Chapter 32  The Dark Auctions (Part II)

Wu Chi has guessed a lot of places, but only unexpectedly, the place where the dark auction will be held is Sword Shadow Villa.

The distance from eastern Lin city to Sword Shadow Villa is about three hours according to the speed of the carriage, and the time to get the address of the dark auction is just before dusk. The auction time is midnight. In other words, from the beginning of getting the news, we must rush to Sword Shadow Villa as fast as possible to attend the auction.

By the time he got out of the carriage, Wu Chi had changed into a black robe mask and was soon absorbed into the night.

The carriage did not wait here, but returned immediately. In fact, Wu Chi saw many people alike, getting off at the same time, and sent the carriage away.

Nobody wants to leave any clues. From the moment they put on their masks and change into their black robes and get out of the car, there’s no difference between everyone here. No one wants to see any flaws.

Returning to Sword Shadow Villa, Wu Chi felt somewhat sad. The original Sword Shadow Villa has been turned into a ruin, but the dark auction house is hard on the ruins, built a simple auction venue. About a hundred meters, the middle is the exhibition stand, surrounded by dozens of tables, each table has a distance from each other.

I found a table at random and sat down. Soon someone brought fruit and wine.

After Wu Chi sat down for about a quarter of an hour, Seventy-eight percent of the tables were filled with people, and looking at the sky, a man with a blue mask slowly stepped onto the exhibition stand.

“Welcome to the dark auction. Since some friends are still here for the first time, let me repeat the rules of the auction.”

It was a woman who spoke with a magnetic voice, but it was obviously deliberately changed. Although attractive, it was absolutely impossible for people to recognize her identity from the voice.

“Firstly, during the auction, no one is allowed to do it. Once someone does it, there will be no amnesty for it! This auction will have adults sitting in town with a stage state, and please do not take any chances.

As soon as this is said, everyone can’t help but feel awe in their hearts.

As if in order to cooperate with the blue masked man, a breath of terror silently enveloped the whole room, although only to maintain a few breaths of time, but no doubt clearly told everyone that there are indeed strong Taoist here.

Secondly, it is forbidden to make arbitrary quotations. After each quotation, some of us will go to your desks to collect gold or other equivalent items. If the price is quoted, but not enough money to come out, it will be regarded as disrupting the auction, the same killing without amnesty!”

The voice of the woman in the blue mask is very light, with a certain temptation, but the words spoken are fierce.

No one questioned what she said, let alone objected.

This is not a normal auction in itself, but a dark auction. The rule here is iron law. Unless you have the strength to challenge the dark auction, you have no right to say no.

“Well, the rules are clear… So, this dark auction, officially started!

If Wu Chi had questioned why a good auction would not take part in a darkness auction, then when the first item was put on the stand, Wu Chi immediately understood the charm of the darkness auction.

A long red sword was held in the hand, turned around the booth, and stopped beside the woman with the blue mask.

Even with a short distance from the exhibition stand, Wu Chi felt a fierce spirit.

“As the first auctioneer of this auction, this bloody sword should be enough to give you a surprise, right? If you have no clear friends, here I can introduce the effect of this sword to you again.

“This sword is made of thousands of people who were killed by evil masters. Thousands of people’s blood spirit was sealed and sealed in the sword. Once urged, the blood spirit was released, even if it was a real master, it would also be affected! 16 If accidentally injured by the blood shaking sword, the spirit of shaking into the body is enough to instantly control the mind and mind of the master, and the effect of shaking is enough to maintain ten breaths! With this ten breaths of time, it must be enough for you to kill each other many times, right?

Even Wu Chi was afraid to hear the effect. Such a bloody sword, if used well, is enough to make people attack and kill the real master, which is a real evil treasure, strange and terrible.

“Of course, this bloody sword is not totally without weaknesses! First of all, for those masters who have condensed their swordsmanship, the bloody spirit will be cleared instantly by the swordsmanship, which can not shake the other party’s mind! However, the genius of swordsmanship can be condensed in the real situation. I’m afraid only Kun Lun and Tianshan, the core disciples of the Heavenly Sect, will be possible. You may not encounter such enemies. In addition, the brake on the blood brake sword can only be used once. Once it is urged, the brake will dissipate after a time of fragrance burning.

“Sword of blood, starting price of gold thousand two, now, the auction begins!”

Just as the voice of the woman with the blue mask fell, someone shouted.

“Two thousand two gold, this sword is going to fix!”

“Well, that’s enough money to say yes? Two thousand five hundred and two!”

“Three thousand two!”

Ears are full of voices of various price increases, and in a twinkling of an eye, the price has climbed to 72,000 skyrockets.

With a bitter smile in his heart, Wu Chi gave up the idea of participating in the auction when he thought of his hundreds of gold.

Despite his passion, Wu Chi did not come here to buy anything this time! He did not know when the brothers and sisters would be auctioned, but now, the time left for him is really running out.

While other people’s attention is attracted by the bloody sword, Wu Chi’s eyes look quickly at others, trying to find a clue that can help him to open up the situation.

The Sword of Blood was eventually sold at a high price of 132,000, and then other auctions soon came out. Although it was no better than the Sword of Blood, it was also a rare good thing.

Wu Chi’s mind is no longer there.

About a hundred people attended the dark auction, some of them came alone and some of them sat together at a table. Although it is isolated from the breath, but still can see some subtle differences in action and style.

Several people soon attracted Wu Chi’s attention.

One was a fellow not far from Wu Chi who sat alone at a table, but even when the blood sword was auctioned, the man still looked indifferent, drank freely, and did not even sweep the blood sword from his eyes.

The other table, far from the east, had three people sitting on it, but obviously one of them was the main one. The other two people not only helped pour wine and shout, but also had a very respectful attitude.

On the north side of the table was the man who had just taken the bloody sword and shouted very aggressively, as if he didn’t care about money at all.

At the last table, there were five or six people sitting, who did not participate in the bidding, but kept looking around all of them, as if they were looking for something.

With a slight movement in his heart, Wu Chi rose and walked towards the fellow nearby.

Dark auctions are forbidden, but private communication is not forbidden.

“This friend, can I sit here?”

Wu Chi said casually when he came to the guy who was sitting alone and didn’t care about anything.

Some unexpected glances at Wu Chi, the man pointed to the chair opposite, but still did not speak.

Wu Chi did not care, sat down across the street at will and said with a smile, “This friend, I am in a hurry today. I have some unfortunate money on hand. I wonder if I can borrow some money?”

“Lend money?” This time the man finally put down his glass and looked at Wu Chi with a sneer and said, “You don’t even know who you are. Why do you lend you money?”

“All the brothers in the world are brothers. Not knowing them now does not mean not knowing them later.” Wu Chi said indifferently, “If my brother trusts me, he can lend me some money first, and then let’s arrange a place where we can meet at that time, and I will redouble it.”

“What if you don’t go? Where shall I go to see you again?

“Hey, that’s what it says! Although it’s a dark auction, it’s still human after all. Is it impossible to have such a little trust between people? Wu Chi pouted his lips and said.

“Trust? These two words are not enough!”

“This friend, although I don’t know who you are, it seems that you don’t even care about your blood. Obviously, you don’t look up to these things. I’m afraid gold is nothing to you, isn’t it? Lend me some gold you don’t care about, and try to see if I’m worth trusting. Isn’t it fun? Looking at each other, Wu Chi asked with a smile.

The man stared at Wu Chi for a long time, then suddenly laughed. “You’re very interesting!” How much do you want to borrow?

“It depends on how much you think my reputation is worth.” Wu Chi did not say an exact number, and said with a grin.

“Aren’t you afraid I’ll give you only one or two gold?” The man asked with more interest.

“The person who makes you feel interesting is not worth only one or two gold.” Wu Chi calmly opens the road.

Although the other side was wearing a mask, Wu Chi still felt the other side laughing happily.

“I don’t like to take gold and silver, only these, you take them.” Throwing out a handmade bag, the man said indifferently, “There’s no need to make an appointment anymore. I’ll go to the dark auction in the future! When did it happen? You’ll pay me back.”

“Good!” Seemingly not surprisingly, Wu Chi took the bag and opened it for a look. There were about 145,000 gold tickets in it.

Putting the bag away, Wu Chi smiled and said, “Although you look rich, there is really not much gold.”

“Not enough?” More than 10,000 gold is absolutely not a small number. Looking at Wu Chi, the man asked curiously.

“I’m afraid it’s not enough.” Wu Chi did not care to reply.

“So what are you going to do?”

“Keep borrowing.”

“Not everyone will find you as interesting as I do.” Pour

“Not everyone will find you as interesting as I do.” Pour a glass of wine and push it to Wu Chi, the man said leisurely.

“There are many ways to borrow money, and I’m not saying such interesting things to everyone.” Without hesitation, Wu Chi took his glass and drank it. Wu Chi rose calmly and walked to the next table.

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