I’m not interested in that sword! I know myself very well and I’m not qualified to touch it.”

Luo Kun couldn’t help but be a little more relaxed, “What do you want?”

“Easy!” With a nod of indifference, Wu Chi continued, “First, I want her! It’s none of my business to destroy the villa or not, but I must take her away with me.”

“OK!” Luo Kun said with nodding, “As long as she opens the prohibition, I can let you leave.”

Of course, it was not true.

Wu Chi did not seem to pay attention to these details at all, and went on, “Second, I want benefits! I can’t risk anything and get nothing back, gold tickets, elixir and so on, give me some! The last time you gave me the elixir once, I knew you had something better. Don’t try to fool me.”

“Yes!” Luo Kun did not care these things at all, and he agreed without hesitation.

“Give it to me now!”

Wu Chi said with reaching out his hand, “Don’t try to fool me, or I would kill her!”

Luo Kun did not hesitate, and he bowed his head to take things from the Universal Bag in his waist. Moreover, no matter how much he gave Wu Chi, he had the confidence to let Wu Chi honestly spit it out.

However, just as he was distracted to get things, Wu Chi suddenly moved.

From the moment he spoke, he carefully attacked Zhou Boyan’s sealed meridians.

Although he had not yet completely made it, he could also restore Zhou Boyan’s ability to move.

This was why Zhou Boyan had never had a slot.

When Wu Chi moved, Zhou Boyan got that, then she was held by Wu Chi quickly flew toward the Sword Storing Pavilion with no resistance.

“Stop him!”

In an instant, Luo Kun suddenly knew it!

He was fooled again!

From the very beginning, Wu Chi had no intention of talking to him about conditions. He said these words in order to delay the time and to divert his attention.

In fact, Wu Chi did succeed.

The first time Luo Kun failed to react, he had already lost his chance, so it was more and more difficult to catch Wu Chi.

There was no need to communicate with Wu Chi, Zhou Boyan also could understand Wu Chi’s mind.

She opened the prohibition and it was the only chance to survive!

Only if they hid in the prohibition could they temporarily escape from danger. Otherwise, no matter how much effort they used, there was no meaning under the absolute power gap.

The moment when they entered, Zhou Boyan cut a hole in her finger and opened the prohibition at the same time!

Wu Chi entered this place with her before, he was very clear about it naturally.

Zhou Boyan opened the prohibition and broke in!

However, Wu Chi did not follow her, because he was very clear that this channel could maintain the time of three breaths.

Three, it was enough for Luo Kun to break in.

He must try his best to stop Luo Kun for a moment. Otherwise, once Luo Kun came in, he would really be killed.

With a golden light in his eyes, Luo Kun glanced at the crack and darted towards the entrance.


As long as Luo Kun could follow the break into it, then all efforts were worth it.

At that time, both Wu Chi and Zhou Boyan were the things in his bag.

There was a sense of killing in his eyes, Wu Chi drew his sword out and sealed the road!

At this moment, Wu Chi did not even consider whether he could still have time to enter the prohibition, or whether he could survive from Luo Kun’s hands.

This was the last chance he worked so hard to take!

Even if he died here, as long as he could let Zhou Boyan safely hide in it, it was worth it.

In an instant, the last thought in Wu Chi’s mind was a sentence that Zhou Boyan once said.

“But there are always some things that are more important than life.”

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