Chapter 14:The script is not like this

Dressed in filial piety, Zhou Boyan knelt down before the tombstone and watched the people bury Zhou Yuanting’s corpse. Tears fell silently and fell to the ground and percolated into the land.

At this moment, around her, it seemed that only loneliness remained, as if the whole world had abandoned her.

There are many people who worship offerings, but how many are sincere?

Zhou Boyan felt that behind his back there were countless eyes falling on him, disdaining, greedy, killing, and cold indifference, but only without concern.

Watching the mud fill up, Zhou Boyan’s mind was empty, as if he had been isolated from the world.

“Father, daughter is incompetent, can’t keep Sword Shadow Villa, can’t protect relatives, but daughter will come to accompany you soon!”

Wu Chi did not attend the funeral, not even have the mind to look at it.

Wu Chi felt that it was more important for him to find ways to save the living than for those who had already died.

“Mr Wu, is this really appropriate?” Although it was not the first time that I heard about the plan, when it really needed to be implemented, there was still a drum in the hearts of several people.

“Stupid, rich and valuable insurance in demand, have not heard of it? With this courage, you deserve to be useless waste all your life.” With a grunt, Wu Chi rudely scolded, “Rest assured, as long as you have finished this ticket, you will never worry about eating and drinking for the rest of your life. Maybe someone else can break through and dominate the world!”

“Let’s grab food from the tiger’s mouth. If Mr Luo knows, where else can we live?” Several people were still a little afraid, and said cautiously.

“Shit, when you are a great person, can you still make Luo Kun disciples of Tian Shan miss you? After leaving here, even if he bumps into you face to face, do you think he knows you? Unfortunately, he slapped the man on the head. Wu Chi continued to bewilder, “Besides, Luo Kun must be thinking about the image of God’s Sword. How else can he take into account?”

“Remember, our goal is to tie up Zhou Xiaoniu, as long as we take her, we can get the wealth of Sword Shadow Villa from her! I can’t believe that Sword Shadow Villa has no property outside! We are not greedy, as long as gold, silver and Dan medicine, which are easy to take away, immediately disperse and flee! Who knows us as long as we leave Sword Shadow Villa?

Wu Chi said that, a few people can not help but heartbeat, the lady of Sword Shadow Villa, to say that Zhou Boyan does not have a lot of wealth, who believes it?

Thinking of Zhou Boyan’s beautiful face, one of them felt a little greedy. “Wu Ye, that week’s chick was beautiful and tight, and then tied up, can we?”

With the imminent collapse of Sword Shadow Villa, they were no longer afraid of Zhou Boyan, but also shouted Zhou Xiaoniu.


Another slap was slapped on the head, and Wu Chi scorned him with a sidelong look. “Idiot, what’s the reason why I spent so much effort? Are you really for that wealth?

“I warn you, Xiaoniu Zhou is my father! No one can make up his mind!”

When Wu Chi said that, the rest of the people were relieved. Wu Chi’s identity is different from theirs after all. They take such a big risk. If it’s just for the sake of these things, they don’t believe it! However, if we say that in order to kidnap Zhou Boyan, it is much more credible.

Beauty is a disaster!

It’s worth risking for such a beautiful woman! Nevertheless, even the depressed Zhou Boyan is not so easy to pinch. It is undoubtedly extremely dangerous to take such a woman with him. In the end, the greatest possible fear is that chickens and eggs will be beaten, and if they fail, they will end up dead and buried.

Of course, they would not say these words to Wu Chi.

Anyway, they and Wu Chi are just making use of each other now

Anyway, they and Wu Chi are just making use of each other now, and they are also the threatened party. If Wu Chi died because of this, it would be most in their minds.

“Rest assured, Lord Wu, we will do whatever you say! Absolutely not messing with ideas.”

Then he nodded satisfactorily, and Wu Chi licked his lips and continued, “Remember, do as planned, don’t show any flaws!” Otherwise, with the strength of those of us, there is no chance at all to tie up Zhou Xiaoniu.

“Miss, let’s go back.”

Lifting up Zhou Boyan, uncle Shui sighed and said.

The crowd has begun to disperse, but it is not leaving Sword Shadow Villa, but pouring into Sword Storing Pavilion, the intention is self-evident.

“Let’s go, as long as I’m alive, nobody wants to take away The Shadow!” There was a definite color in his eyes, Zhou Boyan said quietly.

At this point, she had already made plans to burn all the stones, and life and death were nothing!

“Chasing, he dared to come back? Mr Luo said, as long as you kill him, you can exchange for gold, brothers, don’t let him run away.

Suddenly, there was a noise of hunting in the woods, and most importantly, in the moment of raising his eyes, Zhou Boyan seemed to see a familiar figure.

A slight tremor in the inexplicable heart!

Is he here?

“Uncle Shui, have you seen who they are chasing?”

“Now, why should the lady care about this? Let the snakes and mice fight. Shaking his head, uncle Shui said indifferently.

“No, I’m going to have a look!” Although it’s not very clear what I just saw, Zhou Boyan’s heart is inexplicable. It seems that there is an intuition that tells him that the person being pursued is Wu Chi.

Regardless of what to say more, Zhou Boyan has followed him into the woods at his feet.

This time, uncle Shui did not follow Zhou Boyan as before, but sighed softly and turned to the sword pavilion.

Wu Chi runs very badly. Something unexpected has happened.

When they shouted for him to be killed, the words of those people were heard by others, and more than a dozen people who did not know the truth joined in the pursuit. These people were really killers. Although their strength was not too strong, under such chaotic circumstances, together with Wu Chi’s intention to lead Zhou Boyan to come over, they never returned, and the confusion was inevitable.

The good thing, of course, is that these people follow suit and make the situation more real.

Wu Chi did not look back, but his heart has a strong self-confidence, Zhou Boyan will follow.

At the beginning, the biggest question for those people about the plan was whether Zhou Boyan would come along for a possible Wu Chi man. Once Zhou Boyan does not come, then everything will be empty.

Zhou Boyan, after all, has the extraordinary strength to catch up with all his strength, and the speed is much faster than that of other people.

Just seeing a figure, Zhou Boyan can confirm that the person being pursued must be Wuchi.

Thinking that Wu Chi might have come back deliberately, but instead he was in danger, Zhou Boyan felt an inexplicable emotion in his heart, as if there was only one sentence in his heart.

He came back for me!

At this moment, the feeling of being abandoned by the whole world seems to disappear without trace.

It’s enough to have such a person who cares about you.

At the same time, Zhou Boyan’s heart suddenly rose a thread of killing machine!

When Sword Shadow Villa was forced to this point, she had already planned to burn all the stones. How could she be afraid of killing?

One shot, the nearest man flew out, the cleaver grabbed the sword, and without hesitation to kill the others.

Hearing the click of Zhou Boyan, Wu Chi finally settled down in his heart. Instead of running away, he turned around and pulled out his sword.

Killing is not too difficult in itself.

Although Wu Chi had never killed a man before, it seemed that he had forgotten everything when he put out his sword!

Sword itself is used to kill people!

The counter-attack came too fast, too unexpectedly!

These people suffered a fatal blow before they even had time to respond.

In less than a cup of tea, the dozens of people who came after them had been killed clean and clean, but those who had consulted with Wu Chi, fled to the end when the situation was not right.

Nowadays, seeing all the others killed, Zhou Boyan has come after them, and his heart is suddenly relaxed.

Up to now, everything seems to have been carried out according to Wu Chi’s plan, and all that remains is for Wu Chi to attack and seize Zhou Boyan.

However, today’s Zhou Boyan has not noticed a few of the fish that have missed the net at all.

There were tears in his eyes. Zhou Boyan bit his lip and stared at Wu Chi. “Didn’t he let you go?” Who told you to come back?

With a slight smile on his lips, Wu Chi shrugged his shoulders and said, “Who knows, maybe he’s lost, but somehow he turned back.”


This damn reason has been found out, Zhou Boyan turned his eyes white and simply did not bother to pa

This damn reason has been found out, Zhou Boyan turned his eyes white and simply did not bother to pay attention to him.

The light sweeps to those people hiding in the distance, Wu Chi’s mouth shows a cold feeling, strides toward Zhou Boyan, puts his palm on Zhou Boyan’s neck, shouts loudly and cries out, “Zhou Xiaoniu, don’t move, or I’ll strangle you! Hand in everything honestly.”

Zhou Boyan failed to respond to the sudden change and looked at Wu Chi in surprise, totally at a loss.

Wu Chi threatened her, but Wu Chi pinched her neck by the hand and did not use any strength at all. How could it be so intimidating?

Seeing Wu Chi’s movements, the men immediately relaxed.


Everything was developed according to Wu Chi’s script, and now all that remained was harvesting the fruits of victory.

Coming over with a smile, several people admired Wu Chi .

“Lord Wu, it’s a good calculation. The score is not bad. Admire, admire!”

“That’s right. Don’t look at my little brother!”

He promised proudly that Wu Chi suddenly burst into flames when several people came about three meters in front of him.

In the blink of an eye, the light of the sword had rolled out, and the cold killer suddenly burst out!

The distance of about three meters, together with the sudden attack, did not give several people any reaction time, or even a chance to fight back. In a moment, Wu Chi killed a clean man!

When he died, several people stared and could not believe it. At this time, instead of continuing to control Zhou Boyan, who was more threatening, Wu Chi would suddenly kill them.

This is not the case with the script.

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