Chapter 15:Destruction


Wu Chi never thought he was a gentleman or believed in other people. Only the dead could keep a secret in the world.

Find these people from the beginning, in fact, they are doomed to the end.

“What else are you stunned about? Let’s go!”

He stretched out his hand and patted it. There were some stunned Zhou Boyan, and Wuchi opened his mouth tiredly.


Subconsciously asked a question, Zhou Boyan finally responded, “Are these all planned by you?”

“Zhou Xiaoniu, listen to me, we don’t have time to waste. Now Luo Kun should have been outside the Sword Cabinet. Once they find out that you haven’t returned, someone will chase us immediately!” With a slight flick of eyebrow, Wu Chi opens with dignity: “Killing these people will only give us a little time. Slow down, we will all die.”

“Uncle Shui knows this too?” At this moment, Zhou Boyan finally realized that he had been accompanying uncle Shui, and this time he had not followed him.

“Don’t you understand yet? Sword Shadow Villa is over, you can’t keep the shadow of God’s Sword, nor can you protect it! Now, all you can do is to survive, and then find a chance to revenge!  Fearing that Zhou Boyan might be at the top of the bull’s horn, Wu Chi specifically mentioned revenge.

“No, I can’t go!” He shook his head stubbornly. Zhou Boyan was not moved by the revenge saying. “uncle Shui, and others, they are all my relatives. I can’t be so selfish. Even if I want to die, I will die with you all.”

“Knowing clearly that the result can not be changed, why must we stay and die?” Wu Chi is a little crazy. This is a meaningless sacrifice.

Thank you, Wu Chi! Thank you for doing all this for me, but I really can’t go. His eyes were red with crying, and Zhou Boyan still shook his head stubbornly.

“Zhou Xiaoniu!”

Wu Chi is going crazy. This woman is just a muscle. How can we persuade her?

At this moment, Wu Chi finally had some understanding of his brother’s desire to tie himself back.

Almost at the same time, Wu Chi had already moved the idea of forcibly kidnapping Zhou Boyan.

Just before Wu Chi made up his mind, he suddenly felt that he was restrained and could not move a little finger.

“What are you going to do, silly woman?”

“Sorry!” With a gentle embrace of Wu Chi, Zhou Boyan whispered, “I sealed your meridians with the true element, and you will recover after at most half an hour.”

“Zhou Xiaoniu, if you let me go, can’t I stop you?”

“Bah! I don’t believe it, you man, there’s not a word of truth in your mouth.” Having made a decision in his heart, Zhou Boyan was much more relaxed and said unhappily.”

“Wu Chi, can you forget me?” Looking at Wu Chi’s face, Zhou Boyan muttered softly.

Zhou Xiaoniu, listen to me! Don’t be silly, there may be other ways, you let me go first! ” Although knowing that such a statement would have no result, Wu Chi said with the last hope.

“I am the owner of Sword Shadow Villa, which is my father’s lifelong effort. I can’t be so selfish with my relatives who have watched me grow up.”

Wu chi, I like you! So you must live a good life!” Tears slid down his cheeks. Zhou Boyan held Wu chi in his arms and whispered, “What’s more, I regret it!” I don’t want you to forget me, I hate it! Would you like to think about me every day for a while? Just a moment!”


At this moment, Wu Chi felt the pain of heart-tearing and lung-tearing. Pain can’t breathe!

“Bah, I won’t miss you! Zhou Xiaoniu, if you die, I will forget you immediately. There are many beautiful girls! I change it every day!”

“Zhou Xiaoniu, you come back!”

“Come back to me!”

When Wuchi was pushed aside, Zhou Boyan suddenly turned around and ran in the direction of the stride. No matter how Wuchi shouted and shouted, he never turned back. She dared not look back. She was afraid that if she looked back more, she would lose the courage to leave.

Father, you never told me that it would be so painful to fall in love with someone.


One foot kicked uncle Shui’s chest, stamped hard, forced uncle Shui to spit out blood, Deng Mao’s eyes were full of cold.

“How to open the prohibition in the sword pavilion? Speak it out, I can spare your life, otherwise, I will let people suffer, can not survive or die! ”

He spit out a mouthful of blood, and uncle Shui’s eyes were full of sarcasm. “Do you scratch me if you try hard, it doesn’t hurt or itch?”

“Bastard, I see how hard you can mouth!”

When another foot came down, the sound of broken bones sounded, and at least three or four ribs were broken by this foot.

“No? Then kill me until he says so!”

In Luo Kun’s eyes, the killing machine was so great that he suddenly opened his mouth and said, “What about Miss Zhou Jia? Find her out for me!”

“Don’t dream, miss has escaped, you never want to find miss!” Looking at Luo Kun dead, uncle Shui shouted and scolded, “Shameless man, Miss will revenge me for my sword shadow villa!”

“Revenge?” Luo Kun’s eyes were full of coldness. “By you? You can rest assured that she can’t run away! I’ll get her back, and I’ll let you see her torture with your own eyes!”

“Mr Luo, no way!” We have been attacking for a quarter of an hour, and the power of restraint has not diminished a little.

Luo Kun’s face was even more gloomy when he heard the rewards from his staff.

Everything went smoothly, but the prohibition was too difficult to break even though he could not force it out.

Knowing that The Shadow is in it, it is blocked by a damn prohibition.

“Man, did you get it back?”

With a snort, Luo Kun turned to the others and asked.

“No news yet! But we have blocked all the intersections around Sword Shadow Villa. She can’t escape! ”

“Enough! I will not listen to the explanation, as long as the result! ” One grabbed the man’s neck and Rokun said, “Get me back, no matter what you do.”

“Yes, yes!”

With a slow breath, Luo Kun continued, “Keep interrogating others for me. I don’t believe that these people in The Shadow Villa are hard bones!”

With the sound of fighting, the whole Sword Shadow Villa now seems to have become a pavilion.

Burning, killing and robbing can’t be stopped at all!

Luo Kun dominated all this, but for others, the plundered wealth of Sword Shadow Villa was the reason why they were willing to follow Luo Kun’s lead.

Humanity seems to have vanished completely at this moment.

Of course, he doesn’t care!

The only thing he cares about is the image of God’s sword. As for how many other people die, it’s nothing important at all…

When Zhou Boyan returned to Sword Shadow Villa, blood and corpses were everywhere, and a Jianying Villa in was almost completely destroyed.

With a chill in his heart, Zhou Boyan did not stay elsewhere, but broke into the crowd in front of Sword Storing Pavilion.

The appearance of Zhou Boyan attracted everyone’s attention in an instant.

“Oh, isn’t this Miss Zhou? Unexpectedly, you came back by yourself.”

Some of them stared at Zhou Boyan unexpectedly, waved their hands, and prevented others from doing so. Luo Kun stepped up to Zhou Boyan, raised his lips and opened his mouth in jest.

“I am the owner of Sword Shadow Villa. You rushed me and let them go.”

Under the pressure of anger in his heart, Zhou Boyan spoke in a cold voice.

“Say it!” Nodding his head, Luo Kun said lightly, “As long as Miss Zhou opens the ban and hands in the shadow sword, I will let them go naturally.”

“No, miss! He won’t let us go. Don’t open the ban!”

Almost at the same time, several restrained people shouted at the same time.


A sword pierced the heart, and the man who shouted the loudest was killed at once. Deng Mao slowly swept through the crowd without saying a word.

“Three Uncles!”

Zhou Boyan took a step forward, but was suddenly blocked by the cold sword blade.

“How touching!” Clapping his hands lightly, Luo Kun said lightly, “Since you are in a hurry to die, I don’t mind completing you.”

“My patience is limited! From now on, every hundred breaths, I will kill one person, their lives and deaths, all in your mind.

It is not exaggerated to say that almost all the people who can be caught are the true descendants of Sword Shadow Villa, but the relatives of Zhou Boyan.

Even though he knows that Luo Kun can’t let them go, it is no doubt a cruel torment to watch these relatives die in front of him.

For Zhou Boyan, this is the most terrible nightmare!

And you can’t wake up at all…


Wu Chi’s hands and feet were numb after half an hour of hard struggle. However, compared with the pain and suffering in his heart, these are nothing.

It’s been a long time since half an hour ago!  Maybe everything has settled down for a long time.

The best escape time has been missed, Wu Chi can be sure that today’s Sword Shadow Villa is bound to be in a desperate situation.

Zhou Boyan can’t change anything when he goes back, nor can he.

Intellectually, fleeing right now is the best option.

But when it was restored, Wu Chi flew to Sword Shadow Villa for the first time.

Anyway, he has to take a look!

No matter how dangerous, no matter what can be changed or not, Wu Chi knows that he must see an outcome.

“Silly woman, you must hold on!”

There seems to be a flame burning in my heart, devouring the last bit of reason.

Crazy killing spreads!

Wu Chi never wanted to kill people at such a moment!

The blade is cold, but the heart is colder now than the blade.

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