Chapter 11:The Shadow (Part 1)

“Why are you late again? You…… you entered into the world of celestial being?”

After waiting for a long time in the pavilion, Zhou Boyan found out the changes in Wu Chi before she finished her complaints.

For ordinary person, to be celestial being was undoubtedly an essential metamorphosis. Whether strength, body or temperament was totally different from before.

“Lucky I am. I don’t know how did this happened.” Shrugging his shoulders, Wu Chi said indifferently, “I can tell you like this, no matter what happen on me, it is possible, because I am a genius. Maybe I just need a sleep, and I will get the mind of The Shadow tomorrow.”

“Please look at your own face.” She hummed for despising. Although it was still a disgusting expression, but the slight smile at the corner of her lips was no doubt to show Zhou Boyan’s mood at the moment.

“You are jealous, naked jealousy!”

“Come on, please stop talking these nonsense things and practice sword.” Zhou Boyan said unhappily, she didn’t want to talk to the annoying guy.

Speaking of this, the smile on Wu Chi’s face converged a little. “I’m just going to tell you this.”

After a pause, Wu Chi said earnestly, “If you refine The Shadow now, how sure would you be?”

“Now?” A little startled, Zhou Boyan immediately shook her head and said, “Maybe, there are only two or three in ten. Although these days have made great progress than before, I am still afraid it is not enough to get the recognition of The Shadow.”

“Two or three?” After meditating for a while, Wu Chi continued, “It’s still too low, but I’m afraid we can only have a try.”

“Are you saying that Luo Kun is ready to start?” After a little thought, Zhou Boyan understood Wu Chi’s intention.

“If I had guessed correctly, now he should have bought the disciples over who guarded Sword Storing Pavilion. I’m afraid you won’t even have the chance to try to enter Sword Storing Pavilion if we continue to last.” Wu Chi explained it carefully.

Although these were only speculations he made after seeing Luo Kun yesterday, he had at least seven or eight in ten confidence in his mind to make sure that the situation would only be more serious than his own speculation.

“Sword Storing Pavilion has the forbidden guardianship which were left by my father, and outsiders can’t get in.”

“But if someone stares at you all the time, dare you enter the Sword Storing Pavilion?” Wu Chi asked back.

This question immediately made Zhou Boyan nervous.

After all, the prohibition was dead, she needed to open it if she wants to go in, but if someone else stared at it, she really dared not open it rashly.

As a matter of fact, nowadays The Shadow had not been lost, the key lied in the prohibition.

“It’s only two days left, and even if we deduce it, the promotion we can make is very limited. Instead of procrastinating, it’s better to get into Sword Storing Pavilion as soon as possible and try again. If we succeed, things will be much easier.” Wu Chi continued, “Likewise, if not, we still have time to make other plans.”

After a little hesitation, Zhou Boyan quickly made her decision.

“Well, I’ll try it.”

“Remember to avoid others as much as possible. Don’t let anyone know that you’re going to Sword Storing Pavilion.” Wu Chi nodded his head, and warned again.

“I understand.” In a quiet reply, Zhou Boyan took a few steps forward and suddenly turned back and said, “What are you still standing for? Come with me.”

“Ah?” This sudden sentence made Wu Chi dumbfounded, “Me? What can I do with you?”

“Go to the Sword Storing Pavilion!” Zhou Boyan took it for granted and she said, “Since I am going, naturally you need to come with me. ”

“I don’t think so.” Wu Chi shook his head and said, “After all, I’m an outsider. It’s not convenient to go at this time.”

“Let’s go together. The Shadow is extraordinary. You can feel the mind of The Shadow at close range. Maybe it will also be helpful to deduce the mind.” Zhou Boyan still insisted that her eyes were clear and there seemed to be no suspicion of Wu Chi at all.

It was risky to take outsiders to enter the Sword Storing Pavilion at this time, but Zhou Boyan didn’t have any suspicion about Wu Chi.

Perhaps, from the moment Wu Chi did not return to Iron Sword Group, but stayed under pressure and danger, she no longer regarded Wu Chi as an outsider.

“Mr. Luo, Miss Zhou has just entered Sword Storing Pavilion.”

The voice was trembling. Some of the disciples who had been bought over still reported with difficulty.

In an instant, Luo Kun’s eyes flashed a blob of killing, and suddenly said, “Didn’t tell you to keep your eyes on it, and message me as soon as someone enter the Sword Storing Pavilion?”

These days, Luo Kun’s focus had always been on the Sword Storing Pavilion, and he always stayed not far from the Sword Storing Pavilion, in order to find opportunities to enter the Sword Storing Pavilion, for which he bought over the disciples outside the Sword Storing Pavilion at great cost. But even so, when the news came, it was still too late. How could he not be angry?

“We really had no choices. When we know that Miss Zhou arrived at the Sword Storing Pavilion, Uncle Shui personally took control of us. Until Miss Zhou entered the Sword Storing Pavilion, we could not come out to report the letter.”

“What about the others? Are they all dead? Didn’t tell you to stare at her tightly?”

“Please calm down, Mr. Luo. After all, Miss Zhou is the owner of Sword Shadow Villa. We can’t stare at it boldly. She wants to avoid our sight wholeheartedly, no one can stop it.”

Luo Kun finally calmed down during the conversation.

In fact, all these means he arranged can only be calculated carelessly. Once the other party was prepared, it was impossible for them to stare at the owner of Sword Shadow Villa in her villa.

“You want to refine the god sword? Depending on the strength of celestial being, I’m afraid it’s not qualified yet.” With a snort, Luo Kun immediately ordered them, “Keep a close eye on the Sword Storing Pavilion for me. If anything happens, let me know at once.”

“By the way, Mr. Luo! This time, it was not only Miss Zhou, but also the Wu Chi who entered the Sword Storing Pavilion.” Looking at Luo Kun’s face, one of them added cautiously.

“What did you say?” With a slight change of face, Luo Kun asked coldly again, “You said that Wu Chi also followed her into the Sword Storing Pavilion? Are you sure?”

“Yes! I saw it with my own eyes, so it is absolutely right.”

“All right, you stand down.” After waving his hand and signaling that all the people were withdrawing, Deng Mao opened his mouth and said, “It seems that we still look down on that guy, he can win so much trust from Zhou Boyan unexpectedly.”

After a pause, Deng Mao continued, “Do you think that whether he would sell us to Miss Zhou or not?”

“How dare he?” With a sneer, Luo Kun said, “Anyway, The Shadow’s swordsmanship he passed to us can’t be faked. If Miss Zhou knew that he had passed The Shadow’s swordsmanship to us, I’m afraid she would kill him firstly.”

Deng Mao nodded his head and said, “It makes sense, too! However, in any case, the value of this casual chess piece is getting bigger and bigger.”

“Just a joker. If he knows what to do, we can let him live a few days more, if he does not, we can take his life at any time.”

After stepping into the Sword Storing Pavilion, Wu Chi could not help sighing to himself in his heart, he still looked down on Zhou Boyan.

No matter the judgment or the means of action were absolutely different from the image of the little girl who knew nothing about the world.

Wu Chi just mentioned only once, but all this way, she used all the means to avoid all eyes and entered easily with him into the Sword Storing Pavilion. When Luo Kun got the news, he might had already come out with Zhou Boyan.

If they could smoothly make The Shadow to recognize the master, for Zhou Boyan, it was really possible for her to support the whole Sword Shadow Villa.

She bit her fingertip lightly, and a drop of blood fell into the prohibition. Instantly, there appeared a slight gap on the prohibition which only one person could pass through. Zhou Boyan urgently ordered, “Follow me closely, we only have the time of three breaths, after three breaths, the prohibition will be re-closed, if not entered, it will be prohibited and counter-swallowed, and there will be no doubt that we will die.”

In fact, the time of three breaths was not short, but it couldn’t be wasted casually.

Stepping into the prohibition, Wu Chi suddenly felt a terrible swordsmanship crushing down, his back uncontrolledly overflowed a trace of cold sweat.

Almost at the same time, the prohibition behind him was closed at the same time, without showing any trace.

“This is the mind emanating from The Shadow. Don’t resist forcibly, there will be no danger.” Feeling the tension of Wu Chi, Zhou Boyan opened her mouth and explained.

The mood relaxed slightly, so Wu Chi had the mind to look around the environment.

The room was not very large, only about tens of square meters. To the east of the room was a bookshelf with many bamboo slips on it. There was a desk facing the bookshelf. And there was a small bed in the north. Obviously, Zhou Yuanting used to stay here very often. It looked like a study room.

The only difference was that there was an almost transparent sword hanging in the middle of the room, and the mind of sword came from the transparent sword.

This was the god sword—-The Shadow!

Absolutely uncontrolled, Wu Chi’s eyes was naturally attracted.


“The Shadow is colorless and invisible, once refined, it can be integrated into the shadow! It’s the most terrible thing to be silent when you draw your sword.” Looking at The Shadow, Zhou Boyan explained again, “My father once said that if The Shadow falls into the hands of assassins who are proficient in assassination, its power is infinite. Unfortunately, he did not like it, and never really developed the power.”

Just a glance at The Shadow, coupled with these words, Wu Chi’s heart flashed countless ideas.

At this moment, the uneventful The Shadow’s swordsmanship seemed to have a dramatic change.

It was no exaggeration to say that only when The Shadow was in the hand, The Shadow’s swordsmanship was the incomparable sword method that can deter the world. Once there was no sword, the power of sword of The Shadow’s swordsmanship was only 30% at most.

“So that’s the real The Shadow’s swordsmanship! This swordsmanship is born of sword!”

With a bitter smile, Wu Chi shook his head and sighed, “Miss Zhou, if you had let me see The Shadow earlier, maybe I could have reverse derive the mind of this sword.”

It was a pity that this idea turned into a sigh just by turning around in his heart.

After all, Zhou Boyan couldn’t have much trust in him before, and naturally he couldn’t have seen The Shadow earlier.

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