Chapter 1: Sword Shadow Villa

The snow fell silently, and the horseshoe stepped on top of the snow, making a creaking noise, which seemed particularly silent.

There was a faint sound of reprimand coming from the carriage, but it was submerged in the sound of the creaking wheel at the same time.

“Junior fellow apprentice, I asked you to practice well on the way. But how long has this lasted? You went to sleep again! With your talent, you should have broken through the limits of human body long ago, but three years has already passed quickly,you’re still in the world of marrow washing. If you go on like this, the best talent will be wasted in your hand.”

“Ouch! Senior fellow, we had a deal, a gentleman uses his tongue but not his fists.! So don’t hit me. The truth is that the carriage is shaking so much that it’s easy to doze off”

“Gentleman? No gentleman could be a gentleman when he meets you, the bastard! Brother, I warn you! If you can’t break through to the world of celestial being within three months, I’ll break your leg!”

“Oh! Why did the carriage stop? Brother, Sword Shadow Villa is here! Let’s get out of the car. I’m starving to death.” The carriage slowly stopped and they lifted the curtain. Wu Chi jumped out of the carriage in a hurry and diverted the topic. “Brother, is this Sword Shadow Villa? It looks very magnificent, I don’t know how much better than our little school.”

The villa in the snow looked solemnly, but now it was covered with white yarn, even the lantern at the door had changed into white.

“What did Master tell you before you came? Sword Shadow Villa has been taking care of us a lot. Today, Sword Shadow Villa is having trouble. Although we Iron Sword Group have limited ability, we still have to do our best to help them. ” Frowning, Liu Yu could not help but warn.

Wu Chi pouted his lips and said angrily, “Come on, brother! What kind of person the master of Sword Shadow Villa is? Dignified and powerful, he’s dead now. What can we do to help them? We are here just to give our condolence superficially. I think that we’re here to eat and drink for free, what if something’s really going to happen, we should go as soon as possible.”

“You bastard boy, It is obviously that you have excellent talent, but you are lazy all the time, so do not strive for progress, when can you practice a set of good swordsmanship?” Seeing Wu Chi’s unrepentant manner, Liu Yu really had a headache. Their master was strict, but he did not know why he had accepted such a bastard boy as a closed-door disciple in his later years.

“Don’t be kidding, brother. You know what school we Iron Sword Group are. No one has ever broken through the world of heaven and earth. Or, are you going to let me issue the challenge to all other schools with my sword and arrogate among them? Me, your little brother, I have no ambition, I just want to live peacefully, to help you pass on the Iron Sword Group.”

“Well, stop talking nonsense! Be careful. If you bring disgrace to our school, I’ll punish you for copying books a hundred times when we go back.” Reaching out and knocking on Wu Chi’s head, Liu Yu said helplessly.

As he marched forward, Liu Yu respectfully handed over his card and said in a low voice, “Disciple Liu Yu of Iron Sword Group, accompanied by his brother Wu Chi, we are here to worship suzerain Zhou.”

“OK, please come on in, the mourning hall is located in the inner courtyard. I’ll take you there.” Wrapped in a white towel, the disciples who stood at the gate of the villa glanced at the card, bowed down for the courtesy, and took them inside.

“I am so sorry for suzerain’s death, now I am wondering who is in charge of your village.”

“Suzerain has a daughter, and she is the only child. Now it is her who presides over everything. It’s just that she is still young, and things are also supported by several uncles.”

With a slight nod, Liu Yu knew something little about Sword Shadow Villa.

Zhou Yuanting had only one daughter, named Zhou Boyan, and she was only 16 years old now. This age, whether mental or strength, was not enough to support a large Sword Shadow Villa, and more was just a master of fame.

Zhou Yuanting was a hero in his entire life, but in Sword Shadow Villa, other’s strength was too far away. Now, as soon as Zhou Yuanting died, Sword Shadow Villa got into the wind and rain.

Most importantly, Zhou Yuanting had a god sword named The Shadow before his death. Now that he was gone, the other people just couldn’t keep the sword.

Stepping into mourning hall, Wu Chi’s eyes were instantly attracted by the girl in front of him. He couldn’t help touching Liu Yu and whispered, “No wonder people say that if you want to be attractive, you should wear mourning dress. Such a beautiful girl she is.”

Following Wu Chi’s eyes, a girl about sixteen or seventeen years old kneeled in a white mourning dress in the middle of the hall, crying like pear blossom bathed in the rain — a weeping beauty. That beautiful temperament seemed to have been integrated into the bone, which made people’s eyes involuntarily fell on her body.

“Shut up!” He gave Wu Chi a fierce stare, but Liu Yu ignored the mischievous brother, bowed and mourned in accordance with etiquette.

“Miss Zhou, please accept my sympathy.”

“Thank you two a lot ” Zhou Boyan’s eyes were red and her voice was hoarse, which made people feel pitiful.

Between words, a chaotic sound of footsteps sounded and several young people stepped into the mourning hall.

“Wow, it’s very lively! Zhou Yuanting died, and I didn’t expect that so many people are concerned about him, but I don’t know whether they are thinking about the god sword named The Shadow or himself.”

Suddenly, the harsh irony sounded in the hall, and in a moment, everyone could not help turning pale with it.

Trouble was coming!

Although they had had speculation for a long time, when the opponent really appeared, Liu Yu’s heart couldn’t help but slightly shocked.

The legend of The Shadow was not only powerful, but also contained a set of powerful swordsmanship. When Zhou Yuanting was alive, no one dared to have thoughts on it, but now that he was dead, the sword naturally became an object without ownership and attracted countless people with desire.

In fact, even if Iron Sword Group let them come, in addition to help, there was also a trace of luck to get this god sword.

No one thought that trouble would come so quickly.

Zhou Yuanting’s remains were scarcely cold yet, and many old friends just came to mourn, then the trouble-seekers had arrived first, and there was no cover-up, naked riots.

“Who is there? My Sword Shadow Villa invited all of our friends! If anyone wants to make trouble, even though we fight to the last man, we will never flinch from the top to the bottom of Sword Shadow Villa.” Standing beside Zhou Boyan, the middle-aged man stepped out one step at a time. He looked at the speaker coldly, and said quietly.

“Troubleshooting is out of the question! I respect the hero, Zhou Yuanting. It’s nothing to offer him an incense. But The Shadow falls into the hands of you and these people, that is a reckless waste of grain, so it’s better to give it to me.” During the speaking, the youth did not hide, and took a few steps forward again, calmly appeared in front of the crowd, proudly said.

“The Shadow is the object of Sword Shadow Villa, and it’s not your turn to keep it.” The middle-aged man took another step with meeting his eyes, silently threatening said.

“Unless you have the ability to protect it. Don’t end up with hundreds of lives at Sword Shadow Villa.”

“Whatever your status is, Sword Shadow Villa does not welcome you! Please leave.”One-handed pressed the sword, the middle-aged man chilly exclaimed.

“Not welcome? Just because I said a few truths? Well! I’m afraid you don’t have the qualifications to drive me away!”

During the conversation, the young man casually threw out a sword charm, suspended silently in front of him, revealing a terrible sword smelling. Most importantly, on this sword charm, four big blue characters emerged slowly – Sword Out of Tian Shan!

In an instant, everyone in the room could not help but take a breath of cold air.

Doctrine From Kun Lun, Sword From Tian Shan!

The strength of Kun Lun and Tian Shan could be seen in this simple sentence. Nowadays, they were the disciples of Tian Shan. Even if Zhou Yuanting was alive, he should treat them with caution. What’s more, now that Zhou Yuanting was dead, other people were really not qualified to expel Tian Shan disciples.

“Doctrine From Kun Lun, Sword From Tian Shan! Wow, what a great power, but this authority is placed here, bullying some old and young people! I don’t see any glory.” Turning into white eyes, Wu Chi lowered his head and sneered.

“Shut up!” Liu Yu caught hold of Wu Chi, and he could not help but a layer of cold sweat on his forehead! These were Tian Shan disciples. It was never the small schools’ disciple’s turn to ridicule them.

Although Wu Chi’s voice was small, it still fell into the public’s ears.

Fortunately, Wu Chi deliberately bowed his head, and there were many people in the mourning hall. Except the people who were very familiar with them, no one found out who actually said that immediately.

As soon as the eyebrows were moved, the eyes of the young man which liked sword slowly swept around the people, and slowly said, “Who is the man? Since you are not satisfied with Tian Shan, could you just stand up and explain clearly.”

These words were a bit serious. Dissatisfied with Tian Shan? If you were kidding me, you would be killed immediately.

“Sir, I don’t know what should I call you?”

Seeing the situation becoming more and more serious, Zhou Boyan came out from all the people.

His eyes fell on Zhou Boyan, and the young man’s eyes could not help shining. “Well, my name is Luo Kun, the disciple of Tian Shan! Are you the only daughter of Zhou Yuanting?”

Zhou Boyan said slightly, “it is nice to meet you, Mr. Luo.”

Without waiting for a reply, Zhou Boyan went on talking.

“I’ve heard a lot about Tian Shan for a long time, which is the world’s leading school. You are the disciple of Tian Shan, who can come to worship my father, not only I am grateful to you for coming but also all the Sword Shadow Villa. However, now my father’s bones are not cold yet, you come to ask the whereabouts of The Shadow, is this the temperament of Tian Shan disciples?”

These words were not exaggerated or humble, but implied that Tian Shan disciples bully others with their power, which contained strength as well as grace.

Tian Shan had its own temperament, there were some things could be done, but words could never be said.

“It’s not to grill.” Luo Kun startled and said, “But now Zhou Yuanting is gone, I just afraid that you can’t keep The Shadow. I want to remind you, which is also a good intention! Please don’t misinterpret me, Miss.”

“Thank you for your kindness! So, if you would like to worship my father, Sword Shadow Villa will certainly engrave on our mind about the great kindness from Tian Shan.”

“What an amazing chick!” Glancing at Luo Kun, Wu Chi praised her softly, “After all these powerful words, Luo’s mouth was blocked, and momentum has also been knocked down. Now after worshiping, I am afraid that there will be no more provocation at least before the burial of Zhou Yuanting.”


Wu Chi received a slap on his head, and Liu Yu grumbled.

“What chick, that is Miss Zhou, she is the master of Sword Shadow Villa today. You can’t be rude.”

“Ouch, I’m just talking to you! However, by contrast, the Tian Shan disciple’s eating appearance is really ugly. The great Tian Shan? Nothing more than this!” At the end of these words, the voice was very low, even Liu Yu was barely able to hear.

With a sigh, Liu Yu shook his head and said, “After all, Tian Shan is a powerful school, and things have come to such a condition that I am afraid that Sword Shadow Villa will not be able to keep The Shadow in any case.”

Suddenly, Liu Yu seemed to think of something, he stared at Wu Chi and warned, “Brother, you have to stop talking, absolutely no more trouble! After all, Tian Shan disciples are not the people we can provoke, you understand?”

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